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January 1, 2010.

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Gerard's journal entries.

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January 1, 2010.

Dear...Diary? Journal?

Fuck that.

Your name, stupid book, is now Zachary.

Dear Zachary,

Frank says you'll help. I've tried therapy and I've tried meds and lord knows I've tried cutting myself.
That's why you've been forced upon me, in fact.
Frank found out that I cut and tried to help by talking to me.
It didn't help.
So now he's forced you on me, Zachary.
He thinks that writing down my feelings will help.

No offense Zack, but I think he's wrong.

How can writing down my stupid feelings help?
It's not like anyone will ever read this.
Just in case, here I go.
Everyone knows Frank snoops thorough my stuff, the fucking sneak.
I don't want him angry with me.

Have you ever felt worthless? Like you have absolutely no worth in life, to the extreme that you feel totally invisible?
Have you ever felt that you're trying to speak and reach out to people but no one cares to spare you a second of their time?
Have you ever felt, stupid motherfucking book, so alone that the very walls of your bunk close in around you with outstanding darkness, and crush you to the very best of their ability?
Of course not. You're a simple bound package of cardboard and fabric and paper.

Fuck you.

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