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Pretty Vacant

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Gerard tries to do the right thing.

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Gerard cradled the small girl in his arms as he carefully carried her into his bedroom. He gently laid her down on the plush material and pulled the blankets up and over her frail body. He grinned to himself as he realized -- She was his. He could finally express how he was feeling, in a physical sense. He wouldn't risk saying anything sentimental; She might say something back of equal feeling and then he'd really regret his decision. But, he couldn't bring himself to regret telling her.

No... Not his Rose.

He was extatic about finally being able to hold her in his arms and call her his. He could kiss her lips and know that, deep down, he loved the girl. He wasn't just trying to get her to fall for him. He genuinely felt things for that girl. Things he hadn't felt in decades were streaming through his body, reawkening his heart. And, when the time was right, he'd give it to her.

"Rose," He sighed. He leaned down to kiss her forehead and brushed his palm against her cheek. "Sweet dreams, love."

Getting up quietly, he made sure he didn't disturb her as he left the room, closing the door slowly.

Gerard groaned, leaning back against the wood. "What the fuck am I doing?" He mumbled. He wasn't sure he wanted Rose to be mixed up in this anymore. As much as he hated to admit it, he didn't feel that his world was for her. After everything, he'd be dead and then where would Rose be? What would she do? She was better off with her father in her own world of books and jobs. "Rose... What are you doing to me?"

He stole one more glance at the unresponding wood before stalking off down the hallway. He needed a drink. Stumbling into the Sitting Room, he scooped up the bottle of Scotch and didn't even bother with the glass as he placed the bottle to his lips. The liquid poured down his throat with a burning sensation as it tickled his tongue.
His eyes peeled open after his mouth was met with harsh greeting of an empty bottle. Throwing the remains against the wall, his back arched as the shattering sound filled the silence. He growled to himself and reached for the next bottle in line.

"Nothing... No... She... She can't... She won't leave... " He whispered to himself. He dragged his palm against his damp forehead and formed his mouth into a hard line. "I've got to... Gotta do it."

His legs felt limp and weak under his weight and seemed to refuse to carry him into the bedroom. He quickly cracked his neck and pushed the doors open, walking in and over to the sleeping girl in front of him. He sighed as he shook her shoulders, trying to get a response out of her. When her brown eyes fluttered open, he bit the inside of his cheek, already feeling remorse for what he was about to do.

"Gerard?" She sat up, rubbing the sleep out of her eyes. "What is it?"

"Rose. Love." He shook his head, trying to get rid of the dizzy feeling clouding his vision. When he could no longer see four of the brunette beauty's, he sighed, lowering his voice. "Go."


"I. Said. Go."

"But," She fumbled, crawling out of bed. "Gerard? We just--"

"Rose, please." He begged. "Don't make this harder for me." He lifted his hand to her face, running his thumb over her cheek lovingly. "I've made up my mind."


"You don't belong here."

"Gerard." She frowned. "You've been drinking. You don't know what you're saying--"

"Rose!" He growled. "I'm fine."

"No, you're not. You're make of decision is impaired. Everything will be better in the morning."


"Please." She whispered, moving closer to him. "Please?"

"I've made up my mind. Get your things." He avoided eye-contact as he gently pushed her body away from his; The electric humming of his body dimming from her distance. "You're free."

"Gerard... We just got started on--"

"On what?"


"There is no us, Rose." He mumbled. "There can never be an us."


"Go!" His voice roared throughout the house like a thunder bolt. "Get out of here! Go!" He pushed her out of the room, locking the door behind her. He collapsed onto the floor as he heard her footsteps retreat down the hall. His love walking away from him. "Go... " He whispered.


Rose gathered all her things, including Gerard's small mirror as a keepsake with his initials imprinted on the back, and hauled out of the building as fast as she could. She passed Mikey and Ray on the stairs but didn't stop to give them an explanation; Gerard had made it clear that she wasn't to stay in the building for more than a mere minute.

The wet feeling filled her eyes and tears began to brim, threatening to spill over. Stealing one last glance at the mansion, she closed her eyes, taking off down the path, into the night. Only a whisper escaping her lips...

"Goodbye, Gerard."


"Gerard?" Mikey asked, seeing his brother curled up on the floor. "What happened? Where's Rose going?"

"She left." He mumbled.

"But, I thought you two made things official? Why would she leave?"

"I told her to."

"You told her to?" Mikey bellowed, kicking the doorframe. "Why the hell did you do that, Gee? She was our chance!"

Gerard struggled to steady his breathing as a labored breath ripped through his chest. The lonely feeling already seeping back into his skin. "I set her free... " He whispered.

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