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Without A Disturbance

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“Just be careful out there. It’s LA. You never know what will happen.”

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That night at dinner dad started grilling me about my first day at my new school. “So did you make any friends on your first day?” He asked as he sliced off a chunk of his steak and shoved it in his mouth after smothering it in BBQ sauce.
“Yeah.” I responded plainly and just continued playing with my peas. Out of the corner of my eyes I could see Addison look over to me wearing an expression I couldn’t read.
“Who are they? When will be able to meet them?” My mom squealed. She was in a good mood now that she had a job at the salon.
“They’re guys. They’re pretty cool, I guess. I don’t know when you’ll meet them, mom.” I took a small bit of mashed potatoes in my mouth and let it dissolve before swallowing it.
“I hope soon. I would love to meet your little friends.” My mom smiled and was practically jumping out of her chair. I could hear Addi laughing across from me. I glared at him and he smashed his lips together making then a nice white line on his beige face. He’s already tanning from this sun.
“Now, how come you don’t have any girl friends?” My dad asked. I’m sure he has recalled this every time we moved and never made a single girl friend to talk about.
“Because girls are mean. They are all little bitches stuck in their own little world. Girls are too complicated. Guys, on the other hand, aren’t much to deal with. I get guys.” I shrugged. “And maybe because I’m not gay.” I giggled.
“Now, Andy, you know that’s not what your father meant.” My mom placed a hand over mine. I just looked at her like she was crazy, which she was, but I wasn’t going to tell her that. Yet.
“I know, mom. I was just joking.” I pulled my hand back and took another bite of my mashed potatoes.
“What about you, Addison? Find a good job yet?” My dad asked. He was always asking Addi if he found a good job yet. One that didn’t involve cars or oil. I just saw Addison shake his head. “Well, you should sign up for boot camp. Far more rewarding. Turn little maggots into men. Real men.” Dad bragged. He was always telling Addi to ‘sign up for boot camp’. What was so rewarding in boot camp? Your manhood? Addi was already a man for getting a job. He told me he was saving some money up for an apartment, and maybe take me with him. I wouldn’t mind.
“I’m not going to boot camp or the navy or anything like that dad. I have no interest for guns and killing the innocent over oil and pride.” Addi said quietly. He was scared of my dad. I was too. My dad was very scaring. Towering over everyone in his path, buff and chiseled. He could snap my mom in half, and she had some meat on her bones. I’m not saying she’s over weight, but not skinny either, but in the middle.
“Fine then. Have it your way.” Dad growled and took a bite of his peas.
The rest of dinner went by silently with only the scraping of forks and sips from our glasses of orange juice. After we all finished Addi and I cleared the table and Mom did the dishes. Dad just went straight for the couch to watch what was left of Jeopardy and Wheel of Fortune. Addi and I headed downstairs to the basement.
I sat on the desk chair while Addi stood looking at my collection of records to put in. He finally came across Agent Orange and just put it in the record player. I just bobbed my head and started drawing. “So, why exactly don’t you have girl friends?” Addi asked. “Besides the fact that you aren’t gay.” The question caught me off guard I really didn’t have an answer. I looked up at him away from my drawing on my desk that was almost done.
“Um, well girls are more emotional. And I hate when people cry in front of me. And like I said they’re just bitches and haters. They get jealous easily. And I’m more of the guys.” I averted my attention back to my drawing. “I highly doubt any girl likes comics, or my music in that school. Guys are more what I get. We eat gross stuff, wrestle, play video games.” I explained more, but didn’t look away from my paper.
“Oh, okay. Those are valid points you got there.” I heard Addi say. “But at least get one girl friend. And make her hot.” My brother chuckled. I just looked back at him and shook my head. “What?” He shrugged.
“You are such a boy.” I laughed and kept shaking my head. Just the thought of my brother getting with one of my friends girl or not is just plain weird. It sent shivers up my spine. I shuddered at the mere thought. I huffed out and turned back to my paper.
After I was done I showed my brother my drawing. He said it was good, but I needed to pay more attention to the shading. He always gives me good advice. Then we listened to more music. After Agent Orange I put in some Cage the Elephant. It was a semi-good day. Now Mom is yelling it’s nearly midnight and we need to get to bed. We groaned and got up. “Hey, do you mind if I hang here tomorrow? Borrow your lap top for some job searches?” Addi asked as I was about to head to the ladder.
“Yeah, but why can’t you use your lap top?” I asked. He had one. He could use his, couldn’t he? There was some stuff on there that I didn’t want him to see.
“No, Dad’s been using. He has it.” He frowned. “I won’t look through your stuff or anything I’m just getting tired of sitting here in this house with nothing to do. Please?” He pleaded with his hands in prayer. “Do me a solid sis?” He pleaded more.
“Fine,” I caved. He was my brother after all. “But no snooping. Snoop no more using it. Promise?” I extended my hand to his.
“Promise.” He smiled and we made it a deal and made our little secret hand shake to make it official. He can’t break it on any terms. “Now, get to bed. You have school tomorrow, little sis.” Addi messed my hair and smiled heading up to my room.
After showering, brushing my teeth and dressing in my pajamas I was in bed and under my blood red comforters. I just closed my eyes and tried to keep my dreams happy, but it was very hard to think happy thoughts while I slept as I would be unconscious for a good six hours before I woke up for school the next morning.
Groggy and sleepy. That’s how I woke up this morning. I showered again, dressed and headed downstairs to eat breakfast. Just a granola bar would do me some good. Now doing my make up and brushing my hair I wished I woke up earlier this morning and dried my hair last night. Now my hair is whack and it will take more than ten minutes today to flat iron. Then I still have to brush my teeth and wake Addison up to drive me. I’m probably going to be late. I hate being late. Because when you walk into class everyone has to see who’s late and look over at you.
Thank you Jesus for being on my side today. I wasn’t late. To my relief Addison was already up and my hair was very cooperative today. Now I entered first period just as the bell rang. We were starting our clay unit. I love clay. “Now, everyone grab a partner and I’ll hand out the clay.” Mrs. Rogue smiled as she headed to the back room for the clay while everyone else scattered amongst themselves picking partners. Adam came straight to me.
“Wanna be my partner?” He asked as he took the vacant seat next to me.
“Sure.” I shrugged. He smiled and patted my back. I just furrowed my brows and he laughed. “What?” I asked. He just shook his head.
“Nothing, partner.” Adam smiled more. I just had to laugh. He was cute. Wait! Did I just say he was cute? Oh gosh.
Mrs. Rogue came around to everyone and handed them a big hunk of clay she had cut yesterday. Mrs. Rogue was nice. After she handed every pair a piece of clay she explained that between our partners we would have to agree on something to sculpt that meant something to us. It could be personal, but it had to be an item not a scenery. “GO!” She shouted.
“How about a dinosaur?” Adam asked as he turned to me.
“How about not?” I giggled.
“Fine. How about a phone? Because we like to talk.” He suggested. Another stupid idea.
“What about a pencil? You like to draw, right?” I asked.
“Well, yeah. But a pencil? C’mon. You look like the type to do something different.” Adam nudged me. I didn’t know he thought of me like that. It’s very flattering.
“It’s different. People do phones and iPods and electronics like that, but nobody does a pencil.” I explained.
“Look.” He pointed to a guy and a girl making a pencil. I sighed. “Now that that’s ruled out, what about an angel?” He asked. I thought about it, but it was a person and it would take too much work for all the facial detail and the hair, clothes, wings. That’s it!
“Wings! We could do wings.” I smiled and he nodded. “The face and clothes would be too much to do, so we could just do the wings.” I smiled.
“You’re good.” Adam shook his finger to me.
“I try.” I laugh. And then we get started on the sketch then on the clay.
“What would these wings symbolize?” Adam asked as we both worked on a wing.
“To soar. Artists don’t fly, they soar.” I was working on one long feather.
“Like I said. You’re good.” Adam nodded.
Now after first period I was headed to science with Mr. Choy. He was Mexican and very nice. He was really tan and had a little bit of an accent. He had a mustache and short dark hair. We were learning about the Earth’s atmosphere. About the layers of the atmosphere and stuff like that. I just entered and sat down in the back. We weren’t assigned seats which was great for me. But I usually sit in the back in the same spot as usual. I’m not a big fan of change.
I was sitting there just minding my own business tapping my pencil on the hardwood desk when someone came to sit next to me. She smelled like peaches and cinnamon. I glanced at her from the corner of my eye. She had long curly black hair, she was wearing a pair of dark denim skinnies and an Invader Zim tee. I couldn’t see her face all that well. Her hair had draped over her face and eyes. I kept my stare fixed on her shoes. They were all tattered and torn from every inch I could see, but I could tell someone had did a good job at stitching it back together and still making it look cool. Black high top Converse were the best anyone could ever ask for.
“Let’s get to work class.” I heard Mr. Choy say. “The Earth’s atmosphere has many layers. Can anybody name one?” He asked. It went like this all the way through class. The whole time Mr. Choy was talking and at one point the told us to copy down some notes. I wasn’t paying much attention till he called on me. “Andrea, can you tell me what you can find in the Stratosphere?”
“Um, aliens?” I asked. Everyone laughed as Mr. Choy chuckled.
“Possible, and you would know for sure if you were paying attention.” He smiled and kept on about how everything worked and stuff. I already knew this stuff. I was in advanced classes in Jersey. How come I was put in regular classes? Clearly I don’t belong here.
The bell rang and it was time for third period. Gym. I wanted gym first period. I was use to having gym first period, or second, but not right before lunch. I find it weird dressing down in front of everyone too. That’s why I usually go into one of the stalls. My body isn’t the prettiest. I’m very thin. I have a very fast metabolism and I’m very athletic. I play basketball, I swim and I play soccer.
Out in the gym it’s fresh as they have the air conditioning going, and since it’s just about ninety degrees outside. “Roll call!” Calls Mrs. Banks from her stance in the center of the gym. I frown and make my way to my seat on the floor behind Eric Mallow and in front no one. Eric is skinny stick. He has short blonde hair and brown eyes. He isn’t my friend or anything I’m just good at remembering people and names.
Mrs. Banks took roll call and then instructed us to grab a partner and practice out basketball skills she taught us yesterday. The class got up and so did I. I dusted my bum off and looked around for any decent partners, but none seemed to be very interesting or they already had partners. Just then the gym doors slammed shut. I looked back and saw that girl from this morning walk in and give a slip to Mrs. Banks. I looked around and saw everyone was already getting started on the warm ups except me. I sighed and went up to Mrs. Banks. “Mrs. Banks?” I asked.
“Yes, sweetie?” She smiled.
“I don’t have a partner.” I said plainly playing with my hands.
“Oh, that’s okay. Marissa can be your partner.” She pushed the girl in front of me. I nodded and Mrs. Banks smiled then walked away.
“Okay. We need to get started.” I turned on my heals and headed to get a basketball from the ball cart. Marissa followed me to a hoop. I explained what we had to do. We took turns shooting from the free throw line, 3-pointers, lay ups with each hand and just out shooting technique. She was pretty good.
“Pull in!” Mrs. Banks shouted. All of the students gathered around the hoop she stood under with a ball in her hands. “I’m going to show you some more tricks.” Mrs. Banks randomly picked a kid from the crowd and demonstrated chest passes and bounce passes. “Go!” Mrs. Banks dismissed us to go and dress down. The bell was about to ring in the next ten minutes.
I got dressed and reapplied my eyeliner. Then waited out in the hall waiting for the bell to ring. Once it did I headed to my locker and pulled out my sack lunch Addison made for. I left for the cafeteria and sat down at my usual table waiting for Adam. “Yo!” Adam smiled and set his tray down on the table.
“Yo.” I replied my greeting to him since first period.
“So, what’s up? What are we doing in PE?” Adam questioned. Adam had gym fifth period and had the same teacher.
“Basketball warm ups and Banks is teaching chest passes and bounce passes.” I explained as I took out my turkey sandwich made on wheat bread, orange slices in Tupperware and Minute Maid orange juice.
“I hate basketball. It sucks.” Adam complained.
“Well, people can’t love everything. And if you do you belong in a mental institution.” I smiled and unwrapped my sandwich from it’s plastic wrap.
“You are so right. Too true. Too true.” Adam opened his chocolate milk and took a small sip. “So,” Adam took a bite out of his green apple.
“So.” I said a bit sarcastically.
“Are you okay?” Adam asked.
“Yeah! Why?” I asked. I was fine. I was always like this. Tired, irritated, the usual.
“You seem pissed off.” He pointed out. I just laughed and he looked at me confused. “What?”
“I’m not. I’m always like this. It’s hard for me to adjust is all.” I opened the Tupperware and offered him an orange slice. He just shook his head and kept taking big bites of his apple. “I hate school. It makes me nervous.” I shrugged.
“You’re seriously weird.” Adam smirked and placed the core of his apple his tray.
Half way through lunch I saw Marissa walk in the cafeteria will a brown bag she clutched in her hands. She was looking around. I’m assuming for a place to sit, but the only place to sit was our table. With only two people sitting at a table that could sit sixteen she had no other choice. She frowned and sat at the other end of our table. “Do you know her?” Adam glanced at her.
“A little.” I glanced at her then looked back at Adam. “She’s in my gym class with Banks.” I said. Adam nodded. “I’m going to talk to her.” I stood up.
“What? Are you crazy? I hear she killed her grandma.” Adam whispered a bit harshly.
“You’re crazy. Who would do that? She doesn’t look that bad. I know what it’s like being new in the middle of the year. She’s just shy, and spreading rumors isn’t better.” I smacked Adam on the arm.
“Fine, but if she tries to murder you don’t blame me. I warned you.” Adam said before I walked over and sat down across from her. I glanced back at Adam. He was looking at me.
“Hey.” I smiled and looked back at Marissa.
“Fuck off.” She growled looking down at the table.
“Hey, dude, I’m just trying to be nice. I know you’re new. I am too.” I kept my eyes fixed on what I could see of her face. Her dark hair was still covering most of it.
“Really?” She looked up at me and her hair fell and I saw her face for the first time. I nodded. She was pretty. She had a fair complexion. Her pallor visage was blemish free, she had light hazel eyes, her lips were thin and a pale pink. “Thanks, I guess.” She mumbled.
“No problem. You want to sit with us?” I asked and pointed back at Adam who waved over to us. She glanced over at him and nodded. “Cool.” I got up and she sat next to Adam. “Adam, this is Marissa. Marissa, this is Adam.” I sat down in my original seat.
“Hi.” I heard Marissa mumble. She kept her head down most of the time. The long curly hair flowing over her face and shoulders.
“Hey.” Adam waved awkwardly in her direction. We sat in silence the rest of lunch eating and just sitting there. Then the bell rang. It was time for fourth period.
Finally the end of the day came and I was grabbing books out of my locker when I felt my body being lifted off the ground and being carried to someone’s locker. “Let go of me you weirdo!” I screamed. I didn’t know who this kid was, but he was going to pay. I started kicking and punching. Every now and then I felt my knuckled connect with something. Flesh or cloth.
“Stop squirming.” The person growled. I heard it was a guy. I refused to obey his commands and just kept struggling against his hold on me. “Get in here.” I felt being pushed into a locker. I saw the edges and put my feet on the sides to keep from going in. “Damn!” He cursed and turned me over still in the air. I saw his chiseled face, brown short and brown eyes.
“Let go of me!” I spat in his face. He gripped my arms and forced them to my sides. I squirmed and mustered as much hazard to stuff me in. He managed to get me half way in when I heard someone yell.
“Let her go!” I didn’t recognize the voice as Adam, Nico or Marissa. Who could it be? With my head being in the locker I really couldn’t see my savior.
I heard fast footsteps to the locker that echoed every step of the way. “Let her go, Gage.” I felt the hands slip from my body and I backed up into the hall. By this time I was breathing heavily from giving so much energy. “Don’t do this anymore, kay?” I looked up and saw John holding that Gage guy by he shoulders.
“Okay.” Gage looked down at the tiles hall floors in shame.
“Don’t be ashamed, Gage.” John said softly. “We’ve all done it in our high school career. Just don’t do it again. To anyone.” Gage nodded and John sent him on his way. Then he turned to me. “So, we meet again.”
“Thanks. I guess.” I mumbled. He nodded and I left to my locker to get my things.
“So, where are your amazing friends?” John asked me as I was gathering my books. I jumped at the sound of his voice behind me. I swerved around.
“Adam has guitar lessons, Nico had to meet his girlfriend somewhere, and I barley know Marissa.” I explained and slammed my locker. John nodded and I started down the hall. John followed.
I just ignored John and pushed open the school front doors. My brother was already waiting for me in the pick up lane. “See ya!” John called to me from the front doors of the school as I walked to my brother’s car. I turned around and I wave then get in the car.
“What took you so long?” My brother asks. I just look out the window and notice John is already gone.
“Complications.” I mumble. I hear Addison sigh and put the car in drive. The whole car ride was silent. All the way to the house all I could hear was the hum of the car engine and my brother’s steady breathing. Once home I got out and slammed the door of the car shut. I walked right upstairs and to my room. I don’t know why John was bothering me. But there was something about him that was not normal. I didn’t even know him that long to get a weird vibe from him. There was something off about him that sent me over the edge.
Tonight at dinner dad asked how my second day of school was. I just said, “Fine.”
“Any new friends? Any girls?” My mom asked with a smile.
“Yeah.” I nodded and took a sip of my Coca Cola.
“Nice,” My brother smiled. “What’s her name? Is she hot?” Addison asked. I just scoffed. “What? I’m just asking.” Addison said as innocently as possible.
“Yes, she’s pretty and nice. But I for sure know she won’t date you.” I laughed.
“Now, Andrea, that is now way to talk to you older brother.” My mom said. I just rolled my eyes. I saw Addi smile evilly at me from across the table. I kicked him from under to table and saw him jump. Then it was my turn to smile. I saw him mouth, ‘This is not over.’ I just mouthed, ‘Bring it on.’ and glared at him.
“So, are the teachers nice?” My dad stuffed his face with the grilled cheese I made.
“Some of them are.” I nodded and took a bite of my grilled cheese. Then after dinner Addison and I raced upstairs. I ran into my room and locked it.
“Let me in!” I heard Addi yell as he tried to bust in. I screamed and hid under my covers. “If you don’t let me in I’ll go through your laptop.” He threatened.
“You wouldn’t!” I poked my head out of the comforters and looked at the door.
“Oh, I would.” I heard him say.
“You promised!” I yelled. I heard him mumble something like ‘Damn it’, or ‘Shit’, but couldn’t really make it out. “Ha!” I giggled and unlocked my door. He came in and tackled me to my bad. I screamed and he shifted so he was sitting on my back. “Gosh, you’re heavy.” I squirmed under him. He laughed and scooted off of me. I felt like I could breathe again. “Thank you God!” I breathed and straightened myself and my clothes out.
“Whatever.” Addi hit me playfully on the arm. After a few seconds of silence Addi asked, “Who was that boy?”
“What boy?” I asked.
“The boy that was following you out of the school?” He described John.
“Oh,” I sighed. “He’s just some kid I know. He helped me out today.” I looked at my wood floor.
“With what?” Addi pressed on.
“Some guy was trying to shove me into a locker.” I sighed.
“Really?” Addi asked in disbelief. I nodded and he sighed. “Here.” I looked up at him as he was trying to take something out of his pocket. “Take this.” He handed me his pocket knife. “If anyone messes with you use this. I know there’s a lot of gangs here. You have a right to bare arms.” I took the knife from him and inspected it. The blue rubber grip on the sides of the cool silver handle. It’s small pocket size.
“I can’t take this.” I held it out for Addi to take back.
“Yes you can, and you will.” He pushed my hand away. “Besides, dad gave me a new one.” He took another out of the opposite pocket showing it to me. I watched as it’s silver shined in the light of my room. “Okay?” Addi questioned. I nodded and he smiled. “Just be careful out there. It’s LA. You never know what will happen.” Addi kissed the top of my head before ruffling my hair and shutting my door as he left to his room across the hall.
“Yeah,” I whispered once he was out of earshot.
I sighed and changed for bed. Leaving the knife on my nightstand as I slept through the night without a disturbance. Dreaming of tomorrow and the future, and the past.
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