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Chapter I

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just your basic aim fic. featuring the original panic. my first panic fic. i usually post in my chem

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brendon is MyTightLittlePants
ryan is eyelinerroxx
spencer is spencyisbettr
jon is meowmixxy

A/N: don't ask about the names please... ecspecially jon's...

-brendon to spencer-

-MyTightLittlePants has signed on
-spencyisbettr has signed on


MyTightLittlePants:hi :)

spencyisbettr:your smiley face looks retarded

MyTightLittlePants: :(

spencyisbettr:that one looks even worse.

MyTightLittlePants:you suck

spencyisbettr:not you

spencyisbettr: ryan'll do that for you

MyTightLittlePants:shut up

spencyisbettr:ohhh. i was just jokin

spencyisbettr:you like ryan don't you?!


spencyisbettr:yes! oh oh oh! imma go tell him!

MyTightLittlePants:nooo! don't! i don't like him! no spencer stop!

-spencyisbettr has signed off

MyTightLittlePants:FUCK YOU!

-spencer to ryan-

-eyelinerroxx has signed on
-spencyisbettr has signed on

spencyisbettr: RYAN!! ohh! i've got something to tell youu!

eyelinerroxx: hello.

eyelinerroxx: what is it?

spencyisbettr: somebody likes uu

eyelinerroxx: okay.

eyelinerroxx: who is it??

spencyisbettr: ohh.. hmm. you sound eager.. haha

eyelinerroxx: what what is that supposed to mean?

spencyisbettr: oh nothing.

spencyisbettr: i gtg. byee ryry

eyelinerroxx: spencer! no! tell me who! and what you meant!

-spencyisbettr has signed off

eyelinerroxx has changed his status to: spencer is a douche!

-jon to brendon-

-meowmixxy has signed on

meowmixxy: hey bren

MyTightLittlePants: hi

meowmixxy: whats up?

MyTightLittlePants: being pissed at spencer.

meowmixxy: what's he do?

MyTightLittlePants: fuck him!

MyTightLittlePants: he's being a bitch.

meowmixxy: he's gonna tell ry you like him?

MyTightLittlePants: what?? wha? ha. where did you hear that lie?

MyTightLittlePants: i don't like ryan.

meowmixxy: brendon i've seen your yearbook from the past two years. they all have hearts around ryan.

meowmixxy: and spencer texted me.

MyTightLittlePants: fuck you and fuck spencer! i'm not gay.

meowmixxy: you don't have to be gay...

MyTightLittlePants: still. what were you doing with my yearbooks?

meowmixxy: i was just looking thru them.

meowmixxy: hey remind me to give you back your diary when i finish reading it.

MyTightLittlePants: WTF? i have been looking everywhere for that shit!

MyTightLittlePants: fuck you so hard walker.

meowmixxy: how bout you and ry. not me man.

meowmixxy: sorry, i'm not gay.

MyTightLittlePants: fuck you and spencer!! i hate you both!

-MyTightLittlePants has signed off

meowmixxy: guess you don't want your diary back then.

-meowmixxy has signed off

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