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I know it's been awhile. A very long while, and I'm not sure if the friends that I made or the wonderful people that kept me going are still even active on this site, but for those who are, I have an update.

I've slipped back into the MCR fandom, after an amusing lark through various Jrock fandoms and a reawakening of my everylasting Kingdom Hearts love. I'd just like to make a notice that aiIenzo lives again, mildly, and I'll probably be posting a few stories if my work/school schedule permits.

I also want to take this opportunity to say that I will be rewriting Anatomy. Progress has already started and I'm on chapter four as of today. Why, you ask? Well, I'm planning on getting a Anatomy-based tattoo that my friend drew for me years ago when Anatomy had just started taking life. It's absolutely beautiful, draws together the entire story, and I'm ready to get it imprinted across my back, as it's more meaningful than I think she realizes. She, of course, wanted to redo it and improve it, and I thought, hell, why not just redo Anatomy as well?

I won't be replacing the original story, since I can't bear to lose all the reviews you guys gave me, but the new, (greatly) improved edition will be up on my livejournal eventually. I'll make an announcement once it's completed.

In the meantime, I'd LOVE feedback on what you would have liked to see more of in Anatomy (trust me, I'm going to tie everything in much better in this new version, so you don't have to worry about getting lost on that part). Other than that, what did I need more of? Less of? Feel free to launch stuff out at me! I've posted several links on how to get in contact with me on my profile page, so don't feel shy to critique me.

Thanks again to anyone who remembers me, and supported Anatomy through it's many, many months of work :)
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