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I looked up at the bathroom door as it opened. Fuck. Here it came. I was caught, my parents would find out, and I'd be grounded for the rest of my life.

Anna entered. Although I was slightly relieved, it didn't stop me from eyeing the girl as she walked in and to a mirror. She glanced at me as she passed, right after I noticed her entire upper body was soaked. Our eyes met, and I looked away. Stupid.

I lifted the bottle up to my lips before taking a swig. It was just beer. I had learned a while ago that vodka wasn't my thing, and people didn't resell wine much. Anna must have noticed; it couldn't have been much else.

The girl went as far away from me as she could before shaking her head wildly, water flying everywhere, just short of myself. I laughed. "What the hell happened to you?" She went for the dryer.

"I got wet," she replied simply. Perverted thoughts crossed my mind, and I ignored them; her answer irritated me.

"How?" My voice was more stern now, annoyance apparent. The dryer turned on, and we'd have to speak louder in order to be heard.

Or so I thought. Anna waited until she was done before facing me, looking me right in the eyes again. Stupid. "I'll tell if you give me the bottle." Odd. I didn't think she was one to drink. It's not that alcohol did much for me anyway, since if I went too far I'd just get sick, and the buzz wasn't as nice as it usually was this time.

I shrugged before holding it out to her. It was half empty already, and it didn't come close to spilling despite the sharp angle. Anna took it before dumping it down the drain. I was about to argue but she spoke. "Water balloon fight. I won."

"What the hell did you do that for?"

She shrugged. "For fun. Haven't you ever had-"

"No, I mean why'd you do. . . ." I motioned to the sink, and the empty bottle in her hand, which she was wiping clean with a paper towel.

"I don't like alcohol."

"Then why the hell did you ask for it?" Irritation rose up again. She wrapped the glass in a bunch of towels before putting it in the bottom of the trash bin. I didn't realize it at the time, but she had been wiping it clean of finger prints.

The girl shrugged again, and said nothing as she went for the door. I got up to go after her. "I paid for it, you know," I told her in a strained voice, grabbing her arm. "You owe me money now."

"Hey." She looked up at me, somehow still keeping her head bowed. "You gave it to me. I told you why I'm wet." My thoughts turned perverted again, and it was extremely hard to ignore them, especially with the body contact. My temperature flared as she grabbed my arm. I don't really know what I was expecting, but it certainly wasn't for her to roughly jerk her arm out of my grasp, pulling me forward a little as she escaped. Warmth surged through the arm she had held, and it spread into my shoulder, my neck, my spine, my body. I didn't follow.
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