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Sephiroth mysteriously comes back to life with nearly complete memories and no insanity. He goes back to Shinra, since that's all he knows, and it's up to the Turks to reintegrate him into society,...

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Step 01: An Invitation to Hang Out

Everyone deserves a second chance, that's what she told me when she saw leaving the life stream. I didn't really see Aeris in the life stream often, she must have been in a completely different area than where I was at; that makes sense. She sounded pretty forgiving despite the fact that I vaguely remember stabbing her on the back, literally. However, I can almost imagine her laughing evilly right now, 'you're getting what you deserve Sephiroth', she must be thinking.

No doubt about it, this is a divine punishment worse than ten thousand deaths. But then, who am I to judge, I'm only the fallen legend, yet I have no intentions of remaining as such. Whatever happened in the past, whatever crazy ideas I had, which were mako induced I'm sure, are gone now. I am sane, for now at least, but I cannot guarantee my mental state for much longer if Reno doesn't shut up.

"So are you coming, you are coming, right?"

I massage my temples and sigh, temped to give him a negative reply. Reno has been asking me to join him and Rude at the Seventh Heaven tonight and quite frankly I do not feel up to it. Never mind that Cloud Strife, whom I'm certain hates me with a good reason, and Tifa Lockhart, who perhaps has even more reasons to hate me, are both going to be there. "Yes Reno, I'm going."


I'm an idiot. Surely my time in the life stream has washed away every shred of common sense I ever had. I know this will end badly, but I simply could not refuse. Needless to say, my sudden return, though not exactly a movie worthy entrance, has left everyone who knows of it so far in shock.

There were no crashes of lighting, no darkness in the sky, no roaring thunder, no harsh wind, nothing to indicate the coming of... well, anything. I simply materialized at a church in old Midgar in my usual clothes, with my usual sword, simple as that, and I walked around, unsure of where to go. One cannot be expected to know what to do immediately after recovering one's mental health and being mysteriously resurrected.

I am certain however, that I am not a ghost, nor am I an insane super villain bent on destroying the planet, or using it as an odd sort of rocket ship. Nor do I believe that the fossil of a very old alien, who was probably already dead before my grandparents existed, could possibly be my mother. At least, that much is clear. This does not mean I understand my origins, but modifications aside, I'm sure I'm not a mere laboratory experiment. I should have, must have, had parents at some point, I just don't know who they were.

Gast could have been my father, but I don't know for sure, as for my mother, I'm at a blank. But let's get back into the main topic; my forgotten family tree should be the least of my worries right now. As I was saying, I walked around without a set plan of action, and of all the people in the world, it was Reno of the Turks who found me.

That carrot-top fool landed his helicopter and, holding his electrorod ready, he cautiously approached. I rolled my eyes at his incessant pouty-faced glare, then he asked who I was and I told him the truth. I accepted going to the new Shinra where several tests were conducted to prove I was who I said I was. My DNA matched their data, so they were finally satisfied.

Then Reno went on a speech about how he found me, exaggerating several unimportant details. I only half listened while I wondered about my uncertain future and disastrous past, until it was decided that I would be given the opportunity to participate in Shinra's efforts to fix what was done wrong, but until they knew I could be trusted, I would have to be guarded by the Turks.

If I wasn't in the center of all this, I would have been amused by their little argument, where Reno made me sound like a stray puppy he found on the street and should therefore be allowed to keep since he saw it first. I wanted to reach out, smack him on the head, and tell him I am not to become his pet. Instead I made myself calm down and mentally counted to ten, I couldn't blow things now if I was planning to live a decent life now that I have been mysteriously brought back to life.

Though I will emphasize the fact that Reno is annoying, in his favor I must admit I'm glad that he's too stupid to fear me. It's not that I am planning to harm him or anyone else, but rather, I would understand if my presence is alarming. Nevertheless Reno seems to find it easy to make an effort to help reintegrate me to Shinra and perhaps society, even if he is going at it in a most inappropriate way. In that sense I feel compelled to accept the offer to go 'hang out' with the Turks at the Seventh Heaven, and even if I know I'm a fool to hope that tonight will end without bloodshed, I will still hope.

To be Continued

Disclaimer, I don't own Final Fantasy VII. In the games, there wasn't a lot of interaction between Sephiroth and Reno, but in our role play at the Shinra Database, all those characters interact in IC blog posts and comment on each other's posts about their lives working for Shinra. That is what inspired this story, though the role play is much more sane and IC, but totally hilarious. Special thanks and credit to Cherri, who plays Sephiroth at the RP. Cookies if you caught the reference to some of Jelanda's famous quotes in Valkyrie Profile.
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