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Just Another Tour.

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Just a band touring with FOB. ^_^

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Just made for fun. Out of boredom. For Danni, Alice and of coarse, Eddi.
Love you girls. :D x

Eddi's POV

"Christie! Hurry the fuck up!" I yelled through her bedroom door. She never usually takes so long to get ready.

"Sheesh! I've only been in here for.." A silence as she checks the time... "Okay okay. I'll be out in a minute." I don't even know why she locks the door when she gets ready. We're both girls.

"It's been a minute!" I shout, then the door opens. She comes out in her black skinny jeans, FOB band tee and Revenge MCR hoody. And a beany. She spends that long, and she didn't even do her hair. Well, the rest is straightened, but still. I shake my head.

"Do I look that bad?" She says.

"No!" I laugh, "You look great, I was just shaking my head at the fact you spent so long in there, and are wearing a hat." I explain.

"I was re-doing last nights eyeliner." She shrugs.

"We're late." I sigh, looking at my watch.

"Where are we going tonight?" She says, walking down the stairs. I follow after her.

"A small local thing." I explain. "We could get signed at this, so don't fuck up."

"When do I fuck up?" She smiles playfully, "Oh yeah." She giggles, "All the time."

"Shut up." I smile. "You'll do great."

"You'll do better." She grins, holding the front door open for me. I blush a little, then get into the car waiting for us. "Hey Dan." She smiles as we get in.

"Hey there girlies." Dan laughs. He's our friend, and he drives us pretty much everywhere.

"Zup." I laugh, Christie sits next to me in the back.

"Nothing really, playing taxi, again." He laughs, "We gonna go get Danni then?" He asks.

"Yeah, and then Alice." I replied.

"Alrighty ho." Dan smiles. Danni is the bassist and backing vocals, I'm the lead guitar and lead vocals. Christie is rhythm, and sometimes lead guitar, and backing vocals, but also for a few songs main vocals. And Alice is the drummer. We got to Danni's house and Christie ran out to get her. Then brought her back to the car, letting her in. I was now next to Danni instead of Christie.

"Hey Eddi." Dannie smiled,

"Hello." I smiled back. We got to Alice's house, where we kept the little van with all the guitars and stuff. We all got out and went to sit in the back of the van, Dan going to the driving seat. I ended up between Danni and Christie. We all tuned our instruments and held on to eachother when we went around corners. The nerves for the gig were starting to kick in.

"Here." Dan called, opening the van door. We all carried our stuff into the little concert room through the back doors and then sat in the cramped, smelly back stage room. Another band came in too and then it was REALLY cramped. It was 4 poser emo guys, although they were friendly enough.

"I'm Jim." The taller one smiled at me, shaking my hand.

"Eddi." I nodded, then turning away slightly, "Christie?" I asked.

"Yupp." She smiled, turning from her conversation with the shortest guy from the band.

"Wanna go and watch the other people play their sets?" I asked her, her face lit up and she nodded, then she pulled Danni and Alice out into the small crowd gathering. We were up fourth so we might as well enjoy the free music. The first band was pretty good, but they were a little bit off tune and the drumming was a mess. Then the second band was the same. The third band was really good, but the lead singer looked totally scared, and he forgot a lot of the lyrics. Looked like I was the only girl up tonight so far. We made our way to the stage to set up.

"I'm scared." Christie bit her lip, "The others were good." She added.

"We're better." I smiled at her, then hugged her, "Don't worry." Danni joined the hug, then Alice. Then we made it onto the stage. I introduce us and then we play through it all, the kids are really into it. And before long Christie chills out a bit, messing around on stage with Danni, then coming over to me and smiling. The show was really fun, all of us completely sweat drenched. And Christie still in her hoody and hat, we get off stage, dropping our guitars, and drum sticks and pushing through the crowd too the bar.

"How many more bands are there?" Alice asks me as we wait our turn at the bar.

"About 3 or 4." I smile. She nods. We all get drinks then stand at the back of the small room watching the kids mosh to the band that's up now. Then a man walks over to me,

"Eddi?" He asks. I nod. "You and your band come out back for a minute?" I think for a bit, maybe we should bring Dan with us.

"Alright let me get someone." I laugh, then send Christie to get Dan as Alice, Danni and I follow the guy through the crowd, narrowly missing the mosh pit. When we get out back Christie and Dan soon join us. The music's quieter out here.

"I'm here to ask you if you're interested in getting signed." He smiles. I look at how he's dressed, jeans, graphic tee and converse. He's not much older than us. And we're all only about 19. I think about whether to take him seriously.

"Sure man! What label?" Christie asks.

"I'm not sure if I should say, before you've thought about this." He looks at her band tee and she notices.

"Oh my Gee!" She grins. "You really on about Decay Dance?" He nods and her and Danni squeal. Alice joins in in the little dance, and Dan watches them, confused.

"Then yeah, we wanna be signed." I answer for them.

"Okay," He hands us a card. "Ring this later, and we'll get you signed." He walks away,

"Is this real? Is it Pete's number? Can I ring it now?" Christie says, walking next to me and trying to see the card.

"How would I know. How would I know. And no." I reply. Then I take a whiff of her, she's still in the hat and hoody. And she stinks. "And get away from me stinky!" I laugh she fake pouts and goes over to hug Danni. Who backs away.

"Nooo! You sweat too much!" She jokes. Then Alice hides behind Danni from her.

"No stinky hugs for me either!" She calls, laughing. Christie smirks at Dan, and he runs back into the building. Then she turns to me, pouting.

"FINE!" I smile, and put out my hands, then she hugs me. I hole my breath, then we all go back into the bar too watch the last bands. After the gigs are all over we get back in the bus, Dan keeps complaining about how much all of us smell. We decide to sleep over Danni's since she has the big double bed. Dan drops us off then goes to swap the van for the car. Once we are all in her room I get out the card, then we all sit on the double bed and I ring it. On speaker.

"Hello?" A voice said,

"Hey we were told to ring this in regards to getting signed to Decay Dance?" Christie says, her voice breaking a bit at the end.

"Oh hi. This the band I sent Phil out for then?" A voice replies. It's not Pete.

"Yes." I reply.

"Oh okay. We were wondering also if you want to join the other bands on the current tour?" He asks.

"Sure." Danni says to him.

"Alright." He makes a date for us to meet up with them, then we hang up.

"We are going on tour with Fall out Boy!" Christie screams. I tap her back to calm her down. We all freak out a bit about it. Then ring our parents, who are all okay about a world tour, weirdly. Then we all fall asleep on the big bed, still in our smelly gig clothes.

Christie's POV

It's been a while since we were told we were joining the FOB tour, and today we are going to meet up with them. I slept over Danni's last night, so she wakes me up and we get ready. I don't wear any FOB merch, I wear my Mighty Boosh tee, purple Criminal Damage hoody and black skinnies. Danni wears her Eminem tee, black skinnies, and The Used hoody. We freak out a bit more then we head out to the garden and soon enough, Dan picks us up in the old van and we head out to the meeting point.

"I can't wait." Alice smiles, and we all agree. Then there's an awkward silence, when we get there we all get out of the van again, and there's a man waiting for us, with a clip board. It's then I notice we're at a small hall. This must be a gig.

"Do we have to play tonight?" Eddi asks. The man nods. We all look at each other in horror. We've never played such a big place. And supporting for Fall out Boy? Oh God. We make it to the backstage area, we have a private dressing room, this is different to our normal before show setting. And it makes me more worried. Eddi tries to cheer me up a bit.

"Hello? You're up." A man smiles, we go to the stage, carrying our instruments, and then we do a very short sound check. The kids are already piling into the room, and there are lots of them. I take a deep breath. We wait at the side of the stage, me gripping my trusty old guitar, named Frankie. Then we make it on stage once everyone is in.

"HELLOOO!" Eddi yells into the mic, the crowd screaming, my stomach turns. She introduces us, then we burst into our first song. I try my hardest not to mess up, staying almost completely still for the first song. Scared. Danni comes over to me just before the end of the song,

"You look scared." She whispers. I nod. "Just have fun!" She laughs and I smile and nod, then she runs back over to her spot. Eddi starts the next song, her gorgeous voice over the music. I play my heart out and dance around a bit. The crowd are really into us, I go as far forwards as I can, pulling faces at the kids in the front row, who pull faces back.

"The next song's a cover, I'm sure you'll all know the words!" She screams, everyone roaring, "This is Pretty in Punk!" She yells. I freeze. I Sing a few lines of this one, I look over to her and she winks. The crowd know a lot of the words to this one, they would, it's Fall out Boy, really old, but still FOB. I sing my lines, still having fun, luckily the crowd is really loud. I'm not the worlds best singer. After we finish our set I'm sweat drenched again, but still in my hoody. My hair looks really bad. So as we get offstage I ring Dan and he brings me in my Miami Ink hat.

"You'd think I'm the slave!" Dan complains, giving us all the things we asked him to get.

"Roadie." I laugh. He looks shocked,

"You've already gotten fame sick after one show!" He accuses. We all laugh.

"You think they'll let us go watch Hey Monday stage side?" I ask.

"I don't really like them." Eddi shrugs.

"Then you stay here with Roadie." Danni smiles, then me, her and Alice go watch the band, then talk with them stage side, then we all watch Fall out Boy. They are amazing. Eddi joins us with Dan then. And after Fall out Boy we go back to our room, we decide to give them some space for now.

"I need the toilet." I whine. Eddi laughs at me.

"Go then, it's only down the hall." She smiles. I nod and half run to the bathroom, on my way back I see an arrow.

Fall out Boy dressing room. I get curious, well, it won't hurt. I change my direction and search for the dressing room. As I get there I push my head against the door.

"I know, but I mean, there was this fucking huge giraffe." I hear a voice say, I try to make it out.

"No no no. I mean EVERYONE was there," That's Patrick,

"Really? I didn't even know about this." Pete.

"Shut up man. I didn't know about this either." Joe laughs.

"Andy?" Pete asks.

"I knew." He says.

"Yeah, see." Patrick says.

"Then Joe and I don't count in everyone?" Pete whines. The others all laugh. I lean in a bit more to hear the story Patrick is telling, then the door falls open and I fall in, grabbing on to something so I don't fall on my face. I look up to see I'm holding onto Patrick. I blush and let go.

"Sorry." I smile.

"Who are you?" Joe asks,

"Christie, from the new band." I shrug.

"And why are you in our dressing room?" Pete laughs.

"I fell in." I say in a matter of fact voice.

"Well, obviously." Patrick laughs, then shakes my hand. "Well it's nice to meet you."

"And you." I squeak. "Big big big fan of the band." I grin. "Woah this is better than I expected." I laugh, they give me questioning looks. "The others said I'd have restraining orders by now," I shrug and they laugh. "Well I better get going or they'll send a team out to check you're not tied up." I laugh.

"We'll hang with your band sometime." Patrick offers.

"Yeah, like we're free tomorrow." Pete adds. I almost faint.

"Thanks." I grin, waving then heading out, trying not to fall on my way out, then after closing the door I run, following the arrows to the dressing room. Almost screaming. Then I fall into our dressing room, landing on Danni and Eddi. "I TOUCHED PATRICK!" I scream as I flatten them to the floor. They both looked worried, oh so worried.
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