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"I think I've gotten her sick."

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A/N: Yes I'm back. Finally. My uncle worked on my computer and he said he found almost 40 bugs on my computer so that is why it has taken so long to get back. Anyway here yall go. I just put
the finishing touches on the chapter moments ago.This is gonna be a good one with more to follow. I'll be updating My Baby's Daddy and seizeMANNEQUIN soon so be watching for updates!
xoxo Dani



"It's New Year's Eve. Do you wanna go for a walk?"

Paisley sighed and rolled over, snuggling into his chest.

"Sure." came her muffled reply.

Gerard laughed as he sat up, pulling Paisley with him.

"Go get dressed. I'm sure you don't wanna go walking in your flannel pajamas."

"But they're sooooo warm," Paisley cried as Gerard began changing.

"I have no comment on that. I'll be upstairs when you get done."

Paisley pouted as Gerard shuffled upstairs. Sighing, she stood up. As soon as she had,
she began to feel dizzy. The dizzyness was soon replaced by nausea. Hurrying she made
her way into Gerard's bathroom and shut the door.

"I'm here," Paisley shut the basement door and tried not to make any sudden movements,
just in case the nausea reappeared.

"Ok good.Here," Gerard handed her a thermos as he gave her a kiss.

"What is this?"

"Mom's home made hot cocoa. Secret recipe."

Paisley rolled her eyes as Gerard slipped her mittened hand into his.

"I really didn't wanna get out of bed."

"I know."

"My pajamas were so warm."

"I know."

"But this is nice. I'm glad I got out of bed."

"Thought you would," Gerard watched Paisley over his thermos as he sipped the contents.Slowly
he pulled his sketch pad out of the bag he had carried with them.

The two of them were sitting on the masonwork of a bridge that overlooked a small frozen pond.
Below them, kids their age were iceskating.while younger children were busy making snowmen
or engaging in snowball warfare.

"This is beautiful. I love how pretty the trees look with the snow. You'd never see anything like
this back home. I think I mentioned somthing like that before."

"Mmhmm," Gerard nodded as he removed the pencil in his mouth.

"What are you doing," Paisley tried to peek at the sketch pad but Gerard moved it.

"I'm sketching something.It just came to me."

Paisley sighed, "Another nightmare?"

"Not quite," Gerard smirked as his hand flew over the page.

"Can I see it?"


Paisley pouted slightly, causing Gerard to change the direction of his sketch.
Seeing that her pout wasn't giving her what she wanted, Paisley turned back to watching
the activites below her.


"Yes," Gerard had been paying attention to his sketch, giving it some finishing touches.

"I'm feel sick."

Gerard looked up. Paisley looked miserable. Her cheeks were the color of ripe Red Delicious
apples and she was shivering worse than the day that she had made her first snow angel.

"Oh shit. Come on. Your going to get completely sick if we dont."

Gerard climbed off of the stone work and flipped Paisley onto his back and started off on a
quick pace.

"Baby, I'm sorry. How long have you been shivering like that?"

"I don't know," Paisley's reply almost crushed him. She sounded bad.

"You should have told me. We could have left forever ago."

"I didn't want to interrupt you. You looked like you were concentrating pretty hard."

Gerard growled as he sprinted up his sidewalk.

"That is not what is important. You and your health are what's important."

Gerard ran into the living room where he lay Paisley on the couch. She didn't stay there long
though, as a wave of nausea passed over her.

Gerard stared at the hallway bathroom as Paisley disappeared, not noticing Mikey.

"What's wrong with Paisley?"

"I think I've gotten her sick."
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