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For the Love of a Child

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The guys when they were little. They all go through traumatic experiences. The summary sucks just read please.

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In this story i will be writing about different types of child abuse so it will be mature content.
Gerard's POV

I was hiding in an upstairs closet praying my father wouldn't find me or my six year old brother Mikey. I had hidden him under the bed in the room down the hall. I could hear my father banging around downstairs and screaming "You've been bad boys and you deserve to be punished!" at the top of his lungs.

The sounds of glass smashing echoed through the house. I could hear Mikey crying from down the hall and I was hoping he would quiet down before he was found. The banging sounds of his shoes on the hard wood steps was gradually getting louder and louder. I was so scared.

I burrowed my way to the back of the closet and hid behind the clothes. I reached up and pulled a shirt down. I was only seven but I still knew that I had to stop the bleeding my father had caused.

After I had spilled my fathers six or eighth beer he had cut me a few times with a knife from the kitchen. I was bleeding pretty heavily. Mikey had tried to stop him and that's what got us into this mess. Of coarse this wasn't the first time this has happened either. I quickly covered my ears as the sound of the hallway mirror being smashed rang out.

He was getting closer and closer to the room Mikey was hiding in. I wanted to run and scream just so that he wouldn't find Mikey and hurt him. Mikey always got it worse than I did. I just kept hiding in the closet as I listened to my father crash his way into the room. He was yelling curses and screaming at us.

The sound of Mikey's scream soon rang out like the sound of a gun being fired. The sounds of punches followed soon after. My father then started down the hall again towards the bath room. The sounds of Mikey crying and screaming "NO" as the bath tube filled bombarded my ears. Then there was a splash and a blood curdling scream. In that instant I knew that Mikey had just been thrown into extremely hot water. I had only received that twice but I knew it put you through excruciating pain.

I pushed the closet door open a little bit so that I could look into the hall. The bathroom door was shut so it looked like I was in the clear. I ran into the room and silently grabbed the phone off the night stand. I then raced back into the closet and shut the door. I pushed my way back behind the clothes and then pulled the little piece of paper out of my pocket. I saw the numbers 1-800-4-a-child written down in my sloppy hand writing and quickly punched in the numbers. A female voice came on and said "Childhelp crisis counselor. How may I help you?" I stayed quiet for a few seconds because I didn't know what to say. Mikey's screams of pain made me start talking.

"I need and ambulance, police, something at my house and fast."
"What's your address? Is some one hurting you?"
"My address is 62959 Pine Street. He's hurting my brother."
"Ok honey I have called an ambulance and police they should be there shortly. Who is hurting your brother?"
"My father."
"Ok I want you to stay on the line until the police get there okay?"

A sudden bang in the room made me freeze. Then the closet doors were thrown open and he was dragging me out by my feet. My father started kicking my chest and a few landed on my head. After a loud crack caused by my head hitting the wall everything went dark.

So i saw a lifetime movie and it made me want to write this. I know this is short and i'm sorry but the chapters will get longer. The other guys will come in later. I haven't prewriten anything so i don't know how often i will be updating {if you want me to}. The boys are the ages of 5-7. Rate and review please.
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