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You're Living A Lie Straight To Hell

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One-Shot Billie Joe/Bob Bryar. Billie and Bob have their crushes

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I sat watching the Green Day concert from backstage.
Damn Billie is hot I thought as I stared.
Suddenly Mikey was in front of me
"Hey lover boy" he said very hyper, I mean seriously this kid was bouncing. "Whatcha thinking about?"
He followed my gaze and it was clearly on Billie Joe. He then proceeded to pat my shoulder. "Way outta your league man."
"I can stare can't I?"
"I guess, just don't jack off okay." He said and I proceeded to turn pink. "Sicko" he muttered and walked off.
30 min later
Billie Joe came off stage.
"Hey Bob" he said to me "Hand me a water"
'Ummm... sure" I muttered and got up and handed him a water, he proceeded to pour it over his head and dammit he was so sexy, with his hair plastered to his face and his clothes wet and clinging to his perfectly proportioned body. He then walked off without saying thanks.
Give me you eyes for just one second, Give me your eyes so I can see, Everything that I keep missing
"That's what I need, I need to see how he sees me."

Billie Joe's POV
I walked into my dressing room. Bob I thought Bob Bryar, dammit that man is out of my league. For one he is straight, for another I am married and have kids I mean what would Audie, Joey, and Jakob think. I sighed shaking my head. I pulled out my diary and decided to write, I may make my thought straight.
Dear Gloria,
I keep thinking about Bob. His looks, his smile and his brilliant deep clear blue eyes. I mean seriously this is way outta hand. I think we have an emergency. Yeah Paramore is onstage. I guess Audie, Joey, and Jakob can survive without me. I need to make a more I need Bob, I need him. There is no one else in the world that I want more than him. I am going to do it tonight.
Billie Joe Armstrong
William Joseph Armstrong

I pulled my gun out and his it in the pocket of my jacket I am going to tell him.

Bob's POV
I saw Billie coming over and he looked determined to do something what it was I don't know.
"Bob" He said in his husky tone. "There are many things I want to do with you and none that I can. I love you Bob. I really do which it why the only way we can be together is if we are really no together."
"Billie" I said surprised, "What do you mean"
"Goodbye Bob" He said and I he pulled out a gun and I heard a gunshot and the I fell to the floor.

Billie's POV
My solution simple and easy I thought as I raised the gun to my head and pulled the trigger. Goodbye world was my last thought as I welcomed the blackness
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