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Chapter IV

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holy fuck i got on today and saw every review on the last chapter, thank you guys so much! i'm just so sorry it took so long to get this chapter up. forgive me?

-eyelinerroxx has signed on

eyelinerroxx: brendon i know your here

eyelinerroxx: don't you dare log out.

eyelinerroxx: ....

eyelinerroxx: brendon?

eyelinerroxx: brendon fucking answer mee!!!

MyTightLittlePants: .....

eyelinerroxx: brendon we have to talk.

MyTightLittlePants: i know your not gay.

eyelinerroxx: bren

MyTightLittlePants: it's okay if you don't like me.

eyelinerroxx: brendon

MyTightLittlePants: just ryan... please don't hate me.

eyelinerroxx: BRENDON!!!

MyTightLittlePants: ryan please.... just don't

eyelinerroxx: brendon urie....

MyTightLittlePants: ryan please!! okay, i love you and it'll kill me if you hate me!

eyelinerroxx: BRENDON FUCKING URIE!!!

MyTightLittlePants: ryan please!! i gotta go.... bye

eyelinerroxx: brenny!!

-MyTightLittlePants has signed off

eyelinerroxx: GODDAMMIT!! BRENDON

-spencyisbettr has signed on

eyelinerroxx: spencer....

spencyisbettr: ryan....

eyelinerroxx: spencer.... i

spencyisbettr: ryan are you okay?

eyelinerroxx:no im not!! and it's all my fault!!

spencyisbettr: what happened?

eyelinerroxx: bren won't listen to me and i just want to tell him i feel the same way about him.

eyelinerroxx: i don't know what to do!!

spencyisbettr: text him?

eyelinerroxx: he won't answer

spencyisbettr: go over to his house.



i stood on the doorstep and took a deep breath and knocked three times on the white door. god, i hope brendon didn't answer it and slam it in my face.

"why hello ryan!" mrs. urie said opening the door. "i haven't seen you around here in forever!"

"it's been to long mrs. urie," i said shaking her hand. "i thought i'd give brendon a surprise visit."

"oh well that's very sweet of you, he's been locking himself in his room latey," she said frowning.

" i know and that's exactly why i'm here," i said smiling.

"well ryan, you are just an amazing friend and it makes me happy that brendon has a friend like you," she said.

"you are to kind."

"well ryan, it was great to see you, but i have to go shopping. brendon's up in his room so go ahead and make yourself at home. bye ryan."

"bye mrs. urie," i said waving and walking inside. i closed the door inside and leaned against it. "ahhh." i could hear brendon moving around upstairs, i knew exactly where he was. i straightened up and started to climb the stairs.

i got to bren's door and stood outside it for five minutes. i could see his shadow moving around from under it. well here we go.

i knocked on the door "brendon i know your there and i'm coming right now," i said swinging the door open. brendon was standing in the middle of the room, staring back at me. he looked down at his feet and sniffed.

"oh bren, please don't cry," i said coming in the room and towards him, i shut the door behind me.

"ryan, i-i-i... just... what are you doing here?" he said still looking down.

"i came to have tea with your mom. bren, i'm here for you!" i said walking closer, we were at arms length.

"what do you mean here for me? are you going to tell me off?" he said looking up.

i didn't know what to tell him, or what to say to make him believe that i actually loved him back. "brendon, look at me," when he did i closed the gap between us and pressed my lips against his. "i brendon... i love you too. but you would never talk to me long enough to give me that chance to say it, and even if you did i don't think you would believe me and this was the only way i could think of to show you that." it was my turn to look at my feet.

"i-i-i... ryan... you really feel that way?" he asked.

"yes," i said, tears forming in my eyes. i felt brendon snake his arms aroung me and pull me into a hug. "i love you ry," he whispered in my ear. i smiled, "i love you too bren."

"ryan, if you love me... then who is bubble butt?" brendon asked.

i laughed. "that's you! have you ever looked at your ass? you have a bubble butt." i said laughing and hugging him harder.

alright, i will go back to the aim.messenger thing on the next chapter. but you know the deal... another review! haha thank you guys so much!
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