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Just A Nightmare

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“Well, those are very good reasons.” Ray nodded.

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These past few months have been hell. I’ve gotten morning sickness, my feet hurt, my back hurts and I’m getting bigger by the week. Michael has been such a scout through this all. I’m very happy he’s here with me. We even started making plans for the wedding. It would take place at a secret church that wouldn’t document the marriage in the government, but in heaven. That way the guys and Michael’s parents would be able to attend as well. “You know, the more I think about this it’s kinda like Twilight.” Gerard explained as he sipped at his coffee sitting on Donna’s couch.
“Yeah, but they need to get their facts straight.” I agreed somewhat. Michael, Gerard, Frank, Ray and Bob looked at me confused. “Well, we vampires don’t shine in the sunlight. We burn. And we are a part of a coven. The only way they would be able to leave was death. The only way I left was because Master ‘wanted me to be happy’ and he let me leave knowing one day I would come back. And it’s very unusual that vampires fall for humans.” I explained. “Vampires can live off of animal blood, but then their abilities will weaken. Not be as strong as they are when you drink human blood. And most vampires have no control over their actions once their eyes change and they smell what they want.” I added.
“Well, those are very good reasons.” Ray nodded.
After more talking Michael and I headed over to our apartment. After dinner and showering I dressed into my pajamas and slipped under the covers where Michael was already laying. “Good night, Michael.” I kissed him softly.
“Night.” He closed his eyes and wrapped his arms around me. Every time he touched me I felt warm and alive. More than ever in my life. “I love you.” He whispered. I smiled.
“I love you too.” Then I closed my eyes. I drifted into a sleep I would soon wale from.

Standing in the darkness alone. My eyes dared around to find any kind of light, but there was none to be found. My breathing quickened as my heart did. I kept looking around for anyone or anything. “Hello?” I called out just to here it echo back. “Hello?” I tried again, but just hearing my echoes question me back. I sighed. Just then fire lit up around me. I looked around. The temperature was warming up rapidly. I looked down for no apparent reason to see that I was nude. I saw my belly and how big it had become. I looked back up and saw Michael standing a few yards in front of me. “Michael.” I smiled. I started towards him, but when I reached him he didn’t say anything or move. He didn’t even blink. “Michael?” I asked. Then he started.
“Phoenix.” He smiled.
“Oh, Michael.” I pulled him into a hug. I then pulled back and stroked his cheek. Just as I put my hand back down to my side I saw there were blood red spots growing on his face where I touched him. “Are you okay?” I asked, but he didn’t respond. “Michael?” I called. I was worried.
Just then Michael placed his hands over his face. The red spots were spreading rapidly on his face. More dots were being made. I looked closely and smelled the air. Michael’s blood was seeping from his pores. I gasped. “Help me, Phoenix.” He cried as he looked at his feet. I looked down to see what he was looking at. Michael’s feet were dissolving into blood that began to pool around him. I looked at him stare at his feet. He then looked up with tears in his eyes. “Help me.” He whispered as his tears fell freely from his eyes. The flames around us began to raise into the dark sky.
I shook my head and placed my hands over my mouth. I cried and cried. I watched as Michael’s legs were now dissolving. Reaching his thighs and now his waist. I just watched helpless. Then I ran up to him took his outreached hand. I pulled but nothing came of it. I let go and he let out a high cry. It echoed as the last of his body began to make the pool of blood stretch out. I felt his warm blood cover my feet. I looked down and saw his blood pool around me now.
I started to dissolve just as Michael did minutes before. His blood was like quick sand. I tried to swim and get out. I was up to my chest in blood. I struggled as little as I could. I reached out at nothing. Just then someone gripped my hand. I squeezed the hand. My mouth covered in blood. I saw it was Michael helping me. But then he disappeared into the flames that were closing in on me. I inhaled my last breath through my nose. It smelled of Michael.

I fall hard onto the floor on my side with a loud thud. I was covered in sweat. I lifted myself on my elbow and looked around my room. Yup, I was in my room. I sighed and closed my eyes. I steadied my breathing when Michael came around the bed and kneeled by my side. “Are you okay, Phoenix?” He asked as he helped me sit up. I nodded and leaned my back against my bed. “What happened?” He asked.
“Just a nightmare.” I said casually. It was usual for me to have these kinds of nightmares. I looked at Michael who was staring at me. “What?” I asked.
“Do you want to talk about it?” He asked. Truth was, I didn’t. I never really shared nightmares. I shook my head. “You sure?” Michael looked at me pleadingly.
“Fine.” I smiled. He nodded and waited for me to talk. “Um, well there were flames. All around me. And I was naked. I was still pregnant. I looked around but saw nobody. Then you appeared. Like, out of nowhere. I called your name, but you didn’t answer at first. Then I hugged you and touched your cheek.” I tried to remember what happened. Images flashed as I continued to explain. “I left blood spots on you. They grew and you were dripping blood from your pores.” I looked out into space. “You began to dissolve into blood. It was grotesque.” I felt tears well up under my eyelids. “I tried to pull you out, but it didn’t help any. I felt so helpless.” I felt a stray tears run down my face. “You screamed and then you were done. Gone into the blood. Then it started to eat me. Swallow me like quick sand. I tried to get out, but I couldn’t. I reached up and felt someone grip my hand. It was you. But then your vanished into the flames. Then the fire surrounded me and the blood. And as I took my last breath I woke up.” I rubbed at my eyes.
Michael held me as I tried not to cry. I hadn’t realized I was trembling with fear. “Shh.” Michael cooed. “It was just a dream.” He whispered. “Now, let’s go to sleep.” He helped me up and back under the covers. He kissed me on the forehead and climbed in next to me. “Sleep, Phoenix. Just sleep.” Michael whispered as he held me and rubbed my arm. I nodded and closed my eyes. I once again fell into a sleep filled with fear.
Waking up the next morning I remembered I needed to be at Irene’s wedding. I was the Made of Honor. I looked over at the clock. It read 8:30 AM. I sighed and slipped out of bed making sure not to wake Michael.
I headed to the bathroom to shower. After scrubbing my body I wrapped a towel around me and headed to my closet to get my fixed bridesmaid dress as I grew bigger and didn’t fit in my regular size anymore. I slipped it on and looked in the mirror. I looked huge, but still pretty. I guess. I headed to wake Michael, but he wasn’t there. I heard the shower stop. I guess I didn’t hear him get up. “You look nice.” Michael walked in buttoning his dress shirt up trying to hold back laughter.
“Shut up!” I giggled. “I know I look like a big fat whale in this dress, but I promised her I would be her Made of Honor and I will not back down on a promise I made to her. I consider her one of my friends.” I smiled brightly.
“You don’t look like a whale. But this dress is pretty ridiculous.” He walked over and looked at the dress. It was emerald and was very poofy and big. Lots of ruffles and bows and polka dots. It was pretty ridiculous on my part, but I had to wear this.
“I know.” I laughed and looked down at the dress. I looked back up and saw Michael had his hand out for me to take. I smiled and placed my hand in his. He grinned and lifted his arm and I went under making a twirl. He smiled and chuckled.
“But you make this dress look beautiful.” Michael kissed me softly. I just melted.
Now we had to leave. I got to the chapel an hour early to get my make up and hair done. Michael was sat in the second row along with Irene’s grandma and her parents. It was time to walk down the aisle. I was afraid people would laugh at me, but as I walked down with my bouquet of daisies I was surprised no one did. Everyone just gazed in admiration, and I’m pretty sure some people made ‘aws’ here and there.
Once I was down to the alter I stood up on the top stair and waited for the other bridesmaids to stand next to me wishing they were me. Then the music began. Irene was coming down the aisle with her dad by her side. She looked so beautiful in her white dress with drip beads and long train. Her gloves and her veil draping over her white porcelain face. I looked back at the groom ad saw Scott smile as he kept his eyes on her. Scott was a good man and I knew he would make her happy.
I had to stand the whole ceremony. Which was taking forever because the priest had to squint to read from the Bible. But I stood there patiently. Now we were on our way to the after party. It was going to be huge! There I made a toast to Irene and Scott and wished them a happy marriage. I wonder if my wedding will be like this.
I knew I couldn’t drink any champagne and so did everyone else. So they made sure I had everything but liquor. I just drank some water. I was fine with water. I mingled with some people from work who showed up for the wedding and the after party. Michael staying by my side every step of the way. I loved him so much. He made sue I was okay. I stopped and sat down to eat some cake when he got up and said he had to use the restroom. I nodded and he left. “Hey,” I heard Irene greet me as she came to sit next to me. “Are you having a good time?” She asked.
“Oh yes. This wedding was beautiful. Everything was perfect. Except for the ceremony.” I saw Irene’s face drop. “The priest was awfully slow when he was reading from the book.” I smiled and laughed. The grin retuned to her face and she giggled.
“Thank you so much, Phoenix.” Irene suddenly hugged me. “Thank you for everything.” She whispered as she pulled back. I could see the tears in her eyes. “You are such a great person. And I’m happy for you and Mikey.” She added.
“Well, thank you.” I smiled.
“So, how long were you guys going out before he proposed?” She asked. I flinched when she said, ‘Going out.’ We never actually been on a real date. We never even dated. Now I’m starting to wonder why he even proposed in the first place.
“Um, well, we never really went out.” I bit my lip. She gave me a confused look. “We met way before I interviewed his band. He showed me around New York. Then we just became friends. I didn’t even know he was in a band. I’ve never heard of My Chemical Romance in my life. And when I was given their interview I looked them up and saw he was the bassist.” I remembered the plane ride on my way back to New York.
“How did Alicia take it?” She asked shocked. Listening intently.
“Well, he never told her. We were just friends, but I really liked him. He was just my friend at the time he was with Alicia. We just got really, really close and then he left Alicia. He told me he loved me.” I smiled. “Acting friends around each other made us show each other more than if we were dating and going to restaurants.” I explained. “That’s the way I viewed it. Then one day he proposed to me. I really loved him so I just said yes.” I smiled remembering everything he said and did. The way I felt. Just the thought relinquished butterflies in my stomach.
“That’s so romantic.” Irene breathed. I just nodded. The butterflies were still very much alive. Just then I felt something kick in my stomach. I gasped and placed my hand over the spot the baby kicked. “What? Are you okay?” Irene asked her hand hovering over mine.
“I’m fine, but the baby just kicked.” I smiled and looked at her. She giggled. Then it kicked again. “Look.” I yanked her hand and placed it over the kicks. Her face lit up and she gasped.
“That is so cool.” She giggled more. I nodded enthusiastically. Just then I saw Michael come running up to us.
“What’s wrong?” Michael panted as he kneeled next to me. Irene took his hand and replaced it with from where her hand had been “Shit.” Michael cursed. I bit my lip. “There’s our baby.” He smiled and kissed me. “The baby’s in there.” He kissed my tummy next.
We helped pick up after everyone left and then headed home. It had been a fun night. I was just glad I could get this dress off and never where it again. Irene and Scott were off to Italy for their honeymoon.
Once I was in my bedroom I stripped off the dress and pulled on my Sponge Bob pajamas. I could actually breathe in these things. “I am so glad I’m outta that dress.” I sighed as I sat next to Michael on the couch in the living room.
“Aww, I loved that dress.” Michael whined. I just laughed and hit his arm playfully. He laughed too and then grabbed my hand. He started kissing my knuckles and played with my hands. “I love your hands.” He stared at my hands. “They’re so soft and delicate.” He continued.
Unlike mine. From playing bass so long my fingers are all mashed up.” He explained. I looked at him and he looked at me. I leaned in and kissed his sweet pink lips. My lips working against his.
His hands wrapped around the small of my waist, and my hands at his neck. There was much space between him and me. Since my belly was growing so big he didn’t want to lean in and smash the baby. I pulled him as close as I could to me. I felt his stomach hit my belly and tried to pull back. I broke apart and pouted. “What?” He asked as if he did something wrong.
“I don’t like my belly.” I whined.
“Well, it’s gonna grow whether you like it or not.” He explained. I just glared at him. All of a sudden I felt like screaming at him.
“Do you not want to make out with me because I’m fat?” I felt tears rise in my eyes.
“No! Not at all. I just don’t want to squish the baby.” He defended. “You’re not fat. Once the baby is born you’ll return to normal.” He added.
“So, you do think I’m fat! Oh my God!” I cried. He thought I was fat and now he didn’t want me. That’s how I saw it.
“NO! That is not what I think.” Michael said softly.
“Really?” I asked. He nodded. I just smiled and kissed him. “I love you.” I mumbled into the kiss. He smiled and mumbled it back. I felt my lips vibrate as he said it. “Let’s get to bed. I’m tired.” I got up and yawned. I headed to the room, Michael followed right behind.

In the dark room again. Flames surrounded me again. I looked around and then looked down. I was clothes this time. I didn’t have the baby with me; in my tummy. I started to tremble. Where was the baby? Surely I hadn’t had it yet. I heard whispers rummaging about over head in the dark sky. White mist swirled above. Just above me. “Hello?” I called. Then I heard footsteps coming from my right. I turned to see Michael. Relief washed over me. “Michael, you’re here.” I smiled. He just stood there staring at me. There were dark circles embroidering his eyes. He didn’t blink or move a muscle for a few seconds. Then he smiled. I was confused. He still didn’t move. “Michael?” I asked. He just kept smiling. But this was not his usual sweet smile. Some deviled smile had replaced that. Evil lurked in his eyes. That I could tell.
I was about to take a step forward to him when he moved. He slowly walked towards me. He stopped inches in front of me. I frowned when he didn’t say anything, but kept that smile upon his face. Just then he placed a hand softly over my beating heart. I smiled at him. He didn’t respond. “Michael?” I asked again. This time he responded, but in no way that was friendly.
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