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A shower

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Gerard led Willow into his bedroom. “Go start the shower. I’ll join you in a minute.” His voice shook with desire.
Willow nodded and headed towards his bathroom. She turned on the tap and adjusted the water temperature. Quickly she stepped in and stood under the spray of hot water only a few moments before Gerard joined her. His smile was sheepish.
“Sugar, let me wash off before you touch me. He picked up the sponge and made a move to grab the body wash but Willow was faster. She held the bottle in one hand and extended the other.
Gerard was surprised by the action.
“Hand me the sponge, Gee.” She said softly.
It was the first time she’d called him Gee and he realized he liked the way the name rolled off her tongue. Slowly he handed it to her and she smiled.
“Now close you eyes and relax.” She said with a smile.
In his mind he was thinking, how the fuck am I supposed to relax standing this close to her nude body but he kept silent. His eyes fluttered shut.
Willow opened the bottle and applied a generous amount of the gel to the sponge. “Turn around.” She commanded.
He nodded and turned away from her. The hot water hit his aching back and he sighed. Willow had suspected his back ached. The man had give 110% at the performance tonight. He’s been moving all over the stage. She placed the sponge at the base of his neck and started to rub his skin in small circles. Slowly the sponge glided over his neck and upper back. His muscles were taunt. “Relax.” She urged.
Gerard knew there was no way in hell he could relax. When her fingers were behind the sponge it was fine but when her fingertips touched his skin the electricity between them sang.
Willow spent several minutes simply rubbing his shoulders and upper back. She stopped to apply more gel. “Lift your arms.”
He hesitated embarrassed to do what she asked.
“Gee, lift your arms.” Willow said softly. “Please.”
Slowly he did as she requested. Willow washed his armpits thoroughly then continued down his sides to his stop at this lower back. She stood back so the water could wash away some of the soap then applies more gel to the sponge.
Gerard was loving every moment. He’d never had a woman wash him after a concert. Hell, he’d never had a woman wash him period. At first he’d felt embarrassed but now her gentle touch was making him feel more comfortable. He sighed contently.
“Good?” Willow asked as she continued to rub the sponge over his lower back.
“Fuck, yeah.’ He answered.
Willow smiled to herself. Slowly she lowered herself to her knees bringing the sponge down across his buttock.
Gerard’s eyes popped open. He knew she was kneeling behind him and that thought was anything but relaxing. The desire to turn to face her was strong. He remembered how she looked on her knees, opening her mouth to take him in. He closed his eyes again and tried to dispel that memory.
Working on his upper legs Willow purposely let her fingertips trail along his muscular legs. She wanted to feel the sensation touching him brought.
Gerard could feel himself getting hard. It felt like a trail of fire was scorching its way down his legs. He liked the fire. He wanted more.
Willow finished up then stood. Once more she stood out of the path of the water spray and let it wash away the suds. “Okay, time to do the front.”
Gerard moaned. He wasn’t sure how much more of this he could take. Slowly he turned to face her. He saw her eyes glance down at his full erect cock.
Willow forced her eyes away but it wasn’t easy. She placed the sponge at the base of his neck and started washing but her hands were beginning to tremble. As she brought the sponge higher she teased, “Gotta make sure to wash behind your ears.”
Gerard stared at her not trusting his voice.
She used her fingers to gently run along behind each ear.
“Willow.” His voice was a course whisper. She was so close his rock hard erection was pressing against her soft belly.
The sensation was growing stronger. “Patience.” Her own voice betrayed her desire.
The sponge now lowered and she began to wash his chest. Without thought she dropped it and continued the work with her fingers. She needed to touch him.
“Willow.’ He said again this time it was a plea.
She looked up into his eyes. “Let me finish.”
Turning she applied the gel directly on onto her palm then once again lowered herself to her knees. Gerard held his breath. His dick was inches from her lips.
She washed his stomach then ran her slick hands down his thighs. As her finger glided down to his knees she felt her heartbeat quicken. Ever so slowly she slid her fingers up his inner thighs. When they reached his sac he moaned. Gently she washed him knowing he was struggling not to move.
Gerard knew he should be embarrassed that she was washing away the stink from his body but he wasn’t. She was doing this for him and knowing that touched him deeply. He felt her fingers as they cupped his sac then glided over his dick. His legs began to tremble. In his mind he was imagining what it would be like to drop to his knees and take her sweet nipple into her mouth. How it would feel to run his hands over her body as the water crashed over them.
Willow suddenly sat back on her heels so the water could wash away the soap one final time. She looked up and saw Gerard’s eyes were shut tight. Pushing her wet hair back she pushed herself back up to kneel before him.
“I want to wash you now.’ Gerard whispered.
Willow heard his words but she couldn’t resist the temptation. She wanted to put her lips on him and taste him. She wanted to feel his full, thick erection in her mouth. She needed to feel his heated blood pumping beneath her lips. He moaned loudly as she took him in.
“Sugar, oh, fuck.”
Willow placed her hands on his buttocks and urged him to thrust into her mouth.
Gerard reached out to touch her hair noting that wet it looked more dark red then copper. He intertwined his fingers in the strands marveling at how even her hair could set his fingertips on fire. He closed his eyes and let what she was doing with her mouth fill his senses. It was heaven, yet it was hell. He didn’t want the feeling to end yet the desire to let go was becoming stronger.
Willow continued to take his length in as far as she could. The water running down her face made him so slick. She sucked as her fingers gently pulled at his balls. The action was rewarded with a loud moan.
“That’s it, yeah. Feels so fuckin’ good.” Gerard ground out. He knew he had to make her stop. Even though his brain was fevered with desire he didn’t want this just to be for him. He wanted to return the favor by washing her body. He wanted to run his hands over her soft skin. He wanted to cup her breasts. Oh shit, those thoughts had done nothing but make holding back impossible.
“Sugar, I’m gonna cum.” His voice was raw and apologetic. He hadn’t really wanted this to happen but he couldn’t stop it.
Willow’s fingers tightened on his ass as she urged him on. She craved his release. When it began she let him go and sat back letting the hot sticky substance cover her chest.
Gerard looked down thinking he’s never seen a hotter sight in his entire life. Willow ran her fingers through the cum spreading it to her nipples. Gerard dropped to his knees and sucked in the nipple. He tasted himself but he also tasted her sweet essence. As he sucked he heard her moan and cry out.
“Moan for me Baby.” He said releasing the nipple. “Let me hear.”
Willow breathing was ragged. Her body was on fire. “Touch me. Please.” She begged.
Gerard took her shoulders and quickly positioned their bodies so now she could lay back against the wall and the water was hitting his back. He grabbed the shower gel and squired it directly on Willow. Beneath his hands her body withered. Once he’d washed away the remaining traces of cum he moved so the water could wash it away.
Willow needed him. Her body was on fire. “Please.” She whispered. “I need…”
“I know, Sugar.” He gently pushed the wet hair from her eyes. “I know.” He slid down and lowered his face. Willow’s body arched as his tongue lapped at her entrance, parting the delicate folds. With each stroke of his tongue Willow moaned. When his tongue stopped she cried out.
“Patience.” He said as she had earlier.
“Fuck patience.” Willow said without thought.
Gerard smiled. Once again he lowered his mouth and began to lick her hot, wet slit. With one hand he reached up and pinched her nipple.
“Oh” Willow moaned.
His tongue continued to tease. It delved inside exploring her recesses. He continued until Willow’s desire swollen flesh felt ready to burst but still it wasn’t enough. When she suddenly felt something hard poised at her entrance her eyes popped open. Gerard’s dick was in his hand and it was hard and ready again. The ridiculous look on his face was endearing.
“I’m fuckin’ hard again already.”
Willow smiled, “Then what are you waiting for? I need you.”
He gave her a devilish look, grabbed her legs and lifted them so that her ankles rested on his shoulders. Willow didn’t have time to react before he thrust into her. In this position he could bury himself deep.
Willow arched her back and met each of his thrusts. Deeper and deeper the feeling was coming.
“Let go, Willow. Cum for me. Let me feel it. I need to feel it.”
“Yes” she screamed as the orgasm tore through her. “Oh, yes.”
Gerard thrust one final time and spilled into her. A moment later her legs slid from his shoulders. She had never felt so completely satisfied before. Each time they made love was better than the time before but how that was possible she didn’t know.
“Sugar, that was unbelievable.” He said finally able to speak again. “Fuckin’ unbelievable.”
Willow wondered if each time it was better for him too.
He saw her looking at him strangely. “Uh, I’ve never been able to cum again so soon,’ he explained. He knew it was because of her.
“I’m glad you could.” Willow whispered knowing that might sound silly.
He laughed, “Yeah, me too but not why you think. I wanted to.” He added softly, “I wanted to for you.”
She sat up and captured his lips. The kiss was gentle, it was sweet.
Gerard tried not to get lost in the kiss. He tried not to but couldn’t. This woman touched his soul. He broke off at that thought.
Willow’s look was one of hurt. He didn’t want this to be love, she knew that.
“Come on. We need to get out of this water.” He said rising quickly to his feet. He held out his hand and helped her up. He wouldn’t meet her eyes. He knew he’d see love there and he couldn’t accept it.
Stepping out he grabbed a towel and wrapped it around her. Then he took one for himself and dried off quickly.
“Uh, I’m gonna go start dinner.” He said walking into his bedroom.
Willow watched him walk away with tears in her eyes. She quickly wiped them. “I’m not hungry now.” She called out.
Gerard turned. He’d been afraid of this. He’d hurt her.
“I know we have to get up early. I’m just going to crawl into bed.” She tried to sound okay.
He nodded as she started to walk past him toward the bedroom door. Suddenly he didn’t want her to leave. He didn’t want her to sleep in the guest room. Reaching out he grabbed her arm startling her. Without a word he pulled her to his bed, removed her towel then threw back the covers. “Go to sleep.” He said softly as he pushed her down onto the soft mattress. “I’ve got some things I need to take care of.”
Willow nodded. She watched silently as he pulled the blankets over her body. He looked down at her a moment and she thought he would speak. Instead he shook his head then turned to leave the room.
Several hours later when he returned Willow was asleep. Gerard crawled into the bed next to her and stared at the ceiling. How could he make her understand that even thought she touched his soul she couldn’t touch his heart? He could never allow that to happen.
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