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Stupid Cloud!

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Set after the stories and films. Cloud and Tifa are married. Tifa gets annoyed when he doesn't answer his phone and threatens to chuck him out! Cloud finds a way to convince her otherwise.

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(note - be amazing, I wrote non-yaoi)

Cloud had been packed up ready to go for the third time that year, and it wasn't even his choice! Tifa got mad, when she got mad she threw her husband out and Cloud usually packed up Fenrir and waited for a few days. It was getting to be a pain in the ass.

"Can I come to yours for a few days?" He made sure the angry brunette could hear him. "Thanks babes..." He snapped the phone shut.

"Where are you going?" Tifa fumed, demanding to know just who the hell he was calling babes.
"What do you care?" Cloud had devised a new tactic. "You don't want me home." He folded his arms.

"I don't want you staying at another interested party's place either."

Cloud looked at her, the tantrum could only be more complete if she stomped her foot. Tifa looked at him for a while, the chocolate-brown eyes looked to be quite unforgiving at first, then she sighed and looked down. Cloud was gob-smacked, had she just given in to a fight?

"Why do you take off and not tell me where?" She asked.

"I'm delivering parcels all over the place." Cloud looked back at her confused.

"When I call you never answer."

"Tifa, I told you," he sighed, "half the time I don't hear the phone when I am on the bike and then yesterday it had ran out of battery."

"Why didn't you borrow a phone then?" Tifa scorned. "Or do you like avoiding me? And why have a mobile if it's never fucking mobile?"

"I'm sorry Tif," the blond moved closer, "I know I am useless with it. It doesn't mean that I stop loving you."

Cloud took her hand, left her back inside, of course he loved her! They had got married, adopted children into the household and he practically let her do anything she asked. Tifa looked up at him, she loved the blond dearly, but sometimes he pushed all the wrong buttons. She smiled softly, anger quickly receding, now it was time he pushed the right ones...

Cloud stood by the door, he guided her into the bedroom with both hands and as she got closer she kissed him. Tifa's soft lips bruised against her loves, their tongues gently playing and a moan escaped her lips as she closed her eyes. Cloud's tongue was softly invading her mouth, she loved the blond's spiked hair as it brushed along her face.

Her hands moved over his muscled chest, pushed up close, her cheeks flushed and heart pounded. In just a few short moments her anger was gone, just lust remained. Cloud's hand unzipped her top, her breasts exposed he moved his fingers over her nipples, revelling in the feeling of them hardening to his touch.

"Cloud," Tifa gasped against his lips, "I'm supposed to be mad not horny."

"Be mad later." He chuckled light, his fingers pinching the sensitive bud of her breast as he kissed her again.

Tifa's hand ran down over his top, undoing his trousers, her fingers brushed over the rapidly forming erection. Tifa loved the feel of the hardening flesh, he was such a big man that her fingers only just managed to wrap around it. Cloud's sign of pleasure was a soft grunt; his hips swayed towards her touch.

"Can't stay mad," Tifa uttered her eyes meeting his, "not with that on offer."

“Thank you.” Cloud smirked at her, his organ growing as she stroked along the raw flesh.

Tifa loved his body, the little scars that caught in the light, the larger ones that came from fights like Sephiroth. She always kissed, touched and silently admired him, he was a roadmap of survival and his survival had meant hers too.

Cloud watched her moving her hands over his chest and groin, the hand around his engorged length was stirring the blood to life and his veins became more pronounced. Tifa leant up to kiss him again, both of them dancing wet tongues around, he moved his hands to her chest once more. His hips swayed and Tifa's deep-brown eyes looked to his, she shifted her legs more, wet and horny, she wanted him to touch her.

They fell to the bed, Cloud's body pressed to hers, Tifa moaned her grip on his shaft lost in the slow fall. Cloud had other ideas, he pulled her shorts and panties down, fingers sliding into her wet folds, in her tunnel and gripped he licked his lips.

“Cloud,” Tifa groaned, “baby.”

Cloud loved her voice, like a purr to his ears, it rippled through him, goosebumps coming to his pale skin. Tifa's hips swayed to his administrations, his fingers brushing inside her and then she jerked as his thumb moved over her clit. His fingers were covered in slick juices and Cloud's cock stood proud and excited, reflecting the overall desires he felt for her.

“Good,” Tifa panted, “don't stop.”

“Why would I?” His low chuckled came to her ears. “I can't stop until I've fucked you until you're ready to pass out.”

“Yes.” Tifa moaned her reply.

He moved down the bed, his fingers still sliding in and out, thumb pressed to her nub, then he moved his thumb. Tifa held her breath before he briefly looked up with his mako-coloured eyes and closed his lips over her sex. His tongue brushed over the folds of her sweet tasting mound, fingers and tongue soon probed around and his lover was left gasping for more, her hands into his lush blond hair.

Tifa's eyes closed as Cloud's fingers and tongue worked deep inside her; Cloud's arousal, pressed against the bed, was already leaking pre-cum. Both of them were already sweating lightly and he could smell her sex as his mouth sucked on her, his fingers fucking the sweet entrance. Tifa shuddered, hips jerking and her walls clamped tight on his digits. He wouldn't ever rush to please her, Tifa already knew she'd be drenched before he let her get close to having that hard cock buried into her.

Tifa's climax came with a yell of his name, her hands tightly gripping the blond bangs. Cloud mumbled his approval, lapping around his fingers still snug inside as she arched up to him. Tifa's breasts were heaving up and down, he pulled free of her sex, licked his sopping fingers and watched as she took her nipples to her fingers and began to play by pinching them.

“Tif,” Cloud's cock was heavy, hard and leaking, “you look divine.”

“Come here.” She gasped, pulling him by his hard rod to her.

Cloud walked on his knees and she sat up, pushed her large tits to his groin she closed them with her hands and started to move. Cloud had to admit his wife's tits, fucking them to be more precise, sent him wild. The sight of his damp head appearing between the amazing cleavage made his balls tighten. Tifa loved it, the feel of his hard, so very hard, cock and the moans he gave to her were perfect. His stomach knotted, Tifa leant her head down and licked at the damp slit.

Her tongue fucked the small hole lightly, Cloud's arousal was painful, he was so desperate to get inside her. The brunette sensed the changed from desire to outright fucking-filthy need. His erection was solid against the tender, ample breasts, swaying as he half-fucked them and shuddered when he tongue lapped around the slit and licked up the now freely flowing pre-cum.

“Tifa please,” Cloud groaned louder, “gods good, so good.”

It was one of few times the blond got vocal about things. She pulled back and he pushed her back on the bed, her hair fell around the pillows. Cloud's hot organ throbbed, proudly on show as she licked her glistening full lips of the salty offering she's already tasted. Tifa watched as he moved his cock towards her pussy.

“Fuck me.” Tifa's whispered panting gave him her demands. “Fuck me hard Cloud.”

He slid between the wet lips, meeting very little resistance as he stretched her and filled her. Wet juices from her previous climax and the wonderful foreplay covered him almost immediately. He slid in and out of her, Tifa's hips meeting his, bother her legs curling around his body, willing him to keep stuffed inside her. A wonderful feeling welled up as the top of his hard rod pressed up to the hot walls.

She yelped as another wet climax came around his solid muscle. Cloud's sensitive heard and shaft were soaked again, so much so that it was around her thighs, brushing over his balls. He sank into her, pulled out and slammed back in mercilessly. Tifa loved him, loved sex with him, her blond hero knew every button and how to press it at the right time.

His muscles rippled as his body was held up by strong arms and knees were planted into the mattress. Tifa raised up, ass coming from the bed, tits bouncing making a delicious sight.

“Fingers, clit, do it.” He commanded, he desired it so very much.

Tifa wasn't shy, she'd been married to him long enough, her fingers slid over the wet nub, she rubbed the sensitive spot. Cloud loved the feeling as she gripped around his painfully hard organ and brought herself closer to that hazy edge of orgasm.

When Cloud's balls tightened with the familiar feeling her fingers slid from her wet clit and into herself, surrounding his erection with her slender digits and walls. The blond nearly growled with delight. Cloud's hips thrust and finally with another deep moan he pulled her arms to the bed and pinning her he slammed into her one last time.

Deep inside, thick cum jetted into her, she arched up against him with a satisfied yell. White sticky fluid splashed into her walls, Cloud shuddered the last of his climax out and then pulling free he rested next to her on the bed, putting his arms around her.

Tifa loved his arms around hers, making her his, she smiled as she listened to his breathing, he was already dozing off to sleep. All he had to do was hold her, she just hoped he'd remember that. Cloud drifted off to sleep, his last though being he really needed to charge that phone.
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