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Appetite For Destruction

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Gerard isn't the only parent in My Chemical Romance. What happens when someone's son isn't the biggest fan of MCR? Can Ray cope?

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A/N: Yes! It is back once more! This shall be the last time it is posted again, and no I did not steal it of lostmymindxx45 (Caroline) - She posted it for me because the first time it wouldn't post on this account and lastly, it was posted on my other account ItIsFin (which in the future is going to be my account for original stories). So now it is back here, for reasons because, well it's just alot easier. So please, read, review and...enjoy!

And! If you are currently reading the House of Night novels and haven't read Chosen, there is a slight spoiler in this chapter! I warned ya!

Zeke’s P.O.V

“Seriously get that shit off!” I yelled at my friend Josh.

“This my dear friend,” Josh said shaking his iPhone in front of my face, ”Is called good music, what sort of paedo doesn’t like My Chemical Romance anyway?”

God he can be so annoying sometimes. He blasts this music 24/7, sometimes I think he just does it on purpose just to annoy me, I swear I hate My Chemical Romance with a burning passion. They suck so badly it should be like illegal to have them on the T.V., all they sing about is the afterlife and how they feel and death! No wonder they get blamed on suicides! Some of their old stuff like way all stuff on their first album, I Brought You My Bullets, You Brought Me Your Love (As Josh tells me everyday) is I think better than their stuff they have now, they just had an edgy sound to them and maybe Cheers For Revenge or something whatever you call it isn’t THAT bad either but I still hate them.

“So like yeah are you coming tonight?” Josh stopped and asked me.

“Oh me, yeah I‘m gonna be there obviously!” I laughed.

It’s a Friday and we were just walking back from school, who doesn’t like Fridays?

“Dammit! Andrew stole all my god damn fags the day in school! Rage!” I whined.

“Well bitch you’re not getting any of mine!” Josh laughed while attempting to run and light a cigarette at the same time, which really was not happening for him.

“Righty-Oh then I’m away in, out tonight?” I asked Josh, knowing the answer.
“Umm, probably meet me at Vic Square at about half four, my good ole chap” he said trying to pull of a London accent.

“Get home!” I shouted as he walked down the street and as I was entering my house.

I walk into my kitchen and look at my First year starter introduction that I wrote out.

Well for starters the names Zeke Devine, I have long black hair, dark brown eyes, chains and th- okay so chains whoa that sounds wrong, anyway I’m into all the ‘goth’/‘metalhead’ sort of stuff (that‘s what the rest of society says anyway). I currently live in Ireland and I’m hoping to stay here, my family tend to move around a bit but since I’m older now, okay I’m twelve but I don’t look twelve or in any case act like I’m twelve so…safe. Yeah Ireland pretty much sucks but it’s awesome at the same time.

I look at my watch. It’s four O’clock! Crap, I have to meet Josh at Victoria Square in half an hour and I’m not even ready.

This is a disgrace, I cannot I repeat cannot find my sexy Lordi top! It has like disappeared of the face of the earth. I am going to officially cry, Oh my God! There it is! I found my Lordi tee! I squealed while doing my little victory dance that I tend to do.

“Yeah Josh your totally right! This taxi couldn’t go any slower” I shouted loud enough so that the taxi driver could hear me, into the phone. God do I hate black taxis.

Jesus Christ! Will you shut up wee lad!” the person sitting in front of me in the taxi yelled.

“Well maybe I don’t wanna shut up, hmph.”

Note To Self: get a private taxi next time.

“Well son what’s the crack?” I asked Josh while we were walking to City Hall.

“Oh aye do you want shot” he chuckled, “Nothing much by the way, oh guess what?!”

“What?” I asked.

“I so forgot to tell you, guess who’s coming here?!” he squealed like a little girl.

“Who?” I asked becoming very impatient.

“MCR! I know your all very excited!” said Josh laughing at me.

“Oh yes, I am very excited I must say” I said in response to Josh fan-girlish maturity.

“But it’s okay if you’re worrying about the tickets, I’ve already pre-booked them!” he screamed again.

Oh Jesus! Just shoot me now! Please!

MCR + Me = Social Suicide.

The night didn’t last long. Standing outside City Hall with Andrew, Ali And whoever else was there and getting into a fight with some scrawny emo kid.

Another Note To Self: Stop Drinking.

I remember Josh helping me off the bus into my house and that’s about it. Until I woke up and saw that infact he was lying sleeping on my floor.


“Ugh, what day is it?” Josh asked.

“Uh. It’s Saturday, town today then?” I asked while open the fridge looking for food.

“Umm. I guess so. I’m going to phone the mother and tell her where the hell I am. I’m using your phone by the way too.” Josh said in response.

“Meh” I mumbled out.


“Zoey Redbird is a horny little devil, fucking a professor!” I said while reading Chosen. The third House of Night book.

“Isn’t she just. But yeah if there was a vampire who looked like Loren Blake, I certainly wouldn’t say no. Well as they described him.” remarked Josh.

God. It seems like that boy is stuck to my hip these days. When am I not with him.

“You are a dirty dog. Robert Pattinson is uber hot, just not in Twilight, even though Twilight sucks ass.”

“You lie. Anyway what do we have next?” asked Josh.

“Umm we have double P.E after break, I think wait lemme check”














“Yip” I made a popping noise at the ‘p’.

“No! I forgot my P.E gear and now Mr. Wilson is going to make me do it in the oh-so-tight trousers he has hidden in that cave of his!” Josh faked cried.

“Well put it this way maybe you’ll get to take off that shirt and we’ll see that sexy body he loves” I laughed and winked.

“Oh dear. Just kill me now.”

Learning For Life And Work passed quite fast as always but without fail Josh crying in my ear.

- - -

“That’s a pretty good solo, maybe not my shredding type but none the less good, who is it?”

Josh smiled at me like a mad paedophile on the loose. I was scared. Very scared in fact.

“Hmm. I’ll let you guess. You hate them more than life, he has a sexy afro and nice bulky thighs”

“Okay I give up” Meh. I couldn’t be bothered thinking, it’s far to early.

“You didn’t even think! Anyway, anyone could of guessed, that was a dead give away. Its Ray fucking Toro man!”

Oh yeah. That guy from MCR. Oh my he isn’t half bad.

“WE’RE DYING I TELL YOU! WE’RE ALL FREAKING DYING!!!” Andrew screamed round the courtyard.

The bell went signalling that break was over and that we had to go to P.E.


“Well, Well Joshie I must say those trousers are so very sexy on you” I chuckled as Josh tried to run around the Gym in trousers that would fit a very anorexic 7 year old.

“Umm…Zeke?” A guy from my form called me.

“Umm. Yeah?”

“Are you and Josh like going with each other?”

“Just so it happens, we are” I lied.

“Oh. You never seemed like ‘that’ type of guy” he said walking away quite fast.

“Hello Boyfriend dear” I said while sliding my arms around Josh’s waist.

“Zeke, I know I’m uncontrollably sexy and you want me but there’s no need” he half laughed.

“There rather is” I said before sticking my lips to his.

“Okay boys!” Mr. Wilson shouted “You are not in the confined walls of your own room! This is P.E not Science so stop experimenting!” he added with a disgusted face.

“I will get you Zeke! I will!” Josh yelled after me as I walked over to the mats.

It was raining outside as I walked home without Josh this time, he was going somewhere with Andrew and now I have the whole school thinking I’m gay and going out with Josh! Ha! The rain let off once I got into the house, only with my luck.

I closed the front door and set my bag on the floor and was about to walk up the stairs.

“We have to tell him! He’s getting older Daniel! We can’t just lie to him the rest of his life!” I heard my mother shout from the kitchen.

“Uh, hey, I’m home” I walked into the kitchen.
“Oh hello Zeke.”

“Your mother and I are just having work conversations, you know how frustrating it can be, I’m sure you don’t want to hear” my father tried to say it as politely as he could.

“Yeah sure” I lied. I wanted to hear everything they were talking about, ‘work conversations’ he could of came up with a better excuse than that. I wanted to know what was being said.

‘We can’t just lie to him the rest of his life.’

What did my mother mean? Were they lying to me? Have they been lying to me all my life?

It doesn’t matter anyway. The truth always comes out sometime or another. I turned on my laptop and signed onto MSN.

The Best Damn Thing That Your Eyes Have Ever Seen ;; Andrew Says:

Hello (:

Zekee Pwns Yer Face Says:


The Best Damn Thing That Your Eyes Have Ever Seen ;; Andrew Says:

How’s You?

Zekee Pwns Yer Face Says:

Good, I Guess. Yerself ?

The Best Damn Thing That Your Eyes Have Ever Seen ;; Andrew Says:

Meh. You Really Fxcked Up Josh Btw.

Zekee Pwns Yer Face Says:

Whaa? I Didn’t Do Nething.

The Best Damn Thing That Your Eyes Have Ever Seen ;; Andrew Says:

Hmm. Try Kissing Him In P.E. Mann What Were You Thinking?!

Zekee Pwns Yer Face Says:

I Was Only Joking Like, I Didn’t Know He Were Gunna Take It Serious.

The Best Damn Thing That Your Eyes Have Ever Seen ;; Andrew Says:

Har Cud He Nat? He’s Yer Best Mate Dude. He’s More Than That -&&- You Know That.

Zekee Pwns Yer Face Says:

What Do You Mean ‘He’s More Than That’?

The Best Damn Thing That Your Eyes Have Ever Seen ;; Andrew Says:

If You Haven’t Figured That Out Yet Then Where The Fxck Have You Been?!

Zekee Pwns Yer Face Says:


The Best Damn Thing That Your Eyes Have Ever Seen ;; Andrew Says:

Zeke, You Know What It Is. Why Don’t You Just Go Back To Fxcking America And Live Yer Happy Fxcking Life.

A little sign popped up on the screen saying:

The Best Damn Thing That Your Eyes Have Ever Seen ;; Andrew. Has now signed off.

What the hell. This just hasn’t been my day. I don’t get it. Josh is my best mate. He’s nothing more. God wouldn’t I love to go back to America and live my quote ‘Happy Fxcking Life’ unquote.

I miss America, it was amazing. It always felt like home when we came back from some business trip that my ‘rents had to go on or something. I missed wandering round the streets of Connecticut just aimlessly going round town, but what I miss most is the friends I had there, they were just normal friends. Not the type that bring to much drama into your life, not the type that got you into shit, just the normal type and they were awesome.

Speak of the devil.


Heyy mann!

Zekee Pwns Yer Face Says:

OhMyGod! Haii!


How have you been dude?! I haven’t talked to you in so long. We all still miss youu! Does Ireland suck?

Zekee Pwns Yer Face Says:

Meh. I Feel Shite Atm, Tbh. I know I miss you guys too < 3 Aye Ireland really does suck ass.


Aww, why? huggles Gr, with all those shitty paedophilic farmers and their sheep! We pwn!

Zekee Pwns Yer Face Says:

Cuz my mates just suck atm. Okay so I made-out with like my best friend (In Ireland don’t worry Lmao) and my other mate took a psycho at me and haha! Ireland isn’t like that, okay it isn’t like America but it is quite built-up, well Belfast and Dublin and whatnot.


:O :O :O and you don’t make-out with me?! Lol. Kidding. But I certainly wouldn’t mind ;)

maybe yer friend likes you? In a more than friend way? Remember that happened to Kenney! Damn that was funny though! Meh they still have farmers.

Zekee Pwns Yer Face Says:

I’ll make out with you next time I’m there ;)

Haha I do remember old Kenney! Good times. I don’t think he does. Idk. We have farmers. LMAO!


I’m looking forward to it babes ;)

Yeah, you have to come back over soon! Fer like a 2 year visit? Well ask him?! Duh! Problem solved. What would you do without me seriously. Yeah well phff, their farmers are more…farmery! That isn’t even a word…

Zekee Pwns Yer Face Says:


You know. I think I will just ask him! Straight forward kinda thing! Yes Jackson dear, I heart you < 3

Haha lets shut up about farmers.


You do that. Andddddddd remember! 2 year visit! Duudee whoa, never smacked me yet. Are you gay?

Zekee Pwns Yer Face Says:

2 Year Visit! Gothca! You know, yer the second person to ask me that today, wtf dude. Hmm I’ve never thought about it. Well I still find Amy-Lee and Hayley Williams and Lindsey Ballato (Damn Way :@) Haha! And Ashlee Simpson and Paris Hilton Anyway I still find them all quite hawt and whoever else. So I don’t think I’m gay. Dammit I’ve gotta go now bye < 3

Zekee Pwns Yer Face has now signed out.

“Zeke! Come down stairs. Me and your father need to talk to you” I heard my mother shout.
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