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Ice Cream Headaches

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The beginning of it all... well of the night.

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"PASHA! HURRY UP WE'RE GONNA BE LATE!" Screamed Ezra as she applied the last of her ice pink lip gloss.

Pasha came running down the stairs while pulling on her pants. "Late for what Ezie? The sun to hit the middle of the sky? It's only noon relax we have all night." While struggling to pull on a pant leg she tripped and fell down the stairs. Ezra started laughing.

Darcie walked into the living room to see Pasha face down on the floor. "Pash how many times do we have to tell you not to multitask? It always ends in disaster." Darcie started laughing at that point. Ezra just laughed harder while Pasha looked up at them with a pained look.

"No I'm fine thanks for asking, yea I can get up myself." She pushed herself up and finished pulling on her super-skinny jeans.

~Description time!!!!~

Pasha: She's 5'8" and has wavy, blonde hair with pink highlights, and black low-lights. She's your typical scene kid, always going about in nothing but skinny jeans and a cute tee. Her award winning smile and perfect, stunning, light green eyes, and dancer's body cause her to be the person on everyone's mind. Although she is considered the most beautiful girl in the school, she is also the shyest girl. She barely speaks to anyone except teachers. Her 2 best friends are older than her and don't go to school anymore.

Darcie: Trouble starter is how she was known throughout school. Her perfectly straight light brown hair goes untouched by color. Her blue eyes make her stand out and made all the kiddies drool. She's 5'9", 19 years young, and the complete opposite of Pasha. She was never shy at school and always puts herself out there for everyone to know. She's always seen wearing makeup and skirts and dressy tees. Her smile is flawless and she has the body of a model.

Ezra: She's a mix of the 2. She's 20 and has gorgeous, wavy, red hair. She has green eyes like Pasha but they're darker. She is 5'8 1/2" and has the body of a model like Darcie. Her clothes consist of super-skinny jeans, skirts, shorts, and the cutest of shirts that she buys from Max Rave and Styles for Less. She's never the talkative type at first but once she gets to know you she won't shut up. And when she's nervous she doesn't talk at all. In school she was the ruler, the queen bee and all boys had to have her.

~Back to the present!!~

"We're having lunch with my sister Elsie today remember? Then dinner with Jaime before the show. We have to get going!" Ezra was quickly pacing in the living room while Pasha and Darcie applied their makeup.

"Okay, okay, we're done lets go!" They said in unison as they headed to the door.

Once at the restaurant they were seated at a table in the middle of the room. Applebees was filled today due to a business lunch. The girls sat around the table and did their usual people watching. One woman was feeding her tiny dog that was in her purse, so not classy. A group of boys sat in a far corner of the room wearing eccentric bright colors that caught the girls' attention. They giggled, and smirked, and, mostly, wondered who in their right mind would wear something bright yellow and blue and green. It was completely unusual. Darcie got an idea.

"Let's ask if we can move to that table closer to them. The closer the distance..." she paused in the middle of her sentence, knowing the girls would surly catch on.

Pasha called the Waiter over. "Excuse me, sir? Would you mind if we moved to the table over there?" She pointed to the one close to the boys. "It feels a little weird to sit in the direct middle of the restaurant." She batted her long eyelashes and twirled a strand of hair around her index finger flirtatiously.

"Not at all girls. We wouldn't want you to feel awkward." He was completely mesmorized by Pasha, what guy wasn't, and picked up their menus so they could move. Pasha looked at Darcie with a wicked grin.

At the table, they started scheming and plotting what they would do, what they would throw. They were only a few feet away so anything was possible: fries, chicken pieces, mashed potatoes, carrots, ice, anything. Today was about to get fun. They each ordered things that could easily be tossed a few feet. Soon after, it was on. Darcie was first, she tossed some fries. Ezra later tossed some mashed potatoes and it got in someone's hair. They couldn't stop giggling and the boys caught on. Soon ice and food were flying back and forth between the tables. Before the employees could notice the newly formed mess the two tables letf the money on the table and ran.

While running to the car, Pasha overheard very vital information.

"Gabe who were they?"

"I don't know Ryland but we have to find out! They were so hot!"

"Vicky isn't gonna believe this!"


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