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History has a way of repeating itself

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My new name was plastered on every wall. Pictures of me were on every street corner. All attention was focused on me for I was finally front page news. If I had known that I would be receiving this much publicity, then I would have slaughtered that bastard years ago.
I guarantee you that Gerard is six feet under wearing that crooked smile that every girl swooned over. If only he knew that this was the fame that I was striving for all along. That would take that ridiculous smile right off of his face for good.
I just hope his body rots as I’m serving my life-sentence in prison. Being locked away forever will not bother me the slightest as long as I know that he’s decomposing under the earth’s surface.
My hands were now wrapped around the metal poles that trapped me inside this prison-cell. It felt like I was some kind of animal, stuck forever in a cage until someone decided to do away with me. Fame comes with a price. At this moment, I was forced to be the unwanted creature, waiting to be disposed of. Still, I could handle this price. All of my life I had been the useless animal. The only difference now was that Gerard was dead.
The sound of footsteps entered my ears. Yet, I stared ahead, for I didn’t care who it was. A man with untamed, curly hair stood before me on the other side of the bars. His hate-filled eyes attempted to burn right through my flesh.
“Toro, how nice of you to visit,” I smiled politely as I spoke.
“Mikey-” he began to say.
“Mikey is no longer with us.”
“I’m not here to play any games.”
“But why not Toro, the fun is just beginning,” I murmured.
“You’re a sick son of a bitch, Mikey. Gerard may be dead but you’re still living in his shadow. The only reason why your name is in lights is because you’re Gerard’s killer. You’re Gerard’s killer. He’s still a part of you and there’s nothing you can do about it.” Ray smirked, “Now listen to me-”
I reached through the bars and grabbed his throat in my hands. “No, you listen to me.” My grip on his neck tightened as he struggled to break free of my grip. “Gerard is gone. I killed him, and now he’s gone. I never want to hear of his name again. Do you understand?”
Ray attempted to nod as he fought for air. He clutched onto the bars for support, but it was of little use to him. Slowly, his body began to sink. As he slid lower, I did the same in order to keep a tight grip on his throat. When I was sure that he was dead, I removed my hands from around his neck. Satisfied, I went back to my bunk and reached under my pillow. Out I pulled was the blade that I had killed my brother with.
“Soon enough,” I whispered to only myself, “soon enough.”

A/N Sorry this isn't quite the best, especially the dialouge. You see, dialouge and me aren't exactly the greatest of friends. Excuses, excuses. Anyways...hopefully the next (and final!) chapter will be better ^-^
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