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The Meeting (Patrick POV)

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Patrick meets a new patient at the rehabilitation center. Who is it? Why is he there?

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Hi! I'm new here to FicWad and this is the first story I'm uploading on here. If you happen to spot something that doesn't make sense or a typo, tell me and I'll fix it. I wrote this at like 5 o'clock in the morning, so it will be a miracle if anyone likes it. That, and I wrote this in like half an hour. Oh, and unless I have 5 reviews, I won't be posting the second chapter. I gotta know that people like it or else I don't see why I should continue with it. Oh, and POV's will be different each chapter. Well, I hope you enjoy. Do you do disclaimers on here? If not, oh well.

Disclaimer: I do not own Fall Out Boy, cause if I did, I'd try to make my and many other people's fantasies come true with Peterick.

Patrick POV

I knew I should have suspected something was up that morning.

For one, I woke up late, something that never happens. I have this internal alarm that doesn't let me sleep past 6:30, but I woke up at 7:30. So, as a result, I was rushing to get into the shower and do my morning routine. I was in such a rush that I didn't have time to read the news paper or have breakfast, instead opting to use my limited time to actually look nice that day. I didn't know why at the time, but I just felt the need to.

After that, I rushed to Starbucks and grabbed my usual coffee, exchanging quick greetings with Cindy, the lady at the register that I had come to know, being a regular and all. In fact, I was one of her top customers. Her other regular came in everyday, regardless of where he was going, and ordered the same thing day in and day out: a vanilla latte with extra cream and a slight chocolate drizzle. It sounded good, but I didn't have the time to try it now.

Just as I was getting ready to leave, she mentioned something.

"Yeah, I haven't seen him since Saturday... It's really strange. He always comes in. Great fellow, good sense of humor. Hope nothing happened to him."

I reassured her that he was probably fine, maybe he got sick or he had to visit a family member or a friend. She accepted those suggestions, but I could tell she was still worried.

That's another thing that should have tipped me off. I mean, if this guy was anything like me, regardless of if I was sick or not, I would have gotten coffee anyways. I practically lived off the stuff. Kind of hard not to with my late nights and all. I needed to have something to keep me awake in the morning and throughout the day.

I eventually arrived at the rehabilitation center and checked in with Julie. She commented on how I was late and I explained that I woke up late. She found that odd too, but dismissed it. She told me that there was a new patient in room 207. I nodded and made my way into that section of the center.

This is where I normally work. I had a few friends here, but I think I was closest to Joe and Andy. They were cool guys. Joe was in for an accidental OD on drugs. Andy was another volunteer and he, Joe and I were great friends. On slow days, he could hang out, joke around and share stories. Most were embarrassing as fuck, but it was good to have a laugh.

I knocked on the door to room 207 and I was allowed permission to enter. I walked in and saw a guy laying out on the bed that was provided by the rehabilitation center. Not only was he a guy, but he was really hot.

I'll admit it, I was gay. I wasn't too openly gay, but I still could check a guy out and not feel embarrassed. Sure, I could enjoy a girl's company and find them attractive, but I still didn't want to date them.

Anyways, he was wearing a black and red hoodie with an unfamiliar logo on it. It was some type of bat-heart thing. He was wearing black skinnies that looked to be a girl's, some black Converse, and a plain-looking white shirt under his hoodie. He had black hair that was kind of longish and the bangs were swept to the left (his left). He had thick black rings surrounding his closed eyes, reminding me of a raccoon. Over all, I'd say that he looked like sex on legs.

Now, the sex on legs needed a name.

"Hi, I'm Patrick. I'm a volunteer here at the center, so I will help you if you need it." I said, reading off of an imaginary script in my head. "What's your name?"

The sex on legs opened his eyes and stared into my eyes with rebelliousness, allowing me to see that his eyes were green.

"Pete." he said plainly.

"Well, Pete, it's nice to meet you. Can I ask what you are in here for?" I asked.

As a volunteer, I was given no specifics as to why people were in rehab. I had to ask them and if they didn't tell me, I'd have to deal with it.

"No, you can't." Pete was still staring at me with that defiant look.

I wondered briefly if I had done anything wrong and what about me that he hated so clearly, so quickly.

"Okay then. It's not my job to pry into the private lives of others. It is my job, however, to see that you are well taken care of." I said, looking at him expectantly.

He stared at me blankly for a full minute before I sighed.

"Look, I don't know what happened to you, but just because you feel like you are the only one who is going through what you are doesn't mean that you have to act like a bitch." I paused, before continuing softly, "You aren't the only one who feels that way." I finished my rant, gazing at Pete a little sadly before walking out of the room.

Yeah, today was not a normal day at all.
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