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I'll Be Crused If You Ever Leave (Ferard)

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Pov is in Frank. Please comment. Lesley Roy-Crushed

You have me feeling so weak I can’t explain it, every time you hold my hand my body feels weird I can’t explain it but I know I never won’t it to stop. I never wanted to fall in love I was never suppose too but I did and it is too late I am so in to you. I never want to let you go, I’ll be crushed.

Got me feeling so weak

I told my self I would be control of myself but look what you done to me every time your around me my heart stops beating. Your lips on my skin make me feel unreal I can feel the goose bumps on my skin, I can feel your lips onto my lips every time you kiss me it takes my breath away. I don’t won’t this feeling to turn away from me; I’ll be crushed if you ever left.

I swore I would be in control of myself

I would be lost without you’re my life now before you I never thought this kind of life was even possible, I never cared about being in love. I always thought it was a waste of time but it all change when I first lay eyes on you. I can’t see life without you now I forgot what it was like back then before you. You change me for the better. I’ll be crushed if you walk away.

I'd be crushed if you walked away

You have me falling hard I cannot stop even if I wanted too. You have me hook under your spell. I never wanted to feel like I do but I am so into you. You are my drug I get my high off you; I never want my high to go away. Every minute I think about you when you are not beside me I never smile until I see you. I’ll be crushed if you turn away.

You got me falling And I never wanted to feel like I do

You have given me a completely new life I cannot stop falling. When your hands touch mine it makes my heart beat even faster, I cannot make it stop. Every time we make love and out bodies touch together it makes me go even crazier. When you trace your fingers on my arm I melt inside your touch drives me on the edge, I love every minute of it. I would be rooted beyond repair if you weren’t there, I would be crushed.

I lay in bed with your body next to mine my body needs you, you’re my only drug that I crave. Without you I would die, my body could not go on. I never wanted this to happen but I am so into you I cannot stop. You have me hook and there is no letting me go. I stare into your eyes knowing you love me just like I love you. I never want you to walk away, I would be crushed.

So don't ever leave
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