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The last chapter.

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Sowwy. ):

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Thanks to everyone who read this one.
Sorry it kinda died.
Here's the last chapter so I can feel like I completed it. :D
BTW, I skipped the party scene that was about to start in the last chapter..
And this one will be EXTREMELY short.

Gerard's POV

I'd been living in Frankie's house for a few years now. But now we're old enough to move out, his mum is completely sober all the time now, and has helped us pay for a place to stay, it's a kinda shitty apartment, but it'll do. We carry our last few boxes into the empty rooms and then Frankie walks over to the couch, and then lays down. I walk over and sit beside him.

"Like it?" He asked me and I nod. "Good," He suddenly sits up and kisses me.

"I love you." I whisper, and he kisses me again,

"I love you too." He smiles. Both our family's accept us being together now, and it's so perfect. I kiss him again, working my lips against his, then I push him back and straddle him on the sofa. Who said happy endings are only in fairy tale's, anyway?

Told ya it was short.
Thanks for sticking by.
Love ya!
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