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My Weakness Is..

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A few of the down notes..

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Thanks to Danni, and Alice for reading this. I love you both lots. ^_^

My Weakness Is..

I managed to get a little sleep that night, not much, but enough. I yawned and get up, switching off the MP3 player I had been playing to help me get to sleep. Then I sit up, and reach for my phone. It's 7am, my dad was yelling for me to wake up. I yawn again,

"YEAH I'M COMING! SHUT UP!" I yell, and he continues with the annoying calling me every five seconds, I'm still tired and it annoys me but I block it out. Once I'm ready for school, and after the one cup of coffee I got time for. I go and sit in the back seat of the car as my sister continues whining about what ever it was in the house. I yawn again then get outta the car, and sit down in the bus, blasting music. I'm in one of those moods to over-think everything. Today it's what my weaknesses are. I make a list in my head, then pick out the main ones.
-Lack of interest
-Not standing up for myself
-Self Esteem
I sigh and realize I can't fix any of them, then something hits the back of my head, I can't hear the laughs over my loud music but I know they're there. When we get to school I walk over to wait for anyone to come in, then Sarah walks up to me. She's me and Craig's friend, I suppose. She's stuck up, and self absorbed. I ignore her as she blabs about something I couldn't care less about. Then the bell goes, we walk to tutorial and sit by Craig. He tells me more Britney news, I sigh and ignore him. Then him and Sarah make a joke about me, all I heard was 'fat' and 'emo' I laugh along and don't bother arguing. Then they make more jokes, and my mind starts to listen.

"Imagine you trying to hang yourself!" Craig laughs, "The rope would snap, it would be pointless." He laughs, stung a bit, I laugh too.

"You'll have to jump in the sea and drown or something." Sarah jokes.

"Nah she'll drink it all." Craig laughs, then I don't laugh. I've totally had enough of it, but I don't have the guts to say anything, the buzzer goes and I walk ahead of them to the lessons. Day is the same, abuse here and there from people, getting ignored, and basically being invisible. I yawn as I walk to the bus, art folder in hand. Then someone pushes me and I fall to the ground, the person laughs and I just get up and keep walking. I get on the bus and blast music on my mp3 player, on random Fall out Boy's "The Pros and Cons of Breathing" comes on and I can't help but sing, "I wish I was as invisible as you make me feel" in my mind. Sighing as the next song comes on, Thank You For The Venom. Then as I get off the bus and walk down the road I see a cat walk past, a mouse in it's mouth. I hear the mouse squeak, then get a hold of the cat lightly. Trying not to scare, or hurt it. I open it's mouth carefully and take out the mouse, the mouse keeps biting me but I bite my lip and carry it to a tree, the cats gone so I drop the mouse to the floor lightly and it runs away. My hands are throbbing from the bite's and I don't really care. When I get in I wash my hands then go on my laptop. Just another day I suppose.
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