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It's not rape if your willing..

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"Gerard!!! GET YOUR ASS UP!!" Frank yells jumping on you.
"Wh-wh-WHAT?!?!" You scream sitting up.
"Hi!"Frank yells getting up and hopping away.
"Damn you Frank.." you say quitetly but loud enough for Mikey to hear.(Who was on the top bunk of your bunk-bed)
"Oh, Gerard you know you love him." Mikey says climbing down from his bunk in nothing but his hello kitty boxers.
"Oh dude!" you yell covering your eyes " put some fuckin pants on!" but all Mikey does is strike a hot pose.
"Eww.." You say getting up.
"Gerard your one to talk!" Mikey yells as you look down at your pantsless self.
"WHAT THE HE-..FRANK!!" you scream as you cover yourself.
"What is it mr. gee.. wow...y are you..OH YEAH!! I reamember now! Haha.."
"Frank what the hell happend last night??" you ask in confusion as you walk ass naked to your dresser and put some boxers on.
"You dont remember? Damn..i guess i am bad.." Frank says sitting down on the floor with a sad face.
"What do you mean 'bad'?" you ask still confused
"Well i guess you where a little too drunk last night..which was my falt.." he says with a big smile. "Lets just forget ALL about this..ok?" He puts his hand out for you to shake it.
"Do you honestly think im a COMPLETE idiot?" you say louder.
"Well...." Mikey stared
"Zip it bub!" you say bitterly
"Why are people yelling?" Bob asks coming out of a room which was coverd by a curten.
"Gerard woke up naked..again." Mikey said
"Thats the 7th time!" you complain loudly "im getting sorta scared..i think someones raping me"
"Well.." Frank says quietly. "Its not rape if your willing.." he continues "YOU wanted to.."
"All 7 time??" you yell.
"SHHH!!!" Ray says from the curtened room. "Can you all be- wait are you talking about last night?"
"What about last night?" you say looking at Ray who came out of the room and stood by Bob.
"Oh uhh..nothing...hes still drunk he doesnt kno wh-" Frank stared but then was cut off by Ray.
"We had the BEST 4-sum last night...Gerard..your rly rly BIG!" Ray yelles almost falling down. You just stare with a scared look on your face at everyone.
"So...everyone BUT my brother has fucked me?" you finally say after a min or so.
"Well...yeah..but hes the one who dared u-" Frank stared again.
"No..NO!! i DIDNT do it..HES LYING!"
"And then put it on the internet" Frank contiued as Mikey glares at him and i glare at everyone.
"well..." you start.."was i good????" you yell jumping around
"so..your..uhh..not mad?" Frank says moving closer to you.
"No...but i sorta fugured this was Mikeys idea..hes the one that did that vid of us making out last week.." i laughed.
"Ha going back to bed" Ray said walking to the room.
"Ray-boo! Wait for me!" Bob yelled running passed him and grabed his ass
"What the fuck?" you scream.."o well..hey frank, wanna make out?"
"YES!" Frank yells grabing you and pushing him on your bed and closed the little privacy curtan. Then you too make out...agin and it gets put on the internet..AGAIN!
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