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He Doesn't Even Like You, Anyway

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Frank gets his schedule :D

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Yes yes, I know. I took forever updating. But cut me some slack, will ya? It's summer break. AND I WAS STILL RECOVERING FROM BEING IN THE HOSPITAL. So hmph. And yes, I know they act like total pansies and fairies and whatever derrogatory terms you wanna use for "gay", but that makes it fun. So anyways. Enjoy it.

No, really. Enjoy it. It took me for-damned-ever. And I'm staying up late writing this, FOR YOU GUYS BECAUSE I LOVE YOU, even though I'm a camp counselor for FIVE-YEAR-OLDS and I have to work my ass off tomorrow, and I need sleep to prepare for that. But I am forsaking my five-year-olds for this story. Because again, I love you all.

"You're Frank Iero?"
The woman behind the front desk of Belleville High's main office obviously wasn't pleased with the newest addition to her record system. She didn't say it like, "You're Frank Iero?" in a curious, friendly way. It was more like, "You're Frank Iero?" as in, "Another faggot in my school?"
I nodded uncertainly, half afraid and half pissed off. I snuck a "help me" peek at Gerard, who was standing behind me. He smiled apologetically and half-shrugged, appearing almost embarassed of his school. The gesture, so simple but so cute, sent my heart racing.
Gerard had volunteered to take me to the office my first morning for my schedule, since nobody had bothered to mail it to me. The school really hated me transferring the last semester of the last year of my grade school career, but they also didn't know how desperate our situation was and how [or why] we needed to get the hell out of Summit. Then again, I doubted that, even if they did, they wouldn't care much.
The old, angry-looking woman- whose name plate said "Janice Kondrek"- continued to glare but didn't say anything, obviously waiting for me to tell her what I wanted. After a moment of awkward silence, Gerard, my knight in shining armour, spoke up and said, "Frankie needs a schedule."
My heartrate increased even more at the sound of that: "Frankie". Nobody had ever called me Frankie but my mother before I moved to Belleville, but I'd never liked it as much as I did when Gerard said it. I peeked back at him, grinning bashfully but attempting to hide it by biting my lower lip. He was smiling at his feet.
Janicekondrek, however, wasn't nearly as enchanted by Gerard's sweetness; in fact, she looked disgusted. Damned homophobes. "Well then, /Frank/," she replied hardly, sneering at Gerard when she said my name, "you'll have to answer a few questions."
I nodded.
"Language?" she asked.
I cocked an eyebrow. "Um...English?" What did she think I'd been speaking the entire time- Mandarin? Jeez, old people sure do get confused.
I heard Gerard giggling from behind as Janicekondrek's glare deepened. "What foreign language do you take?"
"Oh." I giggled nervously and Gerard muffled his now borderline hysterical laughter with his hand. [That guy couldn't be any cuter if he tried.] "Um, German."
"English level?"
I figured she was asking if I was in honours. I wasn't. I was how you say "suckish" at English. And German. And math. And chemistry. And basically everything else. The only class I really excelled at was music. Ever since I was like eight, I got straight A's in music for my guitar playing. Not to brag, or anything. But I kinda, ya know, rock. "Erm, regular?"
"Chemistry level?"
Not remedial, thankfully, which was a step up from my junior year. "Regular?"
"Stop speaking in questions," she snapped, and I was taken aback. This lady was hardcore. She'd give the nuns at my old school a run for their money. "You have t-"
"MISS KONDREK!" a girl's low voice shouted from behind us urgently. I turned around to see that a semi-flustered Albi had just run into the room. Moments after, Candyy followed behind, also running. "We've got-" She apparently noticed us for the first time then. "Oh, hey, Gerard!" she exclaimed, giving him a hug and ignorning the deathstare she was receiving from Janicekondrek. She then turned to me and exclaimed, "Frankie!" and hugged me too. I laughed slightly, hugging her back. "Hey," I greeted her.
Candyy did the same to both of us before turning to Albi. "Did you tell her we need a sub?" she asked.
"Not yet," Albi replied. "You came in, like, a half a second after I did."
"Oh." She turned to the evil-looking secretary. "We need a sub."
Janicekondrek suddenly looked weary. "What class?" she asked exhaustedly.
"German," both girls said in unison.
"With Mr. Davies," Candyy added.
Janicekondrek looked exhasperated by the fact that she'd actually be required to do some work. That woman needed a vacation. Or at least a bloody frappuccino. "Alright," she responded and picked up her desk phone. I took this oppurtunity to hop backwards and whisper to Albi, "Is she always this...?
"Awful?" she whispered back, rolling her eyes. "It's your pants."
My eyes widened as I looked down at my lap, fearing the worst. This Albi found so funny that she ended up bent fully over, her hands on her knees, cackling uncontrollably. Eventually I found humor in it too and began laughing slightly with her, but mostly, I was still panicked at what hadn't actually been.
Janicekondrek took a momentary break from her conversation to glare at us.
When she'd calmed, Albi whispered, "/No/, crazy. I mean you're wearing skinny jeans."
I glanced down at my boring outfit- black skinnies, again, and Bouncing Souls t-shirt (hey, for once, it wasn't The Misfits)-, and raised an eyebrow. "She...has a problem with my fashion choice?"
"Okay, well," Albi began at the same quiet volume we'd been using, "firstly, I love you about a bazillion times more than I did half a second ago- which was a lot, I assure you- for using the word 'fashion', because most guys think they're way too cool for that."
I laughed, touched by the simple fact that she'd said she loved me. Call me lame, but, really, I wasn't used to having friends [Seriously. At ALL], so it was pretty much awesome hearing her say that. Yeah, yeah, I know, I'm a total dork and the least cool person you've ever known. I get that all the time.
"But secondly, she just hates people who are different," she continued. "She's got this...thing against people like us." Gesturing to her own outfit- purple skinny jeans with zebra stripes, a t-shirt that said "brokeNCYDE"- a band I was actually familiar with-, a hot pink tutu, and fishnet gloves that went to her wrists, she added, "See, if, like, somebody in, for example, an Aeropostale t-shirt and a pleated uniform skirt were to walk in here right now, she'd be all smiles." Albi nodded certainly. "So don't take it personally or anything, but, ya know, she hates you."
"Got it," I replied, and grinned. I glanced over at Gerard, who was whispering and giggling with Candyy. The two of them were looking at me. Gerard immediately looked away, embarassed, but Candyy gave me a thumbs-up and a grin that told me everything I needed to know. She then looked over at Albi, and the two of them began communicating in an unspoken female language that was completely and utterly foreign to me. It was a damned good thing I was gay- women are and always will be a total enigma that I will never, ever figure out.
Janicekondrek placed the phone back on the hook gently- funny, I would've thought she'd slam it down and send a million shards of plastic flying at us- and told Candyy and Albi, "Alright, a sub has been sent," she informed them. Glaring at Candyy's tutu- which looked just like Albi's, but was red and paired with black striped skinnies and a t-shirt advertising for "Breathe Carolina"-, she added, "Hurry."
Candyy and Albi glanced at each other, obviously looking for an excuse to stay. "Um," Candyy said after a moment. "We need passes."
"Oh yeah!" Albu exclaimed. "Passes."
Janicekondrek now looked about ready to shoot herself. "Give me a minute," she demanded through gritted teeth. "I need to help Fred with his schedule."
"Frank," Gerard corrected, and I bit my lip to hide my grin.

Okay, so, if I were you, I'd have a question right around now: what the hell happened to the akward tension that had been so alive between Gerard and myself after our blissful but incredibly embarasing kiss the night before? Well, we all fell asleep in Albi's living room, for starters, and I was on one end of the room- literally crushed against Trexx, might I add-, and Gerard was on the other. That took care of part of it. After we'd kissed, the game had continued, but neither of us had played with the same...well, velour with which we'd been playing before. But apparently, as soon as we went to sleep, that had been forgotten- except by the girls, who attacked me as I was in the bathroom brushing my teeth, squealing about how Gerard was desperately in love with me and how I should tell him how I felt. [This FUCKING SCARED ME, because how the hell could they tell how I was feeling? Was it that obvious?] But when we woke up, it seemed like all that had disappeared. Gerard and I were just sort of hanging all morning- though I do admit to slight flirting occasionally-, and he'd even volunteered to take me to the office that morning to get my schedule. So voila. There's my story.

Anyway, where were we? Oh yeah- Janicekondrek ignored Gerard's correction and began typing away at her keyboard. "Let's see now," she said to the monitor, "um...okay...why don't you have your schedule with you? Hmm?" She glared.
Taken aback slightly, I stammered, "Oh. Uh, 'cuz I- I never got one. Nobody ev-ever mailed me one."
Her glare deepened. "Fine." She turned back to her screen and announced, "Well, I have you in French, for whatever reason." She cast me a look as though this were my fault. "So I guess I'm going to have to..." She froze, then donned an expression that one would probably wear just before committing suicide. "I'm going to have to put you in Mr. Davies' first period," she mumbled.
Gerard, Candyy and Albi all suddenly looked thrilled. "Seriously?" Candyy asked.
"Yay!" Gerard and Albi exclaimed in unison, and the girls high-fived.
I was just as happy as the other three, maybe happier, because this guaranteed that I'd know some people in at least one of m classes, but the last thing I wanted to do was piss Janicekondrek off even more, so I put on my best Lady Gaga poker face and nodded. "Alright," I replied, as though this were a cause for unhappiness.
Rolling her eyes, Janicekondrek printed out my schedule and handed it to me. "Now, /get to class/," she ordered, and gave us a look of daggers. We ran out the door before she could give us the passes we were promised.
As soon as we were out the door, Candyy, Albi and Gerard all snatched my schedule from me- somehow, they all grabbed it at the same time and sort of shared custody of it- and scrutinized it. After a moment of studying, Gerard exclaimed, "Oh! You have English with me!"
"Dudedudedudedudedude! We have music together!" Albi added, just as excited.
"And you have chem with me!" Candyy shouted [or screamed, rather]. "Aaaand we all have health together!"
"All being who?" I asked, joyous that I'd actually be in some classes with these people.
"All of us," Gerard replied, flashing that grin that made my heart freeze. He'd better stop grinning, or he'd kill me. "The three of us, you, and Bob and Ray. Trexx and Mikey aren't seniors, so they have health at a different time, but we're together."
"That's awesome, man!" I replied. Albi looked as though she were going to reply, but at that moment, a loud bell sounded, which puzzled me. I thought we'd already missed the bell.
"Oh /shit/," Gerard said loudly, though he couldn't fight his grin.
"Dude, we're in trouble now," Albi laughed.
I was confused. "Didn't we already miss the late bell?"
"Yes," Albi replied, grinning amusedly. "That's the, 'Now You're Really Screwed' bell."
It took me a moment to realize what she meant. "Fuck," I laughed once I'd figured it out.
"Yeah, seriously," Candyy cackled. "Can we go please?"
Laughing uncontrollably, we took off down the hall at top speed, all of us giddy and joyous. Candyy, Albi and Gerard, I knew, were laughing at the situation and the amount of trouble we'd be in for being so late. I, on the other hand, was happy for a slightly different reason: I had made real, true friends.
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