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She thought one thing about Hiei, and he thought something different.

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"You know, we're not so different, you and I," she said quietly, thinking aloud more than actually speaking to him. She was outlined in gold, with the sun's rays falling on her as the night neared. The sky was pink and slightly clouded, the sun barely a sliver on the horizon. It was lowering with every second that ticked by. He did not open his eyes, so she continued.

"Both proud, though you have more to be proud of than I. Both people who enjoy the dark side of things, though you act upon it more than I do. And we're both lonely, though in different senses."

His eyes opened for a moment and looked at her, which she knew to be a sign of questioning. How easy it was to memorize every movement and mannerism of his. He, too, was covered in a golden sheen, but it was fast fading.

She could not say how she would feel in the darkness. Some stars were already visible in the dim light; the poem that she used to recite to herself before making a wish (which never came true, no matter how many times she wished it) had slipped from her mind.

Star light, star bright
First star I see tonight...
I forgot the rest.

"You are lonely by your very nature—a lone fire demon with half of his blood made of ice. And I am lonely because...because there is no other way for me to exist. Because I cannot trust others any more than I already do. Because I cannot know anyone in any other sense."

She paused, looking much more internally focused than he expected. There was something so introspective about her which he had noticed almost upon meeting her. He didn't mind that she espoused her various theories and questions. Somehow, it was a way for him to know her thoughts without invading them.

His eyes closed again softly, which she interpreted as a motion for her to continue her comparison. She did so, her voice growing softer. The light was nearly gone; some flecks of it still played on the ocean's surface, but otherwise the sun was gone for several hours. She didn't know whether the idea calmed her or made her anxious.

For someone so enlightened, she hardly knew how she felt most of the time. For instance, just now something foreboding was rising in her chest, something similar to tears, but they hadn't yet burst forth. At the same time, she felt something much more euphoric bubbling in her stomach.

It was the last that she embraced, because it was foreign and yet pleasing. She had an idea of what it could be, though she had never felt it before. Her hands shook, and she slid them into her pockets so that he could not see it, even though his eyes were closed.

"Neither of us ready for the physical declaration of love."

When his eyes shot open, she knew that she was wrong.
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