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Chapter Six

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Chapter Six
So here it is: another update. I got someone to cover for me tomorrow so I finally get to breathe. I'll try and write another one tomorrow. Not that I'll update that quickly. I don't want anyone to think this is going to be a regular thing now. hehehe.

Again, not the most exciting thing. Hopefully it keeps you in some suspense though. Not sure where the next chapter is going, so we'll discover that together.

In case you didn't read the a/n before this, I've planned out the first part of the sequel. YAY! ANDDDDDD The first line is "Do you know how long it's been since I've had an orgasm?"

I'm more excited about the sequel than I am this, and I'm super excited about this. If that tells you anything.

oo! And I'm working on a new story. It's got a few plot points. I've discovered a love for ATL's Zack Merrick. Soooo he's going to be the lead male role. :) There aren't enough out there about him, so I'm showing him some fanfic love.

As always, love to Harper, the girls mentioned in this chapter, and all my new readers (and old!). I'm so glad more people are reading :)


“Ah ha! Forever Never Ever,” she says, producing a sheet of paper. “Five girls. Apparently they’re the only all girl band on the punk rock underground scene right now.”

“Oh, and Crystal is shadowing today,” Avery reminds me.

Finally we enter the parking garage, free of charge, and it’s time to get to work. We’re in a completely different mode when we get out of the car. It’s to each their own until we actually start shooting. We ride the elevator up in almost complete silence. Reid is humming, trying to get into a creative mindset.

Twelfth floor and Avery and I split from Reid.

Dave, the main photographer and man in charge for the day created the concept before me. That I did know about. The set looks pretty freaking sweet. Funky bright colored and abstract pieces of furniture are huddled in a corner, ready to be placed. The backdrop is plain white, which should make the bright colors pop. Avery grabs my arm and leads me to the conference room where five girls are joking and laughing. Success! Lively people make shooting more exciting. The room quiets down as we enter.

“Alright, girls this is Avery and Harper,” Dave introduces.

“And I’m Reid!” she says, appearing behind him. Dave pulls her into a side hug, laughing.

When Dave is in charge, Reid is usually there. Dave is friends with her older brother and thus a friend of the family. He was always around their house when we were growing up and he’s actually the one who introduced Avery and I to Mike, the owner of the company we were working for.

“Harper!” Crystal yells, running through the door and over to me. Well, bouncing really. She does that when she’s excited. At 16 and her short height, the only real way to describe her is cute. Her big brown eyes shine, like they are now, when she’s excited.

“Why the excitement Crystal?” I ask, even though I know what she’s going to say.

“Dave is actually letting me shoot today! No coffee runs!” she claps her hands in excitement and her grin is the biggest I’ve seen.

“I would have told you sooner, but I figured a surprise would be nice.” I take the opportunity to ruffle her hair and she pushed my hand away. She likes to play, but she’s serious about photography. She’ll be good one day. I’m excited for her.

“Alright everyone! Here’s the deal today. We’re going for abstract today. Forever Never Ever will be in all black, Reid’s going to do hair and make-up with bright colors to match the furniture and Harper and Avery will start. We’ll take a little break and Crystal can do a few shots and I’ll finish up the rest. Sound good? And go!” he says, snapping his fingers.

“Um, Dave?” Avery asks, raising her hand. He lifts his eyebrow at her.

“Aren’t you going to introduce the girls?” she responds like it’s the most obvious thing in the world. Dave rolls his eyes.

“I need coffee. Crystal?” He turns to her and explains what he wants.

“Guess you’re not done with coffee runs just yet,” I whisper to her, earning an eyeroll.

“Anyone else need anything?” she asks. After getting everyone’s orders, she leaves for a Starbuck’s run. She’s had the opportunity to see the girls all morning. Now it’s our turn.

“Alright,” Dave says as the girls of Forever Never Ever stand. “This is Megan.” He points to a girl with brown hair and black rimmed glasses. The next girl, Rachael has similarly colored hair and red glasses. Rachel is much shorter though. She’s the shortest of the group. She also has green eyes while Megan’s are brown. I have a feeling they are related.

“We’re cousins,” Rachael says, pointing between the two and answering my question. They both smile and their resemblance is evident.

“I’m Madeleine!” another girl with brown hair and brown eyes says before Dave can introduce her.

“I’m Hannah,” the next girl waves.

“And I’m Natalie,” the last girl says, the only one that doesn’t have brown hair. Her red hair reminds me of Caleb. Damn phone just had to hide today. I wonder if it is in my bed.

“And just like you girls, they apparently like to steal my thunder. I’m definitely needing that coffee with you crazy bunch.” My head snaps up at Dave’s comment, bringing me out of my daydream about my phone and other things in my bed. Or people.

“Okay people, let’s get moving. I’ve got a wedding tonight.” Dave claps his hands like he’s a little league coach, motivating his team. It’s cute really.

“Alright girls, you can come with me,” Reid says and the five girls file out through the door. They laugh and joke with her on the way out. I still don’t understand how she can be so cheery on no sleep. I’m halfway dragging today. Hopefully when that coffee comes I’ll feel better.

“Let’s go move stuff around,” Avery says, pulling me out the door to the studio. We move all the furniture out of the way of the rest of the set and work with the lighting. We’re doing individual shots firsts, highlighting each member.

“Where’s their cd? That will help us channel what they do into what we do,” Avery says, rummaging through her bag. She pulls out the case in triumph, holding it over her head.

“Tada!” She puts the cd in and the first song is definitely upbeat. We start dancing around and at some point Megan appears.

“I take it you guys like it?” Reid has given Megan neon yellow eyeshadow and hot pink lips. Her pin straight hair isn’t far off from when we saw her moments ago. I’m always amused by Reid’s work.

“I’ll have to steal this from the company, that’s for sure,” I tell her.

“We can give you guys a few. I’m sure we have some somewhere around her.” She goes over to her bag and pulls out two cd’s.

“One for you, and one for Reid.” She hands me the cd’s and I hand them to Avery. She’ll keep better track of them than I will. Obviously. My cellphone; case and point.

We pose her on a yellow ottoman and get a few single shots of her.

“I feel like I’m one of those Japaneese pop bands,” she says, smoothing her hair.

Rachael comes out next with bright pink accents, more neon than the eyeshadow Reid had on today.

Her prop is a bright pink shag rug. She looks amused by this.

“I wanna pose like Britney Spears!” She lays on it in like she’s in red spandex, mirroring the pop start at the first height of her career. Because we all know Britney’s back.

Natalie appears in a bright purple eyeshadow that sparkles a little and her corresponding piece is a chair with a high back. One of her poses she takes upside down, feet crossed with her heels resting on the top of the chair.

“You guys are so much fun,” I comment. They are constantly laughing. In the more serious shots, they can only hold the expression for a few moments before they burst out laughing. It doesn’t help that as band members appear, more funny faces are aimed at the subject of the photos.

“It sounds like you guys are having too much fun,” Madeleine says from behind me, scaring me.

“You almost gave me a heart attack!” I accuse, turning around to face her.

Madeleine’s eye shadow is a darker forest green. She gets a table, and I get the idea to put Dixie cups from the water cooler on it so she can kick them off.

“Die Dixie cups, die!” she yells as she emulates David Beckham. Mm. David Beckham. Posh is so lucky.

Hannah jumps into the last shot of Madeleine, making it look like Madeleine’s “David Beckham” skills are going to take off her head. I show her the shot when she gets up from the table.

“This is amazing. This should be the cover of our cd!”

“Are you signed yet?’ I ask. I noticed the appearance of the cd’s Megan gave us aren’t the exactly same thing you’d see in Target or WallyWorld.

“That’s what today is for Harper. Get your head out of the clouds and do your freaking job,” Avery says, hitting me upside the head. I glare at her.

“It was a long night,” I mumble, pulling the bright red bean bag chair out for Hannah.

“Uh huh. Okay, Hannah what do you wanna do?” Avery asks, brushing off the opportunity to tease me.

“I have no freaking clue. Why did I get the bean bag?” Her face scrunches together in puzzlement.

“How about,” I start, trying to think of something cool.

“Wait!” Reid says, running in the door. She stops dead at our questioning faces.

“What? I’m a lurker,” she replies in a nonchalant manner. No one moves.

“Anyway,” she continues, dragging out the word. “How about we go to the physical therapy center downstairs and get some of those red stress reliever balls?”

“Genius!” I shout, running for the door. I almost hit Crystal as she comes in.

“Where’s the fire Curious George?” she says, stepping through the now open door.

“Photo. Reid. Must. Go. Balls,” I say before continuing my running. I skip the elevator and take off down the stairs. By the time I hit the PT center, I’m only slightly out of breath. What? 12 floors is a lot!

Looking through the glass, I can see Josh at the reception desk. Great. Josh is only slightly older than we are, but has a major crush on Reid. He’s not really intelligent, using one head over the other. He’s also one of those typical gym guys that is way too tan and has short bleach blonde hair that is spiked and basically makes him look like a jackass. He just works there to use the gym equipment. He’s not a physical therapist, he’s only their receptionist and really doesn’t have anything to do with rehabilitating anyone. He tries to make a move on Reid all the time. We all basically ignore him. Reid is clearly not interested, but he can’t get that through his apparently thick skull. I can’t decide if him being here is a good thing or a bad thing.

I suppose I can always offer Reid as leverage. Yes, I am just that mean sometimes. I’ll buy her shoes or something and she’ll agree to go. I hope. I turn around, making sure no one is looking and lift up my breasts as high as they’ll go so they are more than noticeable. They practically scream look at me. Retrieving the chapstick, I apply that and fluff my hair. I take a deep breath and enter.

“Hey there Josh.” I decide flirty is the way to go. I lean on the desk so that my cleavage is hanging out in all its glory. Thank God for horny men, but only in this situation.

“Harper! How are you? How’s Reid?” He’s so excited and as obvious as asking if Munchkin is white. I internally roll my eyes.

“Reid had this really great idea for one of the photoshoots we’re doing. Can we borrow some of your small red stress balls?” His eyes light up at her name.

“I bet it’s a really good idea. How many does she want? I can bring the whole box up.” He’s practically bouncing. Success. Forget that Reid will probably kill me; I’m quite proud of my “do what I want now” skills.

He’s back with a box full and insists on helping me take them up.

“You don’t want to strain anything,” he says. I’m only mildly offended. I can probably lift more than he can, but whatever.

“If I did, it’s a good thing I work above a physical therapy gym. I’d be visiting all the time!” That got his wheels turning; he might get to see Reid more often that way. However, we’re already in the elevator riding up so he can’t exactly bail now.

The elevator dings and the doors open to reveal Reid on her way down.

“Fuck,” she coughs, throwing me a nasty look. I try and throw her one that conveys my sympathy.

“Hey Reid,” Josh says excitedly. “Were you going down? I was just dropping these off for your great idea.”

“I. Um. Well I was going to help Harper with these but it looks like she doesn’t need the help so I guess I’ll just go back to the studio then.” She turns on her heel and jets to the room and I know she just lied. She’s trying to avoid being alone with Josh. I don’t blame her.

“I should help take these in,” Josh says when I open my arms for the box. I sigh, knowing I’m going to lose this battle. He follows me to the room and sets them down.

“Thanks Josh. I really appreciate it. I’ll take it from here,” I say, trying to give him the hint to get the fuck out of here.

“Alright. Coffee break’s over. Let’s do this shit!” Avery says, jumping up. She’s trying to help make it look like we’re too busy for him to be there. It doesn’t work.

“Do you mind if I watch? I’ve never seen how one of these things works,” Josh asks, taking one of the seats. I open my mouth to respond, but his mouth just keeps going.

“I always thought cameras were really interesting. And this furniture is really cool. You guys should take pictures of me sometime,” he rambles. Thankfully Dave walks in.

“This is a closed shoot. You’ll have to leave,” he says, pulling authority. He knows how annoying Josh is. Josh sizes him up before deciding to leave.

“Bye Reid. You should stop by sometime.” He touches her arm as he leaves and I can see her flinch.

“Excuse me while I go scrub the skin off my arm,” she says once she hears the elevator door shut.

“What was that?” Hannah asks, speaking for the other girls.

“That was Josh. He wants Reid’s hot body and is probably the most annoying person you will ever meet,” Avery explains, throwing her drink cup towards the trashcan, making it from ten plus feet away.

“Score,” she celebrates.

“Okay, down to business,” Dave says, trying to be serious. He fails.

“Fine daddy dearest, we’re going,” I say, pulling out my camera.

Hannah’s shots are her throwing the fist sized balls at the camera, in the air, posing with them and even putting them in her shirt to enhance her assets.

“No one sees that,” she makes me promise.

“Really? I think that one is definitely your cd cover!” Avery says, clutching her stomach in laughter. It probably really isn’t funny enough to illicit that particular response, but I think we’re all still reeling from last night.

Then group shots start and it’s one big laugh fest. The whole day has been. Each girl has her own distinct personality and it definitely shows in the photos. The final shot we do is with all the props and the girls on each. This time Hannah has the beanbag chair.

“Wait, one more!” Madeleine says. She grabs a ball for each girl and they scrunch together.

“We’re gonna throw them at the camera!” she says excitedly. It takes a couple of tries and a lot of giggles before we get the timing right, but we get that golden shot and the session goes to Crystal.

It’s already two and we decide to help Dave out and pack up his equipment for the wedding. He’s not taking much. It’s an outdoor wedding and there isn’t a whole lot he can take without it taking away from the ceremony. In about a month our work will be reduced to fancy dinner parties, but that’s okay. I like seeing how different events are set up. They’ve done some pretty outrageous things, from themes to food.

Once we finish moving everything to Dave’s SUV, Dave is finished and saying goodbye to the girls of Forever Never Ever.

“We’ll send you the proofs and we can work on what would be good and go from there,” Dave says, attempting to shake each of their hands in a professional manner. Instead, he gets hugs.

“Dave, I hate to break it to you, but you’re too silly when you’re around this age group it’s impossible to be professional,” I say. He pouts.

“See!” I point. Dave shakes his head and goes back to his office.

“We should get together sometime,” Avery says, exchanging numbers and hugs with the girls. Reid does as well, but I’m left out to dry on the phone end.

“Phone is missing,” I explain. “I’ll get them from these two freaks though. Promise.”

“Where to now?” Avery muses once we’re outside. It’s not too cold, but it is windy.

“Food!” Reid whines, clutching her stomach.

“Where do you want to go?” I ask when we reach the car.

“I feel like Mexican,” Avery says. We all agree and Reid drives through crazy Chicago traffic to a Mexican restaurant on the outskirts of town.

“Margaritas are a must,” Reid says once we sit down. "I can't stand Josh."

The overly flamboyant waiter sets down a huge pitcher and we all pour our own.

“God I needed this. I don’t care if it’s chilly out, I love frozen margaritas,” Reid says, taking a long sip. After about a minute of looking at the menus, Avery kicks me.

“I think Caleb is stalking you,” Avery says, tilting her head towards the door. Sure enough, the boys from last night are walking into the restaurant.


Question: Not to be awkward or anything, but describe your favorite/lucky underwear, if you have any.

When I did dance in high school, I always wore purple panties to competitions. It wasn't intentional at first. I wore purple to the very first two competitions we did and we won both times so it became my little tradition. And we won every time after that. Every competition for 4 years of high school. Hooray for my purple panties!

Now though, I usually just wear black underwear. I HATE wearing white. I feel like an old lady...
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