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Frightful magic

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Harry potter was killed at the tender age of 3, but insted of going to Heaven like his mothers blessing wanted, or hell like the forcee of the killing curse...he went to Halloween town. there he be...

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Frightful Magic
Disclamer: i do not own The Nightmare before Christmas or Harry Potter
A tall skeleton with a lightning bolt scar on his skull, was sitting at his desk counting the spider webs on the ceiling, His long bony fingers tapping on the dark polished wood in boredom, his head in his other hand. He yawned suddenly, his jaw bone strangely mimicking human lips and his eye sockets closed as if they had eye lids. Just as he laid his skull on the desk using his bony arms as a pillow, a shout was heard from downstairs.
“Jack! Dinners going to be ready in a few minutes….look nice! Dad and Jewel are coming over to check on us!”
“OK Sally….I’ll be down faster that you can say Scream!” responded Jack as he got up. He looked around the room, seeing the same old book’s, same old furniture, same old spiders, same old electric chair…same old everything.
“Still the same, I wish something new would happen” With another sigh he walked into another room. It was a bed room, the cold stone walls had some faded tapestries depicting horrible creatures and strange nightmares. The Bed covers where faded black with some brighter crimson pillows. It had a slightly shredded dark gray canopy and the head board was bent black iron with spikes at the top, the for board was also black iron with spike posts but the iron was bent in the center to look like a crude Jack-O-Lantern.
Jack walked over to the closet and took out a black uneven pinstripe suit with shredded tails. He also took out a bat shaped bow tie. Now while this out fit was strange by it’s self, what was stranger was that the skeleton was already wearing an identical suit to the one in his hand. The tall skeleton got changed quickly and was just about to go down the long winding staircase, when a tapping was heard.
“Now what could that be?” He questioned.
The skeleton looked around the room with curious empty socket eyes. Near one of the larger windows, on the outside, was an owl tapping as if it wanted to get in. Now while Jack had never seen an owl act like this before he just shrugged and opened the window to let it in. it flew around the room once and than landed on one of the many tables, cocking it’s head to the side as it hooted quietly. Jack walked up to the smallish barn owl to study why it was acting to strange, I mean it wasn’t that dark out yet nor was the owl that creepy…it was actually what Jack would have called cute, if he new what the word meant that is.
As Jack reached the brown mass of feathers, it finally turned to look at him. When the owl finally saw him its beak dropped open a bit, and its eyes got impossibly wide and where filled with fear before it screeched and flew through the open window at break neck speed. Jack smiled his gap tooth grin at the bird’s reaction and turned away, dismissing the frightened fowl as just another quirk of this town that he ruled and called home, Halloween Town.
Once again he was almost to the stairs when he saw something out from the corner of his vision. He turned quickly and snatched it out of the air. Jack looked at what was in his hand curiously, it was a letter. A cross the ivory colored envelope, in the brightest green ink he had ever seen was the words,
TO: Harry Potter.
Skellington Residence
Tallest Tower
His nonexistent eyebrows furrowed in confusion.
“Who’s Harry Potter? ...and Why would I get someone else’s mail? Hmmm…..o well” and with that he set the letter on the table just as screaming doorbell rang.
Quickly running down the spiral steps three at a time to greet Dr. Finklestin and his handmade wife Jewel, Jack totally forgot about the strangely addressed letter over a dinner of fried tarantulas and snake and spider stew. (Complements of the towns finest Trick-or-Treaters…Lock, Shock and Barrel)
Wizerding world: London
Hogwarts school of witchcraft and wizardry
Headmasters office
Mere moments after Jack got the oddly addressed letter, an old man with twinkling blue eyes grinned broadly. He quickly turned to a wall full of moving portraits still grinning.
“Go find Snape, Lupin, Sirius, Mirvina, tell them to meet in my office immediately…oh and I like liquorish wands!”
With that the people in the portraits went off to find the fore mentioned people. Not five minutes later a man burst through the door with a bang. He stumbled forward before falling onto the nicely polished marble floor, smudging it. After a moment the man lifted himself off the floor and stood up quickly holding his head in his hands, for in his eyes…the world was spinning terribly fast.
“I’m ok!” the man half yelled brushing long jet shaggy black bangs from his startling blue eyes.
“Elegant Black….very elegant” came a snide voice from behind the shaggy haired man causing him to turn around with a sneer on his handsome face, and the twinkle eyed old man to smile and stand”
“Ah Severus, my dear boy…how are you?” the old man spoke kindly as the newcomer stepped out of the shadows, reveling a tall man in intimidating billowing black robes with greasy black hair, black void like irises and a hawk nose that looked like it had been broken one to many times in his childhood.
“Hello Albus” he spoke with a nod to the old man, before turning to the other man with a sneer on his pale face. “Ah look what the nixies dragged in….a mangy mutt”
The man called Black growled inhumanly at Severus taking the verbal barb, strangely sounding exactly like a rabid dog that was ready to attack. You could tell he was concentrating, trying to hold himself back from shredding the smirking man into little ribbons.
“I think you got it backwards Snivilus you’re the real mutt…you snarky son of a bitch!” came the half screamed, half growled reply, causing the greasy haired git to growl back.
His careful concentration was broken when a hand fell gently onto his tensed shoulder, causing the still slightly unstable shaggy haired man to whip around and pull the offending limb into a highly uncomfortable position for the owner of said limb.
Two cry’s brought the crazy man out of his stupor…
A shriek of “Sirius Black….unhand Remus this instant!” from our favorite transfiguration teacher Miverna McGonagall….and a “Owww Padfoot! Let go!”” from one Defense Against the Dark Arts (DADA) professor Remus Lupin.
The rabid man now known as Sirius calmed, instantly getting a cheerful look on his face as he let go of the golden eyed werewolf’s arm, Before engulfing the man into a big bear hug.
“Sorry ‘bout that Moony….you know how I get around o’l Snivilus here, right? ‘Specially since Azkaban!” Sirius rubbed his cheek against Lupin’s in show of love and affection, before whispering something in the mans ear that made the wolf blush a pretty pink and nod slightly.
A polite cough broke the couple out of there thoughts and brought them back to the reality that they weren’t alone, causing a embarrassed giggle from Remus and a “oopsie” from Black as they broke apart and turned to the old man.
“Well now that that’s over, would any of you like a lemon drop?” Albus held out a small tin filled to the brim with little yellow hard candies.
Everyone declined the offer, so the old man put the tin away but not before popping one in his mouth. Finally a stern looking lady spoke up.
“Now Albus what where we called hear for?”
The old man smiled broadly, he spoke only three words.
“We found him…”
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