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Words 80 to 85

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More fun with Fujin and the posse.

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A Few Words

Word 80: Area

The instructions were clear, so there was no room for accidents, or there shouldn't be if there was no one in the immediate area, but Raijin, Fujin knew, could always make room for casualties. He didn't read the instructions and ended up on fire, he wasn't really hurt, as he rolled on the ground and put out the flames quickly, but Seifer still took away his fireworks, though only to light them himself. The posse stood close together, despite there being plenty of space around, Fujin requested that the two boys stood with her with a simple "come," which was swiftly obeyed, she wanted to make sure they were out of the area where the sparks fell.

Word 81: Balloon

With an indignant "pop!" the magic was gone. There was something about balloons that transported her to her childhood and her fragile floating blue orb had perished. Fujin had no one to blame, except the bee that was thrown against the wall by the force of the explosion and killed by the force of Fujin's kick, which made the house tremble. Fujin quietly picked up the pieces of the broken balloon and threw them away, then when she turned around, Seifer stood there offering her a bright yellow balloon.

Word 82: Carnival

The games, the rides, the snacks, it was all part of the passing carnival, which they visited every day while it remained near their town. Raijin was determined to win a goldfish and wouldn't leave the scooper booth until he did, thus Seifer and Fujin went to look around and stopped near group of booths, bull's eye, ring the bell and dip the fool were all especially tempting to Seifer, most of all the last one where Zell sat. How the Seeds had fallen, literally in this case, that was one bizarre mission Zell would not soon forget.

While Seifer was distracted, Fujin wandered off, later returning to find that Raijin had a dozen goldfish and Seifer had used up all his carnival money picking on Zell. She handed each of them some pink cotton candy and led the way to the ferris wheel, carrying the multitude of teddy bears Seifer had won picking on Zell.

Word 83: Dare

Fujin always got the easy dares. Adding to her ever present air of mystery, she never chouse truth, always replying with a clear, "dare." When Fujin requested a dare, no one dared to be daring.

Word 84: Elite

She was talented, skilled, smart and precise, she was amazing and her standards went well beyond what most could do at their best. Fujin was in a class of her own, she was elite.

Word 85: Furniture

Nobody knew what possessed Fujin to muster the desire to rearrange furniture. Maybe she was tired of the same scenery within the house, or maybe she wished to create the illusion that the living room was bigger, either way there she was, moving that here and pushing this back. It went on for some time, until Fujin was satisfied. Then Seifer, who had just woken up from a nap, hit his toe on the edge of a table's leg, with a painful and surprised yelp.

More to come...

Disclaimer, I don't own Final Fantasy VIII. Words 81 and 82 were requested by Lady PenThier.
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