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Roll Up, Roll Up!

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"Oh you motherfucking- what?!" :: Hot sexy Frerard :: Review this please, its not quite what you think...need to know ^^

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You only clicked on this cos its rated R and has hot sexy Frerard?
Well, at least I know how to get your attention, fuckers.
Nah...I'll give you some Frerardness at the end, I'm really not that heartless, unlike something I I have a habit of reading slash R/NC-17..sometimes less depending on the mood, and someone wrote this huge thing like "Oh blah blah blah, they use the rating as their only disclaimer" like yeah, fuck you so what if we do? We can read whatever the hell we want, write what ever the hell we want, otherwise how would this site strive?

Buuuuuut, thats not what I wanted to say :)

I need you guys to help me out here.
I know you haven't read many stories that I've written, because I haven't uploaded them, but I have tons on my computer half finished...

*smacks self* Yeah, welcome to my world, children..rambling on.

Lets get straight to the point:

I'm writing a new fic, its gonna be Pete Wentz and Gerard Way, but the thing is should I make it a really long one-shot/two-shot or a proper story?

Basically, mild spoiler, Pete Wentz is a clone, his head is filled with knowledge and shit that was uploaded, like the internet in his head, so he's smart as fuck - its all trivia though.
Hhe doesn't know how to be human. then BAM! Gerard Way finds him, you got a teacher on life. So here's what I'm asking you:

1) One-Shot or story?
2) What do you want him to teach Pete? How to love maybe? How to get dressed? How to hold a conversation? Tell me what you want in it.

Better review this, motherfuckers and I'll give you cookies and love you forever. I said in the summary, an ickle Frerard thing... :)
Because I don't lie about whats in it.

"Fuck Gee..." I mumble into his mouth as I'm pushed back against the bathroom wall, completely forgetting about the crammed Starbucks on the other side of the door. He presses his body against mine, his tongue gliding along my bottom lip, begging for entrance. I immediately grant it, my fingers already working on dragging his belt from the loops and drop it on the floor. My fingers clash with the cold metal zip, straining from his erection and push it down as I flick the button from the hole, releasing his cock from its discomfort. I slide his trousers down to half way down his thighs, looking down and grinning when I realise he isn't wearing anything beneath his trousers.

I spin us round, so he's pressed against the wall instead and trail kisses down his neck as my hands roam beneath his white shirt. "Frank, the door.." I pout against the skin, not wanting to get away from him, before pulling away and turning round. The door isn't locked and I make my way over, hearing it click as I lock it. Within moments I'm back in front of Gerard, kneeling by his legs and lacing my fingers with his own. I blow gently over his throbbing erection, slowly kissing the tip, making my way down his length placing small kisses on him and making him moan again. "Such a fucking tease."

"Shut the fuck up, Way." I growl, smirking to myself as I lick a small trail along the vein on the bottom and hearing him let out another shuddering moan. I lap up the precum, my tongue darting over him before I take him in my mouth, hollowing out my cheeks as I slowly suck. "F-Frank.." I bob my head down his length, taking him in as far as my gag reflexes would let me before slowly pulling back up and creating a rhythm as I move. He bucks his hips at me, forcing his cock further into my mouth and I let go of his hands, resting my hands on his hips to hold them in place. His own hands move to my hair, tugging at the strands gently as I bring him closer to his release. "Frank, I'm gonn- I'm gonna- FUCK!" His body tenses, squirting his seed straight down my throat as his body convulses in pure ecstacy.

I swallow it all before returning to his lips, letting him taste himself on my tongue. "That was amazing.." I just smile into his mouth before pulling away. "Come on, we need to get back on the road, we've got a gig tonight." He pulls his trousers back up, pecking me on the lips again as he opens the door, his smile faltering as we see loads of eyes staring back at us, a few camera phones out and our three bands members gazing at us in complete shock.
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