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If I Could Turn Back Time, If I Could Find A Way

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[Frerard] Franks kicked out of home a few days before Xmas. He has no other family. All his friends are away.... or so he thinks.

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It was a cold winters night. The streets were plastered with snow and christmas decorations. Me, being the complete idiot I am, got kicked out 3 days before christmas. I had no-where to go, no family to take me in. The few friends i had were on holiday in warmer parts of the world.
I wrapped my thin jacket around myself tighter, trying to preserve some body heat. It didnt help that much, though. All i had on was a thin jacket, short sleeved T-Shirt and jeans. My Vans were beaten up and my socks had holes.
I followed a familiar road, dragging my frozen feet along the white ground. I knew the Way's had gone to Australia but they had a varandah. I could perch there for a while. Maybe even find a place behind a potted plant to block some of the cold Jersey air.
As i approached the house, i saw some lights on. I didnt think too much about it. Donna might have accidently left them on or she could have left them on so when she got home, the house wasnt as dark.
On the front door step was a blanket. I looked at it for a minute. Was Donna expecting me to get kicked out?
I walked up the steps, them creaking loudly under my feet. I was halfway towards the blanket when the front door opened.

'Hey.' A soft voice said. I looked up at the door. My heart stopped beating for a moment, not from fear, from pure amazment.

'Gerard.' I whispered. My eyes traveled up his slim body. He'd lost alot of weight, dyed his hair black again and grown it back. He'd gone back to wearing eyeliner.

'Come inside before you freeze.' He said, taking my hand and pulling me into the warmth. He pulled me into the lounge room, making me sit on the couch i had slept on so many times before.
'Why are you out so late, Frankie?' He asked, sitting next to me.

'Mum kicked me out....' I said, dropping my eyes to the floor.

'What for?' He asked. I stood up, ready to leave. I couldnt tell him why I got kicked out. It was embarasing.
'No, stay.' He said quickly, grabbing my hand again and pulling me onto is lap.

'Gerard, please. I dont want to talk about it.' I whispered.

'That's fine. Just... Stay. Please?' He begged. I made the mistake of looking into his hazel eyes, I could never resist him when i did,

'Okay.' He pulled me closer to him, making me lean my head against his chest. His arms wrapped around me, keeping me warm.
We sat there for a while, not saying a word or moving. The phone rang twice. The first time, Gerard left it. The second, he lifted me off him and answered it. He was gone for a little bit, giving me time to think.

'Come on, Frankie. Your clothes are wet.' Gerard said as he walked back in the room. I followed him down to the basement. It'd always been his room, ever since i remembered. He dug through his draws, chucking a pair of pajama pants and a t-shirt at me. I slid my clothes off and put the ones he gave me on.

'Why arnt you with your family?' I asked as i got dressed.

'I dont like the sun, you know that,' He said. I nodded and sat on his bed.
'Why wont you tell me?' He asked. I knew what he was talking about. I sighed and gave in.

'She kicked me out because i told her i was gay and i wasnt a virgin. Happy? My life is fucked because i slept with you.' I said a little too harshly.
He dropped his head, shuffling his feet like he always did when he was nervous or worried.
'I'm sorry. I should go.'

'No!.... Frank, I'm sorry, okay. It's my fault you got kicked out. I'm sorry I took whats so precious to you and I'm sorry that I left you. I didnt want to. I love you. I always have and i screwed everything up for drugs and alcohol. If i could turn back time (("If i could find a way.")), i would change everything.' He said, a few tears rolling down his cheeks.

'Gee.... It's not your fault. I loved... love you and i thought it was the right thing. Maybe it was and i wasnt meant to open my big mouth but i did. I can't go home. Just.... I'll leave now before i get too attatched. Theres a mens shelter not far from here.' I said, standing up again. He didnt stop me this time so i kept going. I was half way down the street when the tears began to fall. How could i let someone like Gerard go? How could i leave him and let someone claim what i knew was mine?

I'm at a mates place and they dont have Word so there will be spelling errors and fucked up things. This was a result of no smokes and i needed something to occupie myself with before i lost it. Anyways, is it good? should i keep going or scrap the whole thing and forget i even wrote it? R&R??? pwease?!?!?! xox E
If i do continue, I'll explain more as i go along. Some things are a little fuzzy right now, i know.
Also, sorry for the Cher lyrics. I've been listening to her for the past 3 hours.
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