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Refreshing Glass of Water

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~Refreshing Glass of Water~ Kisame oneshot

Leader doesn't let you go outside without someone going with you so there are times when you run away.

This was one of those times.

You climbed out your window and hefted up your backpack before starting off. How stupid can they get? They want to keep me locked in yet they leave an opened window in my room. You shook your head at their stupidity.

You made your way to a clearing you had found a few months ago. There was a huge lake surrounded by wonderful vegetation. You stripped the cloak and clothes covering your bikini.

You dove into the water and swam all the way to the bottom before letting the gentle/light current carry you back up to air. You let your body become slightly limp allowing it to float on top of the water. You saw something blue close to you and punched it in the nose before swimming back to shore where you scrambled to get out of the water. You looked back to see what seemed to be a shark to climb out onto land.

Wait, sharks are amphibians. They can't live on land. “KISAME!!!” you yelled.

“That hurt, Miyuki,” he said playfully.

“And what the hell do you have to say about scaring people to death?”

“It's fun, but I haven't met anyone who has died when I scared them?” He grinned showing off all of his sharp, pointy teeth.

“You suck,” you sighed.

“Only on certain things,” he joked. You rolled your eyes knowing what he was getting at. “You look like a refreshing glass of water, and I am the thirstiest guy in the world!” he said, his grin not slipping.

“Great, he gives me a heart attack and what do I get in return? A cheesy pick-up line.” You looked down at yourself. (You're standing) “Although, I could see how you could say that.” Your black two-piece covered your private parts but all of the exposed skin was glistening with water.

“I'm thirsty,” he said pointedly.

“Yeah, yeah. And I'm a glass of water,” you said rolling your eyes but still grinning. You went and got a summer dress out of your bag. “Do you mind? I need to change.”

He smirked. “I don't.”

“God! Men are so stubborn.” You slipped out of your clothes but before you could pull your dress on, you were tackled onto the sand with Kisame sucking on her neck. “Hey, that tickles!”

“I'm thirsty,” he repeated. “But only you can fill the quench.”
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A/N: Okay, I know. This one was hard to work out and then end. And I know the ending was corny. If anyone wants a remake, just spout out ideas and I'll try to use them.
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