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Together we can create something...Beautiful

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Die and Toshiya are in love but they feel something is missing... or someone.

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Warning : Bad English and grammar skills, please don't be too harsh with feedback it's good too know whats going wrong but rude or mean comments are just plain un wanted.
My FIRST ever story not just first on the site but first ever written by me. O_o
it's 4.53am where i am!?! don't you just love Insomnia?
ah also i apologize if you tire of seeing their names so much in the story and the little nick names i always like to give/call them ^^ cant resist(Don't hate me)
Woah.. VERY disapointed in this and myself. even for a first try O_o
So.. Fluffy fic, sexual(scenes?), Homosexual relationships, if you don't like them. Don't read. Simple.

“Kyoo yan!!”
Toshiya was laying on the floor affront the sofa which Die sprawled himself across lazily his hands holding his chin above the flooring, his face showing an expression of mischief he often sported.
“No point hovering by the door baby we know you’re there”
Kyo slowly walked into the room confronting Die who had a smirk just as mischievous as Toshiya had glare. How did he know Kyo was there and more importantly since when did Die call him ‘baby’?
“You requested me Oshi?”
“Come sit with me, please”
Toshiya sat up from his laying position and leant back against the sofa close to Dies upper body tapping the piece of carpet that looked inviting next to him.
Die gently played with soft strands of Toshiya’s blue tinted black hair Kyo was used to seeing this type if not more amorous behavior between the two men as he sat next to Toshiya awkwardly not looking away from the long slender fingers playing in the hair.
“Does Kyo yan seem tense Dai kun?”
Die’s eyes trailed over Kyo and awkward sitting position, he was trying to sit cross legged and confined to himself trying to distance himself from the two as possible whilst still being seated next to them.
“I believe Kyo is, he is feeling awkward. Possibly at our closeness maybe? He is trying to distance himself even though he is also close perhaps Totchi we should show Kyo kun just how close to us he really is”
Toshiya nodded slowly rising from his place next to Kyo too instead lower himself into his lap straddling the shorter man.
“Kyo… We love you”
The tough vocalist was shocked by this comment but he didn’t fight against Toshiya as he softly kissed his lips lovingly as if putting actions to the words to make it just that more convincing Kyo didn’t even notice that Die had now sat on the sofa above the two so they were leaning on the sofa between his spread legs and he softly and lovingly stroked Kyo on the cheek whilst his other hand played In the blonde hair on the top of Kyos head.
“All the people who hurt you people who never cared for you. They never have to matter anymore”
Toshiya slowly pulled away from Kyos lips too whisper softly.
“We’ve been waiting for you”
Die gently pulled Kyos head down onto the back of the sofa by the hair he held in his hand and placed his lips over Kyos. Kyo found that Dies lips wasn’t as gentle as Toshiyas had been but Kyo loved it all the same he was over whelmed two of his closest or perhaps aside from Shinya and Kaoru his only friends had cared for him so much… had waited however long just for him. He felt truly loved, sure he had been in relationships before but no one ever expressed such care or feeling towards him now he was getting it strongly and doubled too.
Die was still kissing him his lips firmly placed over Kyo’s while Toshiya gently caressed his chest through the fabric of his thin tee-shirt kissing his neck softly sending waves of electric energy through Kyos toned body Die stopped kissing him making him whimper in disappointment at the loss of contact
“We are in love Kyo… but we knew we were incomplete we know what we want”
“We want you, join with us. We will always love you as we always have. Complete or love together we three can create something beautiful”
Toshiya had started grinding down slowly into his hips whimpering an incoherent we want you each time their clothed hardness created a sweet friction.
Die was kissing him again this time more rough and demanding his teeth nibbling on Kyos plump bottom lip to get him to open his mouth and allow him access Toshiya ground down harder and Die bit down on the now abused lower lip the two actions together making Kyo moan and open his mouth too Dies dominating tongue the kiss becoming heated even more so that Kyo felt he was on fire a fire that burned him it left tingles all over his skin and made his heart swell with the love and passion the three were sharing.
“Couldn’t wait any longer”
Kyo had been silent for what seemed eternity now as he regretfully pulled out of the heated kiss he and Die were sharing he began to speak slowly and truthfully.
“Don’t wait any longer, Let me love you Die as you love Toshiya, and you Toshiya as you love Die”
Both men smiled lovingly at Kyo and as if planned simultaneously said in voiced dripping with certain honesty and compassion.
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