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Sweeping misconceptions

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Strange rumours spread after Baldr's death. Pre-series, slight Harry Potter crossover. (meme-response for mauvecloud.)

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Prompt from mauvecloud:
Odin has a headache at, er, hand. News and misinformation regarding the mistletoe incident, spreading far and wide, have conspired to give birth to a bizarre cult of crucifix fans. Not only do they threaten to distort the image of Baldr as the shining one, the spreading belief (notwithstanding the efforts of the followers of his esteemed colleagues Messrs Jupiter and Apollo) is beginning to paint the All-Father (and most of the denizens of Asgard) as night-flying, broom-owning mischief-doers....

Sweeping misconceptions

"My dear brother," said the All-Father, without raising his head from its resting place on the table. "Where are you going with that broom?"

Loki paused, and the silence was loaded with a smile. "I am going," he said, with the bright humour of one who has just thought of the excuse, "to sweep the courtyard. You know, the Valkyries will revolt, if all they ever get to do is clean up after Thor breaks the furniture."

"Pull the other one," Odin said, trying to ignore his honoured guest's surreptitious pokes in the ribs.

"Well, then... For Justice!" declared the troublemaker in tones so uncannily like Thor's that Odin raised his head to stare. And then, with a whoop of delight, Thor swooped in, riding on a broom.

"Where did you get this? It's even better than Freyr's flying pig!"

Loki burst out laughing at the expression on Odin's face and kicked off into the air on his own broom. "We will sweep away the misconceptions surrounding us and lay the blame where it truly lies!"

"Explain this new game of yours again," Thor said, flying out the window after Loki.

"I haven't planned out all the details yet," Loki demurred, his voice fading into the distance, "but I've thought of a way for you to use Mjollnir during the game."

Jupiter poked Odin again. "So that's the one who killed Baldr under the mistletoe? How..."

"Don't even think about it," Odin said, and refilled his horn with mead.

Apollo sniffed disdainfully, tuning the strings of his lyre. "Pretty, but undisciplined. Can he play an instrument?"

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