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When we get the time to be just friends....

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One shot, Tsuzuki comforts Hisoka for the first time.

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“Damn it you are so lazy.” Hisoka Kurosaki groaned, for the fourth time that morning he had walked in to find his partner snoring on the desk. Tsuzuki jumped awake and looked at him, the beautiful purple eyes watching him, he sat up slowly the dreams of cakes in the flower gardens disappearing. “Come on.”

“Where are we going?” Tsuzuki stood up, yawned and followed along. It wasn't that he hated work just that he got distracted easily.

“Watari handed you the notes not me.” Hisoka mumbled irritated, Tsuzuki was always ranked above him but did so little for his ninety-plus years as a shinigami. Well, that wasn't true, Hisoka owed him his life as it were now but sometimes when he got annoyed he pushed that fact aside.

“Well let's go then.” Tsuzuki grabbed the notes from the desk and read them over, he paused a moment. He hated it when it was something likely to haunt their pasts, this was no exception, a reported strange occurrence near the home Hisoka had once been in, his life taken at merely sixteen and here he was having to take him to the old grounds. “I can take it alone if you like.”

“You know the rules, we have to go in pairs.” Hisoka looked at him curiously. “Why wouldn't I go?”

Tsuzuki turned the paper around, reported ghost-like activity that had been occurring under the sakura trees. Muraki had raped the then thirteen year old and cursed him, killed him and all because he had stumbled upon the insane scientist, Hisoka looked at him very briefly and then away again before muttering that it was work and nothing more.

They headed down and looked around, no one could see them anyway, Hisoka moved closer to his partner without another word. Since Muraki's death they had been closer than ever, Hisoka was blunt as ever but at home together they were good friends. Tsuzuki leant under a tree, the sounds of the evening crickets and bugs were pleasant to the ear, he looked over.

“I think we should hurry and head home. There's nothing here.” Hisoka muttered. “We could come in daylight at least. I didn't need to rush us out here did I...”

Tsuzuki took his hand, warped them back home and looked into his eyes, in his past many had died. He had almost allowed the scientist to take advantage because of his guilt ridden heart, now with Hisoka he saw a chance to mend the guilt in part, save people as he worked as a shinigami. His hand went to the blond's cheek, Hisoka looked up at him, for a moment neither of them moved and then, in a moment of rarely needed contact Hisoka pushed his lips to Tsuzuki's.

Their tongues met, soft and wet against one another's and Hisoka ran his hands along the buttons on Tsuzuki's coat. He had often wondered if he was as soft to touch as he looked, he wasn't disappointed and he grasped the soft white shirt, twisting his fingers into it. Tsuzuki moaned softly, he had nearly killed him when Sargantas had possessed him, taking control of his body, trying to wipe out the contracted party given the Devil's talent for music, Tsuzuki wanted to prove to him he could be sensual and safe for his partner.

Hisoka had other ideas, he wanted to be touched and to have the feelings of the past eradicated, he pushed his mouth to the older shinigami's groaning and trying to get him on to the bed. They shrugged out of their clothes and Hisoka paused for a moment, he hadn't let anyone touch him in years, every time he let someone near him he froze. He was stuck with the body of a sixteen year old but his soul was ageing year after year. Tsuzuki looked at him, those soft purple orbs relaying to the younger man that it would be okay, Hisoka's empathic abilities meant that he knew it would be.

Tsuzuki lay them on the bed, leaning over him, kissing up his chest, his hair brushing the slender man's body, hair that was soon taken into Hisoka's hands as he closed his eyes. Hisoka hadn't trusted anyone, it wasn't just Muraki's attack on him that had caused it, his parents had locked him away as a child, afraid of what he could do and year in, year out, Hisoka had learnt that he was alone. He was so confused that the older shinigami would want to change that...

Hisoka's hand nestled into the soft auburn locks, Tsuzuki undressing them both and whispering soft words of encouragement. Hisoka closed his eyes, trying to will away the visions of the blood, sakura petals and the white haired bastard that had caused his demise. He gritted his teeth, he expected the visions to come but instead he felt a warm tongue lick around his naval, Tsuzuki concentrated on the soft pleasures, kissing, tongue trailing down towards Hisoka's partial arousal.

“Tsu-chan.” Hisoka mumbled, his fingers playing through the locks.

Hisoka wanted more, his heart was pounding, he was nervous about it but he knew if anyone could make him feel good Tsuzuki could. His body arched up to the soft touches, Tsuzuki slowly moved down, kissing tops of his thighs and inside his legs, nuzzling gently around his groin, finally his lips brushed along the tip of Hisoka's causing the young man's arousal to stir up quickly. The organ twitched in response, growing semi-hard and Tsuzuki's hand softly wandered up his thigh.

Tsuzuki's bottom lip brushed along the soft head, tongue gently lapping at his slit, in response Hisoka emitted another deep moan and closed his eyes. It felt so good to be touched, he had to admit it, his hands grasped at the hair again when Tsuzuki finally took the head of his erection into his mouth, the wet and hot feeling caused a ripple down his spine. Tsuzuki gently sucked on him, eyes up to watch that he wasn't struggling with the touches.

The soft warm mouth was inviting and his hips moved involuntarily to get more from him, Tsuzuki responded in kind by taking him deeper, his cock brushing the back of his mouth and eliciting another moan of pleasure from his partner. Tsuzuki's mouth covered over him, sliding bruised lips up and down his erection, saliva wetting the shaft and making him break out in a light sweat. He couldn't believe that the laziest man in Hades could work so hard to pleasure someone.

Hisoka moved his hands from Tsuzuki's hair, stopping him for a moment and then sliding underneath him the other way so that he could take his partners hard cock into his mouth. Tsuzuki shifted around, holding himself up a bit as the younger shinigami adjusted to the idea of him being full and erect between those slender lips. Hisoka found that the taste of his flesh wasn't as unpleasant as he expected, he tentatively took him into his mouth, his tongue running up and down him, marvelling that he could take as much of the impressive length as he did.

Tsuzuki moaned, it felt good, so very good that they could trust each other, that made it almost as erotic as the act itself. He felt Hisoka's pre-cum in his mouth as he moved his fingers over his balls, Hisoka responded with a little jerk of his hips forcing his shaft deeper into his throat, Hisoka tried to take Tsuzuki into his mouth more, his lips felt swollen and he wasn't even sure at first that he got it right but he heard Tsuzuki's moan and guessed it was good after all.

Tsuzuki pulled back after a few moments, his mouth already full of the taste of salty pre-cum, he turned Hisoka around and rolled so that the younger man was on top of him. Hisoka looked down, his hair falling in his face, his cock standing out proudly even if he felt a little embarrassed. His body told the story of what he wanted, the liquid was running freely down his veined rod and Tsuzuki gently took it and stroked him until he was almost painfully aroused, watching as the clear juice flowed up on the slit and then spilled over like water from an already full glass being tipped. Hisoka wanted more, so much more, now that he could concentrate on the pleasure not the fear. Tsuzuki looked up at him, his own erection pressed against the back of the shinigami's thigh as he sat on top of him.

“Tsu-chan...” He mumbled lightly, taking the slender digits of his partner hand to his mouth, sucking and licking around them, drenching them and then he leant forward. Hisoka muttered a pleading whisper to him and Tsuzuki slid two soaked fingers into his tight, very tight, ass. “Ah!” Hisoka's voice sounded pleading, he was tight and the resistance was there but he knew that it had to get better. “Don't stop...”

“I won't unless you ask.” Tsuzuki's soft voice came to his ears.

Hisoka rocked softly against Tsuzuki until he relaxed around his fingers a little more, his cock was dripping over the older man's belly. Hisoka got impatient, he moves his fingers out of his ass, even though it felt good, he leant over to the bedside looking for something to slick up Tsuzuki's cock. Tsuzuki softly chuckled, opened the drawer by his bed and pulled out a small packet. Hisoka was needy, he ripped it open, almost dropping it in his need to get Tsuzuki deep into him, there was no debate about it either, that's what he wanted.

“Damn it.” Hisoka was getting impatient, he often did when he was excited, Tsuzuki thought it was one of the traits he had grown fond of, and Hisoka watched as he took the packet and opened it. “Thanks.” He mumbled.

Hisoka's fingers were soon covered in the cold gel, he pressed them to Tsuzuki's cock, the cold liquid causing a gasp from the other man. Tsuzuki was turned on too but it didn't stop him giving just a little chuckle at the sight of them both, they had both suffered from Muraki one way or another and it had brought them closer, Hisoka looked at him.

“What's so funny?”

“Nothing,” he smiled softly, “I just don't often see sane thinking people this eager for me.” He quipped.

Hisoka blushed, his cheeks hot, he slowed down a little to apply the lubrication and watched as Tsuzuki's already hot length glistened in the light of the bedroom. His hand ran up and down the heated flesh, he had to trust him, was getting needy to feel if it could be as good as he had sometimes imagined when he was alone. He sank slowly down on to him, Hisoka had to shift his legs a few times, Tsuzuki gently guiding him down by holding his ass and spreading his cheeks a little.

“Ah...” Hisoka was softly rocking on him, it was painful but not unbearable and it wasn't forced. He growled softly in pleasure when Tsuzuki arched his hips lightly and brushed against a sweet spot inside. “Ah again!”

The darker haired shinigami moved up against him, hips pushing to meet his ass, his hand running to touch Hisoka's damp length and stroke him, the blond began to move faster now that the initial pain has passed. He wanted more, so much more of him, it felt good, his cock twitched in Tsuzuki's hand. All the while the purple eyes watched him, making sure Hisoka was enjoying it as much as he was, the soft slapping sounds of flesh on flesh eliciting yet another soft groan of delight.

Hisoka's movements got more fevered, he was trying to get that same sweet flourish of pleasure down his spine each time his prostate was brushed. Tsuzuki was sweating lightly, his hand on Hisoka's back and the other softly stroking him as the young man rode faster on him. Hisoka groaned, slapping Tsuzuki's hand aside when he got close to climax, not wanting the moment to end.

He moved from his position and looked at Tsuzuki before he pulled him back up and slid underneath him. Tsuzuki gently slid back into him, this time he was more in control, Hisoka was trusting him not to hurt him. Hisoka's legs spread to accommodate Tsuzuki, his own hard erection was pushed between them, rolling around against their hot and sweating bodies. He could feel wet pre-cum causing his cock to slip between them, it was so good and he panted as Tsuzuki's balls brushed against his ass, slapping gently to their rhythm.

“Tsu! Harder!” Hisoka could feel an undeniable welling up of his own orgasm. “Fuck me harder...”

Tsuzuki slammed into him in response, firmly but not to hurt him, he wanted to revel in the sound of Hisoka's pleasure as his own climax got closer. Hisoka's hands went to his shoulder, the bed creaking a little as they moved, neither of them really noticed it as they were so intent on one another. Tsuzuki's cock slid in and out of his tight tunnel, Hisoka's fingers running over his flesh and finally when his prostate was struck and he couldn't hold back he let out a yell and spent over them both.

Tsuzuki moved deeper into him, his own climax close as Hisoka's caused his cock to be hugged tight. Hisoka was panting, hot breath came to his ear as the younger man wrapped his arms around him and buried his face into his neck. He mumbled that he needed to feel him, to be filled by him and Tsuzuki couldn't hold back any more. He spent hard and deep inside him, filling him with sticky white cum and groaning in desire, the bed groaned back at them and Hisoka's arms locked tighter.

“Let go...” Tsuzuki finally pleaded, he was spent and struggling for breath, finally Hisoka's vice like grip ended. “It's okay.”

“It's not okay.” Hisoka muttered into his neck, for a moment Tsuzuki tensed. Had he hurt him? “It's better than okay...”

Tsuzuki relaxed, Hisoka's fingers brushed the scar on his shoulder and finally he looked up at him. Hisoka smiled softly, kissing him deeply before finally relaxing back and pulling free of his partner. For the first time in his life he didn't feel a rush to break the contact and even when they had showered and cleaned up he didn't choose to take the spare room, he climbed back on the bed and let Tsuzuki take him in his arms. The nightmares, he was told by gentle whispering, were shared from either side, and that way it would be less frightening when they came.
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