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Oh my god, why do I have a penis and where did my boobs go? Must be a dream, must be a dream.....

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Spring was my favourite season and with the birds singing and flowers blooming, it was obvious that spring has arrived. I looked up to the deep blue sky and squinted my eyes from the bright sun; it was cloudless today just how I loved it. My light olive skin beamed from the sunlight, I felt like just going down to the beach.
“Come on Taylor!” the raven haired girl called out from a few feet in front of me.
“Right,” I called back and quickened my pace to catch up with the tall girl.
I was hanging out with Deanne today, she was someone that I didn’t often hang with simply because she was a rebel and I felt awkward being around her. But today was different, I was bored and Deanne was miraculously bored too and so here we are down at the shops on the streets.
“Here it is,” Deanne grinned as she stopped in front of a suburban shop. She stared at it like it was heaven.
I stared at the window which really didn’t interest me. I peeked into the store and noticed it looked like a gypsy store. “Um, this place looks like a gypsy shop Anne.”
“I know right?” she had that enthusiasm in her voice and stepped into the store.
I followed her in and immediately a light musky smell hit my nose. I felt creeped out of the place as I made my way to the middle of the small store. I spotted the store owner who was sitting behind the cash register; her head was rested on her hand with her elbow on the desk. It seemed like she was dozed off to the soft sound that came from the speakers next to her. She was a short plump looking woman, she wasn’t fat but she was chubby. She had red cheeks and red coloured thin lips. She looked like she could be dealing with that voodoo stuff.
I turned away and observed Deanne’s actions, she was looking through these antique stuff. There were mini dolls made out of wood and fabric and small chests with antiques in it. I walked over to her and grabbed one of the mini chests. It had ancient looking patterns on it. I ran my fingers over it to feel the texture of the paintings. It’s felt so cold in my small hands.
“These look so cool,” Deanne said as she looked at the doll.
I nodded.
“Too bad, I’ve got no money to buy this shit.”
“Same here,” I was moneyless for the rest of the week thanks to my shopping obsession.
I opened the small chest to find two rings. They looked so shiny and new that I started to wonder if they were real silver. I took one of the rings out of the chest and examined it. It had foreign letters on the inside of it.
“Probably means something cute,” Deanne said from behind me.
“Yea, I think so too.”
“Well then,” she sighed and stuffed the doll in the pocket of her cardigan and looked around like nothing happened.
“Uh... what... what are you doing?” I asked as I stared at the small lump in her pocket.
“Just do the same as me,” she whispered and turned to the store owner who was totally unaware of the whole deal.
“What?” I said a little too loudly. “I don’t want to steal!” I whispered.
“Pussy,” she stuck her tongue out and headed towards the exit.
I didn’t know what came over me, but with one glanced at the mini chest I stuffed the ring inside and hid it down my shirt. I started to breathe rapidly and started to pretend that I was looking at the other chest. I looked up to see Deanne already outside enjoying the sunlight with a cheeky smile on her face. I sighed and had my head up high and slowly made my way towards the exit too. I opened the door just when the store owner looked up at me and gave a small smile before looking bored again. I couldn’t smile back so I just quickly slid out and join Deanne in the sunlight.
“Oh my god, I did it!” I felt so proud of myself for doing something that I didn’t normally do.
“You’ve never stolen before?” Deanne cocked her head to aside and watched me. Her dark straight hair flopped over her left eye.
“Um... no,” I replied bashfully.
She snorted out a laugh and started walking past the store. “You surprise me girl, everybody’s gotta steal at least once in their lives.”
“Well I usually don’t.”
“But you just did,” she grinned back at me and started stomping down the foot path. Her black boots made a squish sound.
A sudden guilt overcomes me as I realised that I did something so stupid. “Maybe I should return the chest...”
“Oh, no you don’t!” she hissed. “Are you scared that something’s gonna happen?”
I nodded, “I believe in karma.”
“Pfft, karma is bullshit I tell you.”
I rolled my eyes; this girl did not have any beliefs.
“I’m hungry; let’s go see if Aaron is working so we can get free food.”
I huffed but followed her anyway.

I watched Deanne stuffed the fried potato in her mouth as we sat under the shade at a park. The food courts in the mall were full so we decided to go outside and eat. As I waited for her to finish eating I lay on my back and tried to look up to the bright sky but failed.
“So let’s see the rings,” Deanne finally said after she gulped down the last of her meal.
I almost forgot that the chest was neatly stuffed down my shirt until she told me. I pulled it out and handed it to her.
“Wow, these look really pretty.”
I watched her look at them intently with wide eyes.
“Wear it to see if it fits.”
I obeyed and grabbed the spare ring from the chest and slid it on my middle finger. It fit perfectly. “Wow, it actually looks pretty on me.”
“See! I told you they were pretty!” she grinned.
I nodded and sat up and got another look at the ring on my finger. “I like it.”
I stopped feeling guilty about stealing a stupid chest with a pair of rings in it. I mean everybody steals at least once in their lives.

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