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Part 7

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The day’s afternoon found Zelda studying in the quiet of the library, though the silence afforded her time, not to dwell on her studies, but on the predicament she continued to find herself in. She had several opportunities to discuss Marius with her father and each time, she found some excuse not to. And she wasn’t entirely sure why. It did concern her that she would not be believed if she approached her father with the notion that Marius wasn't the person he thought he was. This would not be the first time her father dismissed her observations as silly or without merit. That was something she had not wanted to go through this time.

This was a situation that warranted her father's trust. Zelda reasoned that five months had been long enough to wait to discuss this situation and it was though her father read her mind. The very moment she had finally gathered her courage to speak to him, he appeared as if from no where. He smiled at her and took an empty seat at the large, finely crafted table where she sat. “Good afternoon, Zelda. I trust you are well?”

She nodded and returned to her seat. “And you, Father?”

The old man returned Zelda's nod. “I am well. Aged, but well.” He chuckled lightly at his daughter's expression. He knew she did not like talk of him getting older. He wouldn't be surprised at all if she still believed he was invincible and would live forever. He reached over to her and placed his hand on top of hers. “I tease you, Child. No need to look so upset.”

She smiled fondly, her hand reaching then for a worn scroll to resume her studying. “What are you reading?”

“The history of the Temple of Time. I am to be tested on it in the coming week and I want to make sure I am prepared.” She lowered the scroll and smiled at her father. Though she was glad to have his company, he did not normally disturb her while she was studying. She gave in to temptation and decided to ask if there was something wrong. “So, what brings you here?”

He drew his hand back and sighed softly, “Zelda, it is not my intent to upset you. But this is something that must be addressed. Immediately.”

She sat erect in her chair and placed the scroll on the table. “What is it?”

“There are...rumors. The servants are talking and it has not gone unnoticed that perhaps your relationship with Ganondorf toes the line of impropriety.” She was silent and he took that as an opportunity to continue on, “Zelda, I cannot have this sort of behavior in my home. I will not tolerate it any longer. Your fencing lessons are to discontinue as of this afternoon.”

Her fists clenched and tear trailed its way down her cheek. He moved to brush it away though she pulled her head back at his touch. “I am sorry, dear. But this is for the best. Besides, you should focus on being a Princess, not a barbarian.”

“You were the one who wanted me to have a hobby in the first place. And now you are just...taking it away?”

“You are correct. But find another hobby, preferably one that does not involve that man. You should be spending time with people your own age. Like Marius.” The King got to his feet slowly, thinking his part in this conversation finished.

Though he was soon to find out that this conversation was far from over; Zelda decided to take the opening he had granted her. “Marius? You think Marius is better company than Ganondorf? Surely you must be joking.”

“What do you mean?” He stopped mid-stride and turned back to her with a curious expression gracing his withering features.

Zelda brushed away the tears trailing down her cheeks, to retain some manner of dignity as she talked. That would certainly help make her case and point valid. “Father, Marius is greedy and underhanded. He has ill intentions for Hyrule, I know as he's done everything but told me so from his own mouth. Father, please, I ask you to reconsider this arrangement you've made.”

“It has already been decided and finalized, my dear. Marius is a very nice boy, were you to ever give him the chance. You barely know him. So how could you say such things about him?”

“I do not wish to know him!” Her voice raised an octave and shook the scrolls that still slept on the shelves.

“Watch your tone.” The old man frowned and crossed his arms over his chest.

“My apologies, Father. But are not even considering what I am saying.”

“I have considered what you've said, Zelda. But I have not seen any of the behavior you've described.”

“And you think he would behave that way in your presence? Answer me this then, were it not for this debt he seems to think we owe, would you even give him this kind of consideration?” Zelda, though she looked completely calm on the exterior, was struggling to maintain a respectful volume of voice as she listened to her father dismiss her. Again.

“There is no 'seems to', Zelda. We owe this debt. To him and his family and it is the very least we could do to honor it. There really is no way to pay it back, given the enormity of what we received.”

She shook her head. “What could we possibly owe to them to warrant you ignoring the truth when it is there, in plain sight?”

“His ancestor saved our country. We owe him a debt of gratitude.”

“You mean to tell me...” Zelda's voice trailed off as her father's nod answered her unasked question.

“Yes, Marius is a descendant of the Hero you so greatly admire. How do you think your Hero would feel were he to find out about your treatment of his family?”

“But how? How is that possible? He only had one child with his wife! And he was not even born within Hyrulian borders!”

“His wife's father remarried and together, they had one child. Marius is the grandchild of this child.”

“Then Marius is not a descendant.”

“He is the only clear descendant we know of. For all we know, the Hero and his family perished while living in the woods. There are no documented relatives in Ordon.”

“Have you even bothered to verify this?”

“It would not matter in either event. Even if there were a living relative in Ordon, he would be beneath you in social status and a marriage would not be allowed.”

There was a silence that followed. Zelda looked dumbfounded at this knowledge and she decided within that moment that she simply had to see Ganondorf that night. Perhaps he could shed light on this part of the Hero's family tree she seemed to neglect. She stood and began to put away the scrolls she had been studying. “Zelda...”

“Father, please. I just...I need to think on this.” She forced a smile and he nodded to her, his hand resting gently on her arm for a moment before turning and leaving her alone. Zelda gathered the armful of scrolls that remained and carried them off, to put them away and find the scroll that documented the Hero's family tree.

Outside the castle, in an area of the courtyard designated for soldiers’ training, Ganondorf stood, with his hands clasped firmly behind him. An air of superiority surrounded him as he watched the soldiers that had most recently been recruited into the King’s guard train and prepare. His exercises were rigorous and left many of the soldiers too exhausted to do anything else. The lot of them was cowards and if he were able to, he would put them out of their misery.

Sensing the presence of another, one whom should not be there, he whirled around fluidly and caught sight of his guest. Marius matched Ganondorf’s gaze with a smug smile and Ganondorf quelled the urge to sneer at the boy’s brazenness. He sauntered up to the much taller man and mocked his stance, though Marius’ presence lacked the daunting height and sense of imminent danger that Ganondorf possessed.

“What do you want, boy?” Ganondorf said, his dark eyes glaring holes into the soldiers under his charge. The men shrank back and Marius did not fail to notice this.

“This should be a private conversation. Dismiss our audience first and then we can talk business.”

Marius cast a sideways glance at Ganondorf, who had crossed his arms over his massive chest. Without a word, he waved his hand in the air and the soldiers dispersed almost immediately. Once they were alone, Ganondorf turned on Marius, towering over him purposefully. “There, we are alone. What do you want, boy?”

Marius firmed his stance, though his initial reaction was to shrink back from Ganondorf. He would not be intimidated by this man. Or at least he will not allow it to show. “In case you haven’t realized it, Zelda is promised to me. It would be to your benefit, then, to distance yourself from her and to keep your hands to yourself. Understood?”

Ganondorf arched an eyebrow, “Just who are you to give me orders?”

“The future king of Hyrule. And when I am such, my first order of business will be to rid my castle and kingdom of you.”

Ganondorf’s hands clenched into tight fists as he watched Marius turn on his heels and walk away. The urge to crush the boy’s head into the dirt was strong and Ganondorf was having a difficult time maintaining his composure. He had to rid himself of Marius. And quickly. Otherwise, there was a chance Marius would cause him to lose his temper and he would ruin everything he had worked so hard to achieve.

Though for now, he decided to seek out Zelda and request her presence in his chambers that night. After all, he needed some way to work off how frustrated he had become.

That night, when the rest of the castle slept, there was a gentle knock on the metal door and sounds of the hinges split the silence in the air. Ganondorf greeted Zelda with a smile so dangerous; one would wonder if he would turn his rage upon her. She suppressed a shiver that trailed its way down her spine and returned his smile, hers far less sinister, but certainly not innocent. “Good evening, my dear.”

“Good evening, Ganondorf.” She stepped toward the door, though it did not open wide enough to allow her to slip past his frame. Instead, he drew the door closed behind him and pressed her into the wall of the hallway, beneath the dim glow of a candle. She was speechless, unable to process exactly what was happening because he nudged her head back, placing heated kisses against her skin. “Ganon..dorf…wait,” she whispered, color creeping across her cheeks.

“Why ever for?” he asked playfully. He drew her skirt up and wrapped one of her legs about his waist. His hips pressed against hers and Zelda forgot momentarily what it was she was going to say.

“Someone…could see…us…”

He chuckled, his breath tickling her neck and she shuddered against him. “No one travels these halls. They fear me, as they rightly should.” He thrust his hips against hers shallowly and she gripped his arms, to keep from losing her balance.

“Still…” She spoke with her eyes closed, though immediately opened them when she thought the ground beneath her had moved. Ganondorf had lifted her up into his arms.

“But, if you insist, Princess.”

The couple disappeared into Ganondorf’s room, though unknown to them, that they had been seen. Not by a servant or someone of no consequence. This spy was Marius and no other. He smirked to himself, tucking away what he had just seen for use later. He was certain, if he played his cards right, this situation could work to his advantage.
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