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Well You Can Come With Us Now

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Skye thinks that getting kicked out of her house is a bad thing, when really it leads to her being taken by two vampires, a demon and an angel... Hmm ok maybe it is a bad thing

Category: My Chemical Romance - Rating: PG-13 - Genres: Drama,Fantasy,Humor - Characters: Bob Bryar,Frank Iero,Gerard Way,Mikey Way - Published: 2009-09-09 - Updated: 2009-09-10 - 2308 words

But we’re not here to judge you.
We want to be your friends now.
And we can make you feel like everything that’s gone wrong happened for a reason.

Well you can come with us now.
There’s no need to be scared, be scared, now.
Cuz we can make you feel like everything that’s gone wrong happened for a reason.

Ch 1

“Where am I suppose ta stay?” I scream.
“Don’t care. Don’t think of ever coming back here though.” My “dad” yelled as he slammed the door leaving me alone in the dark.
“Asshole!” I scream once more throwing my thigh-length dark purple/black hair from in front of my face. I grabbed the stuff from my old room that my father so kindly scattered all over the lawn and stuffed it in my old suitcase. “I would’n wanna stay in this hell hole anyway!
I walked down the dark road with my bag over my shoulder and didn’t glance back until I heard a noise. I whipped around but no one was there. I continue walking. I lived in this hellhole my whole life. I had an twin brother home that I’m sure would miss me but other then him I wouldn’t be missed. Tyler looked exactly like me. He dyed his natural black hair an endearing light brown but his eyes were mine. Green, Like the grass on a spoiled lawn. He was a good inch taller then me and acted at least 4 years older even if I was a full 7 minutes older. My oldest sister wouldn’t miss me even the tiniest bit. Her and her fiancé moved in again a couple years ago. Lylia was always mean to me and I didn’t give her a reason to be. But I didn’t need her so long as Tyler was there. I also had a little brother Josh. He was sweet but almost a stranger.
I bit my lip and played with my lip ring as I walked silently down the lightly illumed street. I hadn’t done much to get kicked out. It was my birthday, and turning 18 meant he could finally make me go. I wasn’t a bad kid though, really. I got pretty good grades though the teachers hated me. I was a smart kid, but I had a little problem with just blindly saying “okay” and giving people respect they didn’t earn just because they could teach. I wasn’t a criminal. Sure I smoked before it was legal but I wouldn’t say that made me a bad kid. I got in some fights at school and usually won, the fact that I’m a girl usually helps.
My Father just never really liked me. I can’t say the feeling wasn’t mutual. The man wasn’t a horrible father but he never did anything to make him a dad. That house was always filled with fights and screaming and it wasn’t all that great of a house to begin with. It had three bedrooms. My dad’s room, Lylia and her fiancé’s room, and Tyler, Josh, and mine. Me and Ty on a bunk bed and Josh on the small beat up sofa. Very small, dirty, cramped, and everything was unorganized.
“Skye!” Someone yelled from behind me. I turned around again and, like before, no one was there. I really had to sleep more. Speaking of sleeping I had no idea where I was going to stay. I just kept walking hoping some genius idea was going to come to me.
“Pretty Skye.” The voice yelled again. It was masculine light. I whipped around and knew it wasn’t just in my head this time. I heard a happy giggle. “Skye, Skye, Skye!” I turned around in circles trying to find where it was coming from. Who was calling my name? And then I heard whispering. I strained my ears trying to hear what was being said.
“Aw common, White Wings. We’re just havin a spot of fun.” A different voice said with a thick jersey accent, and the first person giggled again. White wings? What the hell was that suppose to mean.
“Come here little Skye. We don’t bite… Well Two of us don’t” The first voice piped up. And three giggles followed and one sigh.
“Look at her. Twirl, Skye, twirl.” A third deep monotone voice chimed in.
“Who’s there?” I asked who ever it was.
“Me! Hehehehe” The Second voice said with a giggle. “And my three best friends a’course.”
“Where’re you?” I asked looking around again.
“Above you silly!” The first voice said. I slowly looked up and saw four guys hovering above me. One was pale with choppy brown hair and a devilish smile. One with equally pale skin with black hair and a sideways grin. One had tan skin with black and white Mohawk and black wings. And one had white skin, hair and wings.
“Right.” I said and blacked out.


“Aw, why couldn’t we just leave er’?” The Jersey voice said. My eyes were still closed and I felt a cool breeze.
“Because it’s immoral.” A new quiet voice said.
“If ya so righteous, Bob, why aren’t cha helping Gerard and I carry the human?” the same voice growled.
“I’m carrying her bag.” Bob mumbled.
“Because, Frankie, Mr. Angel here is lazy” This time it was the voice who called me before. The one with the light mocking voice.
“I wouldn’t be talkin’ Mikey! Ya aint much help eitha.” Frankie said.
“That’s all cause me and Gerard are brothas. He got the mussel to carry that thing and I got the looks to get that thing.” Mikey giggled.
“You little! You’re lucky I don’t drop this chick and beat cha.” The one I am guessing is Gerard hissed.
“Oh quiet everyone. We’re home.” Bob said.
I was suddenly and uncomfortably dropped on the floor.
“Hey! Be careful with her, she’s delicate.” Bob growled.
I opened my eyes and saw I was inside a large house. It was furnished and beautiful. There weren’t any lights on but they had just returned home.
“Mortal gals awake.” Frank said leaning over me.
“Who’re you people?” I asked sitting up. I looked them over. Yup, they still had the wings.
“Well, I’m Bob, and I just want to tell you that none of us will hurt you.” I got a good look at him. He was the one in white. He had white hair and white goatee. He had beautiful white feathers coming out of his back and was wearing white pants and a blue shirt. The wings slowly went into his back and were no longer seen. “I’m an Angel. Please don’t freak.” He requested with a small smile. I just starred at him, speechless.
“Uh ok, well I’m Frank, or Frankie. Ya know… ya pretty heavy for a skinny chick.” I turned to look at him. He had white hair on the sides with a black Mohawk. His eyes were a red/ brown color. He was beautifully tan and sported a pair of short red wings. He had no shirt on and you could see his many tattoos and muscles. He had a pair of red silk pants. “Demon extraordinaire.” He said proudly
I scooted closer to the angel. I looked over at the last two.
One had black hair down to his shoulders. He wore a black suit with a red tie, His complexion was extremely pale and had dark hazel eyes.
The other had choppy brown hair to his chin. He, like the man to his left, had very pale skin. He wore tight ripped black jeans and a tight black shirt. He wore glasses convering his hazel eyes and a gigantic smile.
“Gerard. Vampire.” The one with the suit said simply.
“Mikey! Gerard’s amazing looking brother. Vampire as well.” The glasses one said, and he was right. In fact all of them were gorgeous men.
“We are, aren’t we!” Mikey said happily. I starred at him.
“Vampires hear thoughts, doll.” Frankie explained.
“Uh… Right.” I looked down blushing and confused. Mikey and Frankie giggled.
“Now don’t you be shy around us. You are sexy too, Miss Skye.” Frank smirked.
I staired at them one at a time. And then smiled.
“Well at least I still got a home.” I said outloud.
“Come again?” Gerard asked.
“I got kicked out earlier in this dream and I didn’t realize I was dreaming up til now. So when I wake up, I still got a home.” I explained, I stood up and walked straight to Frankie and touched his face. He smiled and his eyes were laughing. “You aint real.” I said and he broke out into a wicked grin.
“Oh I’m very real, sugea.”
I walked over to Bob and touched his face too. “You aint real either.”
I walked to Gerard and did the same. “And neither are you.”
I walked to Mikey and put a hand on both of his bouncing shoulders and smiled at him. “And neither are you… Unfortunately.” I said and walked back to the spot I sat in the middle of them.
“And now I wait.” I said and closed my eyes. I concentrated on waking up. Although all of this was fun, I wanted to not be in the presence of a demon and two vampires. I took deep breaths and relaxed my mind.
“Okay? Anyway…” Gerard broke the silence after a full 15 minutes.
I sighed and opened my eyes again. “Why’m I here?” I finally asked, defeated.
“Well, we accidentally made ya faint. So Bobby said that we couldn’t just leave ya in the middle of the road. So me and Gee carried ya to our home cause ya don’t really have anywhere to go, yeah?” Frankie explained. “All White Wings doin.”
“So… What’s going to happen now?” I asked standing up again.
“Well We can either kill you, keep you, or turn you and let you choose to leave or stay.” Mikey said nonchalantly.
“I’d uhm..rather not die.” I said panicked. Mikey walked up to me and ran a finged down my neck.
“I’d rather ya not die either.” He whispered in my ear giving me goose bumps.
“Mikey, Restrain yourself.” Gerard ordered. Mikey winked at me but backed off.
“Let Skye choose if she wants to be turned or kept.” Bob said.
“Turned? Like into one of you?”
“Only a vampire, we cant change you into a angel or a demon.” Gerard explained.
“Yeah, You’d be one of us.” Mikey said happily.
“Or we could kill ya.” Frankie said with a smile.
“Why cant I just… go?” I asked frustrated.
“And let you run around with knowledge of us?” Gerard asked and raised an eyebrow.
“I guess not.” I sighed and looked down.
“Why don’t you just sleep on it?” Bob asked, I nodded “Gerard will show you your room..” And with that Bob disappeared.
Frank walked up to her and cupped her face. She could feel his warm hands and staired into his eyes. “Tell me if ya ever wake up from this dream, yeah?” And he disappeared. Mikey winked and walked away. Gerard bearly touched me as he brought me upstairs.
Upstaires was a hall with many doors on each side. In between each door there was a light providing an almost romantic touch to the dark hallway. The carpet under me was red, orange, brown and black. I studied Gerard and couldn’t help but notice his smell. He smelt of mint and coffee. It was endearing and I found myself walking closer to him just to breath it in. Gerard must have noticed because he smiled.
“Ya think that’s a good idea, sugea?” He asked chuckling. I realized that he was a vampire and I probably shouldn’t be getting closer then necessary.
“Do you really eat people?” I asked curious. He glanced at me guickly and his smile widened and I could see his white teeth.
“Nah.” I sighed and before I could relax fully he added. “I drink their blood.” My eyes widened and I tried to get my arm out of his grip but he was stronger then I thought. “I aint gonna drink yours yet though. So ya can relax.” Unfortunatly, I couldn’t.
We walked past five doors and then came to the last one.
“This is your room. Mine is the furthest down the hall. Next to mine is Bobby’s. Franks is aftea his. And the closest ta your room is Mikey boy’s room.” Gerard unlocked my door and opened it for me. “The bathroom is between Mikey’s and Frank’s room. And dats about it. If ya wake up before any of us come in ta get cha, don’t leave ya room. And Skye?” He asked While he was talking I was coming up with ways to escape from this mad house. “Don’t do whatcha thinking about. Escaping is a good way ta end up on the menu. Wouldn’t wanna be mine or Mikey’s breakfast would ya?” And with that he walked down the hall and into his room.
I had forgotten his ability to read minds. I looked around the simple room and saw my bag was on a side table next to a large bed. There was a couch on one wall and a dresser on the opposite wall. I lied down on the comfortable bed and, although I tried my best not to, I fell asleep rather quickly.
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