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Misery Business

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Vanessa runs the school with a tyrrany never before seen. The only problem? She's an OC in a world of anime characters--you know she's going down. Serious songfiction to the one by Paramore of the ...

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Misery Business

Sango walked the steps of her high school, entering the glass double doors slowly. No sign of Vanessa, that was good. She slung her backpack up over her shoulder and walked quickly to Miroku, who was standing by their lockers. "Hey!" She smiled, and kissed him.

Miroku reacted with pleasant surprise, before kissing her back. As Kagome walked up to talk to Sango, her best friend, Miroku pulled away.

"Hey Kagome, how are you?" Sango asked as Miroku began to put his books in his locker.

"I'm fine. Vanessa's coming," Kagome stated roughly, glancing at the doors through which students were coming.

"How can you tell?" Asked Miroku, who was searching the thinning crowd for a crown of brown hair.

As he asked, a scream erupted from outside, just beyond the double doors. "Oh," he sighed. Sango and Kagome watched as Vanessa, standing at an intimidating 5'9, with brown hair that was ridiculously shiny and had enough volume to counter her large breasts and hips, walked through the doors.

Her lips were dark red, as usual, and her eyes lined in black. Kagome and Sango watched Vanessa pass them by in a blue dress, glaring as she went.[1]

Sango shook her head as Vanessa went around the corner, and stared at Miroku, who had buried his head in his locker. "Sorry, she just scares me," he smiled, and so did Sango while Kagome watched to see if Vanessa would come back.

"I understand completely," Sango muttered.

Kagome decided Vanessa wasn't coming back (the biggest clue was a chorus of screams from adjoining hallways) and sighed. "She's insane. Last week she threw rocks at Koenma's brand new corvette. He tried to kill himself." Sango gritted her teeth.

"I can't believe you dated her," Kagome pressed Miroku as the three of them began to walk to class. Miroku bit his lip.

"Me neither, to be honest." He glanced at Sango, who was glaring straight ahead.

The subject was touchy for her. She and Vanessa had never been friends, but Sango still felt betrayed by her. Last year, she and Miroku had become good friends, and Sango had thought about dating him, but the night he was going to ask her out, Vanessa kissed him. Miroku didn't forget about Sango, but Vanessa kept on bugging him (and sleeping with him, Sango believed), until they dated.

I'm in the business of misery
Let's take it from the top
She's got a body like an hourglass
It's ticking like a clock
It's a matter of time before we all run out
When I thought he was mine
She caught him by the mouth.

The bell rang, breaking Sango from her reverie. She and Kagome went off to Algebra, while Miroku turned to go to Biology. As Kagome and Sango were walking, they saw a group of cheerleaders standing in the hall, chatting.

Before either of them could blink, Vanessa came up behind the four girls and pushed her way through the group, literally. Two of the girls, Botan and Keiko, went flying several feet to the side as Vanessa stomped away in her high heels, her face passive.

Botan began crying, holding an ankle on the floor, while Keiko got up and brushed herself off before realizing she had cut her lip on a locker. Kagome shuddered at the blood, while Sango rushed to Botan, whose leg was already swollen. She and one of the other cheerleaders took Botan to the infirmary, while the other and Kagome took Keiko to the bathroom to fix her lip.

Sango rushed to class with a note from the nurse, who hadn't believed them that Vanessa was responsible for Botan's injury. Big surprise. Vanessa was reported often, especially when her violent and terrifying behavior had begun, but no one had believed the other students.

Things always seemed very accidental, such as the fact that Botan was a cheerleader and a common source of broken ankles is being thrown and not caught. The same thing went for Keiko. Now that Vanessa was known for her evil deeds, she was reported less because people were too afraid of pissing her off or that no one would believe them. And indeed, Vanessa seemed to be even more malicious to those that reported her.

As she ran, Sango thought about Vanessa and Miroku. They had dated, and eight months later, Vanessa dropped Miroku's broken heart on Sango's doorstep. Sango had helped Miroku through the hardest time of his life, and they went out after only two weeks. Since then, Vanessa had hated Sango with burning passion. Sango couldn't imagine why, as Vanessa had dumped Miroku, but as Kagome said, the girl was insane.

I waited eight long months
She finally set him free
I told him I couldn't lie;
He was the only one for me
Two weeks and we had caught on fire
She's got it out for me
But I wear the biggest smile.

After first period, Sango and Miroku met at their lockers to replace their books and chat. Directly across from them stood Yukina, her back to the hall. Yukina was a girl who everyone (except Vanessa, of course) loved because she was so sweet.

She had been growing her hair out since the third grade, and it now met the top of her thighs. Usually, she kept it in a long braid over her shoulder, and today was no different. Sango spoke softly to Miroku as Vanessa rounded the corner. Neither Miroku nor Sango saw her, but Kagome, who was walking up to talk to Yukina, stood frozen as Vanessa pulled a pair of shears from her purse.

Yukina was unawares until Vanessa tapped her on the shoulder. The small girl turned and smiled at Vanessa, whom she had never really liked, but always made an effort to be kind to anyway.

It seemed like it had paid off, as Vanessa was smiling at her too, but something was suddenly very wrong—Yukina felt her breath leave her body, Vanessa was smiling, Kagome stared in horror as Vanessa held up the scissors and a long braid of sea-green hair, the smile fading from her face and turning into a squint of hate.

Yukina's eyes and mouth opened in shock, and a dainty hand reached around the back of her head to make sure Vanessa was kidding, she had to be, it wasn't really—

Yukina's hand clutched at where her braid began, but instead of flowing into long locks, the pony tail cut short into a stubby hair cut. Vanessa was glaring at her, her eyes piercing Yukina's, as her mouth fell open—her hair was gone, her beautiful hair which she had grown to hide her insecurities, her hair that was her life, gone, gone—and Yukina began to scream.

Kagome's mouth was open as well, and Sango and Miroku and the twelve other people in the hall stared and stared as Yukina burst into tears and continued screaming bloody murder. Vanessa smirked at Kagome and walked off, the scissors and braid in hand.

Miroku and Kagome rushed to Yukina, who had fallen to the floor in despair, still screaming, and Sango watched Vanessa turn the corner, a look of emotionless satisfaction on her face. As Yukina's tears fell, Sango grew cold with hate for Vanessa, and vowed, as the blue dress disappeared from sight, to ruin her.

Whoa, I never meant to brag
But I got him where I want him now
Whoa, it was never my intention to brag
To steal it all away from you now
But God does it feel so good
'Cause I got him where I want him now
And if you could, then you know you would
'Cause God it just feels so...
It just feels so good.

Miroku tried to calm Yukina down enough to go to second period, but she wouldn't stop screaming and crying (mostly screaming "NO!" over and over) so the principal came and took her home. The second bell had already rang, so Miroku, Sango and Kagome, who were all badly shaken (though not surprised) went to class.

They all had gym together, luckily without Vanessa. Also in their class was Kagome's boyfriend, Inuyasha. The couple had been dating only a while and was a bit insecure and foolish about one another. Kagome, who had had trouble with Inuyasha's girlfriends in the past, was particularly distrustful, though Inuyasha had done nothing to prompt this.

It was in the hall after third period that Vanessa struck next, or so Sango knew. She had heard a few more screams since Yukina left, and so undoubtedly, Vanessa was on a roll this morning. Three people sent home in pain and it was only 10 A.M.

Shuichi Minamino, better known as Kurama, walked carefully out of the infirmary, sporting a broken arm and looking around, no doubt for Vanessa. He had snapped it in a car crash the day before, which had also given him a lot of bruising and pain. Sango was glad to see him back today, and not just because he was gorgeous—until she saw Vanessa walking in front of her, coming up behind Kurama, who was attempting to walk quickly, but failing due to his arm and the pain.

Things seemed to move slowly then, when Sango realized Vanessa's motives, and half of the school seemed to be staring at her and Kurama, who was already cringing when he saw her coming. It was an electric moment—everyone held their breath, some closed their eyes, and all was silent, as Kurama winced and tried to turn away from Vanessa's hand, but she was too quick for him, though they both seemed in slow motion.

Before anyone could move, Vanessa reached out with the hand closest to Kurama, grabbed him by the upper arm, just above his elbow, and shoved as hard as she could, forward and a bit to the right. As she did so, the slow motion effect was thankfully destroyed, and rather, the sight of Kurama being slammed into the wall went quick.

Second chances, they don't ever matter
People never change
Once a whore
You're nothing more
I'm sorry that'll never change
And about forgiveness
We're both supposed to have exchanged
I'm sorry honey but I passed it up
Now look this way!

Kurama's scream echoed loudly and everyone watched as he fell to the ground, his good arm covering his broken one as if to rub the pain away. Vanessa walked away without looking back, her heels clicking. Several people ran away, frightened or afraid to be caught at the scene of the crime. Most others just stood in terror, watching Kurama scream bloody murder as tears leaked from his eyes.

Sango stood still for a moment, only a moment, before running to Kurama, who had attracted the attention of the nurse. She came out and pulled Kurama to his feet, checking his arm with a glaring eye. "What happened?" She muttered, feeling the bone and causing Kurama to scream more. Sango took a chance and went for it.

"Vanessa Eastwood, she pushed him by his broken arm into the wall," Sango breathed, watching for a reaction. The nurse rolled her eyes, pulling Kurama by his good arm back into the office.

"I don't know why you kids always blame Vanessa Eastwood for everything, she seems so nice to me..."

Sango let out a sigh that came from deep within and clutched her hands into fists. Vanessa was digging herself the deepest grave...the bell rang, and Sango ran (mostly to get the anger from her body) to her fourth class, English, which she shared with Vanessa.

The class was eventful; Vanessa dropped the corner of a large text book on a kid's lap, causing him to have to go to the nurse who sent him home with an icepack and "I'm not sure if you'll ever have kids or pee straight, son." Sango rushed to lunch with Kagome, Inuyasha and Miroku, leaving Vanessa behind to torment other students less fortunate.

"I say we do something," Sango said, taking a sip of soda. Miroku nodded.

"Something has got to be done. Otherwise, she's going to torture everyone into insanity or someone's going to kill her." Kagome pretended to ponder it.

"Doesn't sound so bad." Sango laughed while Inuyasha grinned.

"Who do you think it would be?" he asked, and Sango stared.

"I don't know, she's gotten everyone, I think. Yukina was crushed about her hair, Koenma tried to kill himself over the car..."

"Yeah, why did he do that? I mean, it was just a car. Okay, a really nice car," amended Inuyasha after Miroku stared at him.

"It wasn't just some car his dad bought for him; Koenma's had a job since middle school. I heard him saying he's worked every day for six years to pay for it. And the damages are going to cost more than the car itself," Kagome stated, and actually looked around as if to see Koenma with a pistol in his hand as he had been found a few days ago.

Well there's a million other girls who do it
Just like you
Looking as innocent as possible
To get to who they want
And what they like
It's easy if you do it right
Well I refuse, I refuse, I refuse!

"She basically castrated a boy in English today. They don't even know if he'll be able to have children," Miroku said blatantly. Sango watched as Vanessa passed a group of boys and Kikyo, and grabbed the straps of Kikyo's dress, ripping them away.

Kikyo's dress fell to the floor and she screamed before running. The boys looked after her, stunned. None of them were smiling, and Vanessa walked away, smirking. "She's so horrible," muttered Yusuke, who walked up to the group followed by Kuwabara.

"How's Kurama?" Sango asked, as Yusuke knew him very well. Yusuke shrugged.

"It didn't re-break, that's good. But it hurt like hell, and he's staying home until it's better." Sango nodded.

"I think that's a good idea."

"You guys, we have to do something," Sango said again, and sighed.

Whoa, I never meant to brag
But I got him where I want him now
Whoa, it was never my intention to brag
To steal it all away from you now
But God does it feel so good
'Cause I got it where I want it right now
And if you could, then you know you would
'Cause God it just feels so...
It just feels so good.

After they had met for lunch, Inuyasha and Kagome stood in front of their lockers, smiling and chatting. Kagome was starting to feel as though she and Inuyasha should be together forever. She had liked him for a while, but had never gotten up the courage to be his 'next ex-girlfriend'.

Now, however, things were good. Well, fairly good. Vanessa walked up behind Kagome, and Inuyasha's eyes were already widening when Vanessa's hand placed itself on Kagome's face, the nails digging into her skin, and simultaneously pushing her backwards. Kagome stumbled, and then pulled her head back from Vanessa's hand, red marks in her face where the nails had pierced it.

Vanessa's hands moved into Inuyasha's hair, around his neck, and her face closed in on his. Kagome stood, frozen in horror, as Vanessa began to kiss Inuyasha, her tongue jabbing into his mouth. Inuyasha's eyes were wide, his mouth unresponsive, but he didn't push her away.

His hands rose to either side, in the 'hands up' maneuver, but she continued kissing him. Kagome and Inuyasha were frozen, as Vanessa stood between them. Then, she pulled away from Inuyasha, wiped the smear of lipstick from the corner of her mouth, and smirked at Kagome who just watched in horror.

Vanessa walked off, satisfied, as Kagome stared now at Inuyasha, who stared back, eyes wide and mouth unmoving. Kagome's eyes closed and tears began gushing as she covered her face in her hands, and Inuyasha still stared, completely shocked by what had just happened.

I watched his wildest dreams come true
And not one of them involving you
Just watch my wildest dreams come true
And not one of them involving...

Kagome came to her last class in tears, with those awful red marks in her face, and Sango listened to her sob and try and explain what Vanessa had done now.

After learning that Vanessa had kissed Inuyasha in front of Kagome, Sango looked to Yusuke, Hiei, Yukina's half brother, Kuwabara, and Sesshomaru, Inuyasha's half brother. They were sitting in a group in the back, and Yusuke nodded to her.

Sango asked to walk Kagome to the office, and the teacher consented. However, she actually walked Kagome to the bathroom, where they sat for a few minutes, allowing Kagome to cry out her tears. Sango then helped her wipe away her mascara stains and then took her to the office, who by now was so used to allowing students to go home early (though was oblivious as to why everyone was so teary in this school) that they didn't even ask questions. Sango walked back to class, and sat near the boys, listening to their conversations.

As their computer class let out, Sango walked in front, followed by Hiei, Kuwabara, Yusuke, and Sesshomaru. All five of them had some sort of revenge on their minds—Sango's focus was Miroku's face after Vanessa had broken up with him; Hiei's his sister's screams when Vanessa had cut off all of her hair, Kuwabara his girlfriend Yukina's hair in that lovely braid now in a trashcan somewhere, Yusuke his girlfriend Keiko's busted lip, and Sesshomaru, his baby brother Inuyasha's honor after being kissed by Vanessa, someone Sesshomaru considered a lying whore, not even worth his brother, for whom he had low standards.

Whoa, I never meant to brag
But I got him where I want him now
Whoa, I never meant to brag
But I got him where I want him now...

The five of them exited the classroom and began walking down the hall, Sango in the middle and two boys to either side, and as they walked, Vanessa turned the corner and smiled. It was clear from her expression that tormenting Sango was a specific joy. Sango walked determinedly forward, and she and Vanessa stood feet from each other, both staring. Sango smiled and turned her head submissively to the side, before looking Vanessa in the eye and reaching down her v-cut dress's front.

Vanessa stood in shock, the same locks that she had put on all others now closing in on her, as Sango removed two enhancement cups from Vanessa's bra. Now Vanessa clutched at her fairly flat chest, eyes and mouth wide. Sango continued to smile and pulled a cloth from her pocket, swiping it across the astounded Vanessa's face. Vanessa shrieked as Sango held the make-up sodden cloth from her, disgusted.

Vanessa still had half of her make-up on, but she began to scream, unmasked and vulnerable like her victims. Sango dropped the cloth and Vanessa dropped her head—the boys brushed past Vanessa, glaring and holding their arms out as if to say "What? WHAT?" Vanessa was crying, holding her face and crying, and Sango and the boys walked away, leaving her alone to pity herself.

Whoa, it was never my intention to brag
To steal it all away from you now
But God does it feel so good
'Cause I got him where I want him now
And if you could then you know you would
'Cause God it just feels so...
It just feels so good.

[1] If you've seen the video for "Misery Business" then you should recognize this description. The majority of the plot of this songfic, especially concerning Vanessa, was based on the music video. Perhaps that's why it was so easy to write...
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