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A smoldering cigarette rested in the copper ashtray next to a fastened cigarette box. Marilyn’s handsome face pouted at Emma. The cherry wood table could barely be seen. Emma tapped her pen nervously against the table. She watched the ashes fall to the bottom of the ashtray. Falling as if they were autumn’s red gold leaves. She let her pen fall to. The cigarette was burning away and it had been such a long time since she had a puff. She picked it up and took a deep drag. She let it out slowly in little ringlets above her head. She smiled inwardly. The methanol hit her nose, filled her mouth with robust smoke and when she let it out, in its place was a rich taste. The taste relaxed her considerably. Her thesis was due in the next three days. She signed as she hungrily sucked down the cancer sticks. She was a binge smoker. She could go months without one but if she got it, chances were she was going to need three cartons before the spell was over. She held another Kool to the cigarette to her lips and placed the already nearly finished to the end of the unlit one. She inhaled until the lit off of each other she flicked the yellowed filer into the water beside her. She looked at it with its ugly gray yellow shade with the ashes resting on the bottom as if dead bodies. She smiled and imagined one of them was that annoying ignorant little drama queen in her graduate classes she was just about on the verge of shoving down a flight of stairs. She pushed the filters around on the top. Just like water lilies. She took another hit of her fag. She looked around the room feeling guilty. Like someone was going to scold her for not working, for letting her eyes wander. She looked at the Novocaine movie sitting on the floor next to the DVD player she had forgotten to put up. She looked around again as if Steve Martin was going to jump to life.
“Emma Selena Anne!” scolded the comedian in, ironically, her mother’s voice. “Your doctrine depends on this and what are you doing? Sitting there, smoking and living with your heads in the clouds. Your father and I did not waste so much money on you to fail. What do you have to say?” Steve yelled.
Emma signed and replied, “Nothing.” Steve shot her one more dirty look before retreating back to the Novocaine cover on the pink shag rug. She turned back to the blink screen in front of her. The cursor blinked challenging at her, challenging her to make it move. To put forth the effort to at least attempt to show why she got so many scholarships for school she couldn’t, not for the life of her. She got up and walked around her kitchen. Her bare feet were against the cold marble floor. She looked down at the expensive white marble floors she had begged for. She ran her hands against the Lac du Bonnet granite counters. The cool stone felt relaxing to her hot tense fingers. She liked the contrast her dark painted nails made. She reached up and opened the cabinet to get a crystal glass from the Depression era. She smiled as she rimmed the glass and hear the distinct ding. She sat it back down as she grabbed the pomegranate juice. She always had liked the dark liquid. The color reminded her of blood. She poured a little in her glass and took a big swallow. The tart taste fitted how her body felt at the moment. It was a fruit not very sweet but almost bitter and resounding in its taste. She poured more into the glass till it was about halfway full. Then she added her Sprite into it and took a sip. She liked the different feel the pop gave the drink. She looked at her stainless steel refrigerator. She shook her head almost upset with her self for wasting money on such frivolous things. She shrugged; it wasn’t her money, so she wasn’t going to be upset. She suddenly reminded she had a paper due. Not just any paper, her thesis. The thing that was going to decided if she was worthy of being a doctor in her field, the thing that held the future to her success, her career, quite frankly the rest of her life. She went back to the table. She felt a rush of pure, unadulterated adrenaline and brilliance hit her vein. She was going to down it. The thesis was simple and she was brilliant, graduating top of her class. She had the world at her mercy and every thing was going to go well. She sat down and as soon as the blank screen loomed into sight, she lost it. All her brilliance went out one ear. She looked at the computer. The cursor blinked at her just like a cat did a mouse it knew it was going to eat. She picked up another fag and took a drag. She heard the door creak and she knew who was going to step into its frame. She slowly exhaled. At 6’2 with his medium length curly honey blonde hair, her husband was very noticeable. He was Italian and had the tan to match. He had remarkably clear blue eyes. If he looked at you hard enough, you felt as if he was looking into your soul. That is how she felt when he did it to her. She was sure the criminals he tried felt it to. He liked to use his charm on everyone he met. That is why he made such a good lawyer. The district attorney he made it to and he loved the rewards. She looked at him in his three thousand dollar Dolce and Gabbana suit. It was black with a silver tie and matching handkerchief. He dropped the charcoal briefcase next to the chair. She caught sight of the platinum wedding band around his finger. He smiled at her and all she felt was contempt. Here he was with his brilliant career at the young tender age of thirty and she could barely finish her doctrine at 25. He looked at her and a slow smile came across his face. She looked down at the salmon chemise she was wearing. She looked at the black robe next to her chair. She looked at her diamond ring and up at Nathaniel.
“That color compliments your hair well” Lie number one. Her hair was carrot and had been her whole life; straight and long because she only trimmed the ends. “I like the way it brings out your eye color too, baby.” Truth number one. Her eyes were green and pink did go well with green. The one thing that attracts people to her has been her eyes. They are bright big and round green eyes that betrayed nothing and left many of men wondering what was grinding her head. Nathaniel was an exception but sometimes she could stump him too. He just smiled as she continued not to answer him. She was jealous of his happiness at the moment. She glared down at the millions of papers spread across the table. She had devoted many hours of her life to her field so she could be the best. Now that it came time to write the award winning dazzling thesis she has devoted so long to, she was stumped and petrified to death to type it. Nathaniel kissed the top of her hair as she continued to stare at her. He looked at the water and the cigarette still burning in her fingers. “ Still smoking, I see.” She took another puff and let her actions answer his question. He moved across the kitchen to grab a beer. He looked at her. the darkness intensified his eyes. She wanted to tell him but she didn’t want to lose the power struggle building. Nathaniel came back to the table and sat down in the chair next to hers. It was a regal looking chair with its high back and black coloring. He stared at her studied her for a long time. Their eyes met and she felt herself slipping in a downward spiral. She could feel the energy the stare was creating. She leaned forward and placed her hand on his arm. She could feel the tension underneath. The strain was unbearable. Slowly, just as she about to break, he turned and looked away. He looked at the mail and spread out the newspaper. “How’s the paper coming along?” He asked her. She blinked back tears. Insensitive jerk he was, asking about the very thing she had been dreading for months. He looked at her over the paper. She let her glaze drop to the screen as she typed away nonsense on a different screen. She closed it and it went back to the one saved as thesis. “Hey, I found a coupon for 5% off a can of Sloppy Joe. Isn’t that helpful?” She stared at her husband. She thought for a moment he was being satirical but as Nathaniel grabbed the scissors and proceed to cut that damnable coupon out, she realized she had married a moron. He put it to the side and smiled at his wife. In her absolute astonishment, he dryly asked if she wanted to go use it or should he.
She jumped up and grabbed the coupon. “Nathaniel Jayson! Do you fully understand that the most you will get off that darn coupon is point zero five! That is in cents! Nathaniel, it is a five percent off coupon and since when did you even like to eat messy foods such as a Sloppy Joe? I cannot believe you. You’re a moron, a real moron! ‘Lets use a five percent off coupon for a can of mix I can make from scratch.’ Yeah big help!” She exploded at him. She took the coupon and shredded it into a million little pieces. She threw it into his face and stomped her foot for extra measure. She glared at him as he glared back. He mumbled something about trying to be helpful at home and about an ungrateful spoiled wife. “That is five cents we don’t need to save! FIVE CENTS! Why are you home? You’re so annoying. ‘Emma, how’s the paper coming along’” She flipped the screen to face him. He looked at it before looking at her again.
“Baby, let’s get to work. It’s just a thesis.” He got on one knee in front of her and grabbed her hand. She looked down at her. “You had been working towards this since the day I met you. Remember, Emma the famous Harvard teacher. You were going to go down in history as the youngest female historical teacher in Harvard’s history.” His eyes glanced into hers and she felt herself melt. “I know you can do it no matter what, I love you.” He sealed his words with a kiss and she knew that she could write the thesis and do a fantastic job. She immediately turned to the screen and type:

Manifest Destiny:
‘From sea to shining sea.’ Our forefathers foresaw what we could make of this great land of ours. They were greedy and wanted it all. They believed it belonged to us all. They used this ideology to take away what was someone else’s land.
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