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In this Pool of Blood, as We're Touching Hands

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Im lying alone, in the street, crying. Long story short, Im now homeless. Its dark, and dangerous. They might come. I see six figures in the darkness. I hold my breath. Im scared.
I feel a sharp pain in my leg, a twisting motion, like someone twisting my leg.
"How do you like it? You whore." I voice says. I cry out in pain.
"I say we take care of him" another says.
"Rape or Feed?" The first one says.
I cry out again. "Dont please!"
I feel hands slid up my legs. All I can manage to say is "Gahhh!"
"Whats your name? Id like to know, before I fuck you hard"
"Frank..."I whimper.
"Stop!" I hear a new voice say "Get away from him! He didnt do anything!"
I feel the hands slip away, and get a new feeling: arms around me.
I look closer and see this stunning beauty. Dark black hair, long and soft, his piercing hazel eyes saying all he needed to say, his pale skin glowly in the moonlight. He smiled, revealing bright white fangs.
I gasp, shrinking back.."Dont hurt me!"
He closed his mouth quickly. "I wont, young one"
He caressed my face. "You are very beautiful" He said.
"Thank you"
"My names Gerard. Come with me. You have nothing to worry about it"
Im too weak to move, I nod. "Okay,Gerard"
I close my eyes and soon we are in a building of sorts.
"May I bathe you, young one" Gerard says softly.
"I havent touched one of your kind in a while" He said looking down.
He smiles. "Thank you young one"
"Why do you call me 'young one'?"
"Because you are younger than me, I will forever be 24 years of age, though I have seen more than most, I have been around for 150 something years"
"Call me Frankie, please. Its my nickname"
"Ive never had a nickname"
"Hmmmm Gee, I call you Gee"
"Gee? I like it. Only you will call me this, youn--Frankie"
He bathed me, enjoying my touch, the way I felt to him was pleasure for him.
He clothed me, carefully.
"Your are very beautiful" I said. he laughed. Showing his fangs. I rubbed my finger against his fangs, He moaned. I pulled away, "Vampire fangs are very sensitive, feels good" He gasped.
I went back to rubbing it. I cut myself. "Oww!" I pulled back.
He took my hand. "Trust me" He slid my finger in his mouth and sucked gentlely. He let go, and just kissed my wound. "Ahhhh" He sighed.
I looked at my finger. No more cut. Like he was reading my mind, he said "Vampire kisses are known to heal any wound"
He looked so sexy, I wanted him.
"Your sexuality?"
He smiled "I would accept male or female partner, but I prefer male, like you" He said, kissing my cheek. I blushed heavily.
"The others?"
"I will never let them hurt you, I promise" (A.N. I had to!!).
"You dont know what its like to see everything you ever cared for die, and everyone you have ever loved run away screaming after they find out the monster you are" He said sadly.
"Frankie, Its okay Im not ashamed of myself, I love myself, and Your the first human Ive liked in a long time..." He smirked.
"I like you too" I whispered. He laughed, "Come on your kind need rest" He tucked me in.
"Sleep here" I mumbled pointing to the space next to me.
"I dont need to, but for you. I will" He cuddled against me.
Tonight I will next to a vampire.
And Like it!
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