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If Life Ain't Just A Joke

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A freak accident occurs in the Way family. :O oh no. :D

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Bonnie's POV

"Mikey's dead?" I asked, my eyes wide with fear and confusion.The hand I was holding the phone tightened, and my knuckles turned white. My best freind Frank was on the phone with me, in hysterics, practically yelling at me.

"Are you...for real, Frank?" My voice was thick and I was almost in tears. I was hoping it was a joke, albeit a twisted, cruel one.

"How can you even...?" he shouted, his voice trailing off.

"Oh" I choked, the tears spilling onto my cheeks, now. "Oh my god. Gerard." I sobbed, remebering my Mikey's brother. He was practically my brother, too. When my parents got divorced, I stayed over Gerard's house for a week. And when the mafia (yes, the mafia) killed my father, I stayed there for over a month. I was now living at my cousin Alicia's house. Alicia was also Mikey's girlfriend. I thought of how upset she must be and hung up the phone. My legs were shaky as they ran to Gerard's house, which was only about four blocks away.

"Hey sweetie. Why ya' runnin'?" Some creep yelled from behind a dumpster. Belleville wasn't the nicest place around.

I got to Gerard's modest home, panting and crying. I opened the door and let myself in, as I had been doing since I was six years old.

Frank was there, as were Ray, Bob, Tyrone, Bugsy (real name: Bradley), his beautiful and incredibly stupid girlfreind, Benz (yes, her real name) and Siobhan (pronounced Shavawn).

Siobhan's face was pressed into Frank's shoulder, and her shoulder's were shaking. Frank's eyes were glazed over. I heard the dial tone from the phone that Frankie hadn't bothered to hang up. Bugsy and Benz (weirdest couple names ever, by the way) were both silent, and Tyrone's head was hung in defeat.

I smiled weakly at everyone. Benz whispered, "You need to check on Gerard," in her baby voice and looked down at the ground again.

I knocked on Gerard's door, around which everyone was seated.

The door opened slightly, and he shut it. But before it was closed all the way,I jammed my hand through and it bounced back open. I winced at the pain and mentally punched myself for how stupid that move was.

Gerard turned away. I noticed his face was free of tears.

"Gee," I shut the door and snaked my arms around his neck. I hugged him and he held me back.

"It's not real." he said quietly. "Mikey was here this morning. Going on about some math test. He's such a little fucker." he smiled. "I mean that with great affection."

I was surprised at Gerard's talkativeness. Even on a good day he didn't speak much.

Frank was the real talker, or Benz, who could talk you ear off until you were pretty much about to kill yourself. I was surprised Bugsy was still sane.

"It's so..." Gerard trailed off and din't talk. We sat on his floor next to each other, my head resting on his shoulder. He didn't cry once. I guess it hadn't really hit him. I cringed when I thought of Alicia right now. Maybe she still didn't know. I began to panic. I wasn't going to the be the bearer or bad news.

I still could hardly understand it myself, but it had set in enough to know that Mikey was never coming back. Gerard seemed unaffected, as did his parents, who I had seen in the living room, their face blank, drinks in hand. I cried fresh tears. Mikey was never coming back.

When everyone else had left, I walked home. It was dark, and it was Belleville, so it was dangerous. But I was in a fog, and a dreamlike state. I couldn't feel anything except the feeling of missing something.

When I got home, Alicia's door was shut, and she was hysterical, sobbing and shrieking. My eyes itched. I guess I was all cried out. I opened my door and slumped onto my bed, letting sleep take me away.

I dreamed about Mikey and Alicia and Benz. Alicia was at a hospital, in a tweed jacket and glasses, with a stethoscope around her neck. I'm guessing I was picturing her as a doctor. She came into a waiting room, where there were fifty people that all looked exactly like Benz. She said, "He's dead." And the Benz's morphed into one, and she began knocking on a nearby door and saying "Gerard? Come out. Bonnie's here." Then Alicia screamed, turned into a bird and flew away.

I woke up, a little scared, not at the dream ,but because my mind had come up with it. "I have a warped imagination!" I said out loud. Then I started laughing, doubling over and laughing until my stomach hurt. Then I remembered why my head hurt so bad, and why my eyes were still red and swollen. And why I felt so empty. And I started to sob.
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