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Takes place after Ultimate X-men 60. A new force with power similar to the Phoenix begins to manifest in Scott, leading to a confrontation with forces the likes of which the X-men have never faced ...

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Eternal Flame
Chapter 3: Intruder


The layout of the Xavier Institute was an imposing sight as the mutant warrior known as Slayer stood poised to storm the area. Taking a quick glance at the position of the sun in the sky, he saw that his time was dwindling. The power that lay behind these walls was growing increasingly unstable and if he was to take the necessary precautions, then he was going to have to make his move and make it soon.

"Holographic camouflage, laser grid defense, and concealed weapons systems...Not bad for a school," commented Slayer as every single concealed system was revealed to his all seeing eye, "Guess Xavier made some upgrades after Weapon X. Oh well, time to put them too the test."

Then, with acrobatic skill that would have put circus performers to shame, Jack "Slayer" Robinson leapt into the air and landed on the soft ground with a thud. As soon as he felt the hard earth beneath his feet, he began his run towards the institute. He was to just destroy the holographic projectors that were obscuring his path, but he quickly decided against that since it would probably trigger an alarm.

And besides, he wasn't out to destroy anything here. He was just out to stop a great power from incinerating the world.

"First up...Holograms," grunted Slayer as the mark on his eye told him every fake structure there was and how to avoid it.

However, holograms were just projections. Now, laser grid systems on the other hand was another story.

"Now it gets interesting," mused Slayer, not even breaking a sweat with the holograms.

The unobscured image of the Xavier Institute lay before him as he leapt atop the inner wall. So far, nobody was aware of his intrusion. But before he took a step further, he decided to take a look inside in order to see just what he was up against.

Using his all seeing eye, he got a quick glimpse of the activity inside. From what he could make out, there were a few residents, namely Dazzler and Warren, plopped in front of the TV in a sweet little snuggle, a few watching the movie Pirates of the Caribbean on another set, namely Kurt, Bobby, and Piotr, a teenage girl named Kitty Pryde laying on her bed and talking on the phone with some guy she was calling Peter, and then there was Wolverine sitting in the kitchen with a beer talking to Ororo.

As for the Professor, he was in his study looking some old books, many of which seemed to be references to mythology. Slayer was mildly impressed that he picked up on this so fast. But no book in the world spoke of the kind of power that he was dealing with. Only his all seeing eye and his vast knowledge of the metaphysical could do that. He didn't want a direct confrontation just yet, but he knew that sooner or later he would have to deal with him.

Finally, he got a glimpse of what he had come here for...Or more accurately, who he had come here for.

"There you are," he said upon seeing the image of the unconscious Scott Summers lying in an infirmary in the lower levels with an anxious Jean Grey still by his side, "Well kid, I wish you weren't caught up on this, but as it is you're going to have to deal."

The mark on his eye stopped glowing as he prepared to make his run. Standing atop the inner stone wall that separated the main institute from the holographic buffer zone, Slayer took in the open field before him. Given that it was broad daylight and everyone was awake, the security was relaxed. That would make it easier for him since he wasn't too worried about facing anybody inside.

"Time to get moving," he said, taking a quick note of the time, "If I don't get this done now, someone MUCH worse is sure to take a stab at it soon enough."

With a few flawless mid air summersaults, Slayer leapt onto the secured ground of the institute estate, taking careful note of the placement of the cameras and laser sensors that were supposed to silently report any kind of activity. Using his all seeing eye to guide him, he ducked behind a few trees and leaped across the branches.

At times, he faced several cameras, but he managed to avoid them by snaking his way around the thick branches and avoiding the line of sight. There were few, if any, blind spots. However, he was able to exploit whatever weakness he could until he reached the vast open field that led up to the institute.

"So far so good. Now it's time for a little magic."

On the tops of his hands, the two elaborate symbols began to glow and his body was surrounded by a thick purple haze. Soon, his body was completely invisible to the naked eye. And hopefully, he would also be invisible to laser sensors as well as he traversed the well kempt lawns of the Xavier Institute.

Slayer stayed silent, sensing that certain parts of the surrounding area were bugged for sounds. But thanks to his warrior agility, the sensors remained oblivious to his presence. With leap after leap over the many sensors and careful maneuvering over patches of security, he drew closer to the walls of the mansion.

Until finally, he was at his destination.

"Whew! Some security," he said under his breath as he took a brief moment to regain his bearings, "Now it's time to get up close and personal."

Knowing it probably wasn't the smartest idea to go straight through the front door, Slayer opted for a window on the ground level. Not wanting to risk opening it, Slayer used the magic in his hands to turn himself into the mist that brought him here and seep through the cracks.

Once he was in, he quickly took cover up against a wall, knowing that he couldn't afford to be detected now.

'Okay Jack, here we go! Time to get to the infirmary! Now remember your training, stay silent, stay stealthy, don't confront anybody, and stop talking to yourself. You're a warrior damn it! So move like one!'

He was right near the kitchen where Logan and Ororo were currently sitting and casually chatting. Or more so, Ororo was doing most of the talking, giving him the full details about her old friend Yuriko and how she ended up on her list of people she wanted to disembowel. Hopefully, that would keep those heightened senses of his busy enough as the mutant warrior carefully slipped past the doorway.

He would have liked to stay invisible, but using magic had a tendency to drain him, so he decided to remain conservative in his usage. After all, if he had to face any of these kids, it would probably be better if he was at full strength.

'Man, glad I showered before this,' thought Slayer to himself as he carefully made his way down the hall towards the foyer, 'If the big bad Wolverine senses me, then things are probably going to get messy. At least that girl is keeping his attention.'

His next task was to make it through the living room where a number of the boys were gathered in front of the TV watching a movie. Piotr, Bobby, and Kurt were all decked out on the couch with popcorn, but Kurt was the one having all the fun while Bobby and Piotr were just there to hear him rant.

"God Kurt, can't we watch something else besides this?" groaned Bobby, "You've seen this movie a million times!"

"Indeed. And frankly, I think one is enough for a movie of this length," said Piotr, his eyes already drooping.

"Oh come on mein friends! Vhat's not to love about Pirates of the Caribbean? And besides, zhis is the special edition DVD zhat just came out! And you know vhat that means!"

"Extended scenes?" groaned Bobby.

"You guessed it!" proclaimed Kurt as he enthusiastically navigated the menu display for the options he wanted.

Piotr and Bobby let out another groan as they sank into the couch. It was a rather humorous sight that Slayer was tempted to laugh at, but at the moment he couldn't afford to be witty. He was still working on a time limitation here.

'Damn, and THIS is what humanity is afraid of?' thought Slayer as he carefully slipped past them by staying low and against the wall.

He was just about to enter the foyer, but he kept his eye on the three boys since they could still turn around at any minute and catch a glimpse of him. But over in the living room where another TV was set up, Dazzler and Warren were beginning to show signs of renewed activity.

"Jeez, do people really watch this shit?" groaned Ali as she sat snuggled up to Warren who was flipping through the channels, half of which were cheesy court room shows.

"They wouldn't put it on if people didn't," sighed Warren, finally settling on some reality show on MTV.

"This is a sick world," she groaned, "Man I sure could use a beer."

"Ali, you're underaged."

"Hasn't stopped me before pretty boy," she said with a naughty grin.

Warren couldn't help but smile. After having been sequestered in a restrictive, uptight environment all his life, it was kind of a relief to find somebody like Ali who just rebelled against everything and made him cut loose from traditional norms.

"So how bout it? Will you get me a beer?" she said, trying to sound sexy so as to further entice her winged boyfriend, "I'll make it worth your while."

"Easy Ali. I'll see what I can find," grinned Warren as he slipped out of her grasp and headed over towards the kitchen.

Ali had a feeling that he probably wouldn't return with a beer. But as she watched him leave, she shrugged to herself indifferently.

'Oh well,' she thought, 'He's still got a nice ass.'

As she returned to watching her show, Warren stretched out a bit as he entered the foyer. But as his luck would have it, he was entering just as Slayer was leaving the last corridor, his eye still on the three boys. And as soon as the young man caught a glimpse of the armor clad warrior, his internal alarm went off like crazy.

"What the...Who are you?!" he demanded as he took a step back.

"Oh shit," groaned Slayer, already having a pretty good idea where this was going.

"Guys! We have an intruder!"

Then, much to the mutant warrior's dismay, Warren leapt back into the hall and hit one of the many alarm buttons that were littered all throughout the institute. And the second he struck it, a loud blaring noise sounded all throughout the institute for everybody to hear.

"Just my luck!" grunted the mutant warrior as he now stood in a sea of hostility, but remaining fairly calm despite this, "Guess it's just going to be one of those days."

"Get back!" yelled Warren, trying to sound tough, although he was clearly shuttering somewhat at the sight of the intruder, "I'm warning you!"

"Look kid, I don't want to fight," said Slayer, keeping a battle stance, but wanting to stay open to the use of words, "But I'm on a bit of a time crunch and if you won't let me through, then I'm going to have to take matters into my own hands."

Just then, Slayer was confronted from the other end of the hall from where he had just come from. Bobby, Piotr, Kurt, Logan, and Ororo all stood there in full force, ready to take him down.

"You've just made the biggest mistake of your life, bub!" growled Wolverine, his claws now drawn and ready to rip into that weird samurai armor of his.

"Yeah, prepare to be iced!" said Bobby, taking on his full Iceman form.

He was boxed in, trapped, and on their home turf...Not a good situation by any stretch of the imagination. But Slayer didn't look too worried or threatened. If anything, he was just annoyed.

"Look, is it at all possible that we could talk about this?" said Jack, who seriously didn't have the time for this.

"Oh we'll be talkin' bub! But you'll be screamin'!" yelled Wolverine as he lunged forth, brash and impulsive as always.

"Fine! Let's do this the hard way!"

Then, with speed and reflexes that were beyond human, Slayer whipped out his magic sword from behind and performed a super fast spin move that hit Logan's claws head on, knocked them out of the way, and left him open for a single devastating roundhouse kick to the face that sent him flying into the wall as if he were a paper bag.

"Whoa!" said Bobby, now having second thoughts about attacking this guy.

"I'm stronger than I look," said Jack, returning his magic sword to his case, "Now are we going to talk about this?"

"Fat chance!" yelled Storm as her eyes began to glow a bright blue and a surge of winds began to howl through the confined area, "X-men, attack!"

"Hoo boy..." muttered Slayer with an exasperated groan.

First things first, he had to avoid the miniature lighting strikes that Ororo was launching at him like darts at a dart board. That was difficult enough and some of them nearly grazed him, but thanks to his agility he avoided them only to be double teamed by Colossus and Iceman.

"You're not the only one with strength comrade," said an imposing Piotr Rasputin as he stood in his full metal form, his fist in a ball as he prepared to smash into this intruder before he could cause any more damage.

"I know," grunted Slayer as he was now under increasing pressure, "But can you also do this?"

Suddenly, Slayer used his magic to turn himself invisible, causing Ororo to momentarily halt her lightning assault.

"Hey! Where did he go?" asked Ororo, keeping her powers ready.

"I don't know," said Bobby, making the mistake of relaxing his guard somewhat, "You think he just ran away?"

But as soon as he said those words, Bobby felt himself suddenly lifted up off the ground by an unseen force, startling everybody back into their full alert mode.

"Hey! What the..."

"Time to go for a little ride, Iceman," said Slayer's voice as he held him by the arm and spun him around like a top, letting him go at the point where he would crash right into Nightcrawler.

"Mien Gott!" exclaimed Kurt, who didn't have time to react as he was hit with the force of a flying iceman.

Colossus and Ororo were scrambling to locate the invisible Slayer. They knew he was near, but they couldn't make out his location. But for the mutant warrior, this is exactly how he wanted it.

"Where are you?" yelled Colossus, keeping his guard up on all sides, "Show yourself!"

"No thanks. If I did, then how would I do this?"

Suddenly, the Russian Colossus was bombarded with a series of intense punches and kicks which landed along his torso and face. They were a lot harder than he had anticipated, more so than any normal human being could muster. And even though his metal form could resist it, he still felt it.

"Augh!" yelled Piotr as he felt the firm shot of a foot smash right across his face with unbridled force.

"Sorry to do this, comrade. But I'm out of time."

Then, a sudden flash of light shot out from Slayer's hand, casting a spell that caused Colossus to return to his non-metal form. Once he was in this vulnerable state, Slayer delivered a swift yet forceful blow that sent him tumbling to the ground in a dazed heap, making sure he didn't hurt him too much, but he still looked as though he was in serious need of a colossal dose of aspirin.

"The bigger they are, the harder they fall," said Slayer as he reformed into the realm of the visible.

"You!" yelled Ororo, her powers once again simmering, "You'll pay for that!"

"Lady, you've been hanging around Wolverine too much," made Slayer as the mark on his hands began to glow again, "See how you like my lightning!"

Then, before Ororo could get a shot off, Slayer's body was inundated with a purplish haze of electricity and from his fingertips a single paralyzing bolt arced through the air and struck the windrider with overwhelming force.

"Ahhhh!" she yelled as she felt the surge through her system.

Upon hearing that, Wolverine came to. Warren was by his side trying to help him up. With so little fighting experience, the winged mutant chose not to confront the skilled fighter. But Logan, on the other hand, was more than willing to take another shot at it.

"Wolverine...Are you okay?" said Warren as he managed to help him up.

"I'm fine!" he growled as he shook him off, "But this guy just signed his own death warrant!"

"You have no idea how ironic that is, Wolverine," grinned Slayer.

Not listening to his words, the former living weapon lunged forth and attacked the lone warrior. This time, instead of his main sword, Slayer used two katanas to combat Logan's claws. The feral mutant was not about to be beaten as easily this time as his claws clashed with Slayer's blades in a fast paced sword fight, the sound of colliding metal echoing through the foyer as two skilled combatants worked to overcome one another in a cinematic show of speed, strength, and agility.


While the fight was going on in the foyer, the sound of the alarms reached the infirmary where Jean was still resting by Scott's side. The sound of the loud, blaring noise sent her senses into a maelstrom. She wasn't sure whether it was a sentinel, Weapon X, or even the Ultimates, which was very much a possibility given their current relationship with them. But she didn't care who it was...Because whoever they were, she wasn't about to let them make things worse during this already difficult time.

"Oh no...Something's wrong," said Jean, sensing the distress of the others and even getting a few shots of pain, hinting that there was a fight going on upstairs, "And near as I can tell, we're getting our butts kicked."

Then suddenly, Jean noticed Scott stirring from his unconscious state. The sound of the alarm seemed to trigger his usual instincts when it came to security breaches. And despite his lingering injuries, he managed to force himself back to the world of consciousness.

"Jean...The others!" he said, shaking off his exhaustion as he now sat upright and ready to go.

"No, Scott. Stay here," she urged him as she got up, "You're in no condition to fight."

"Since when has that ever mattered?" grunted Scott, as he got off the bed, still a bit woozy but nonetheless coherent.

"Scott! I'm serious!" yelled Jean, growing increasingly irked.

"It's an intrusion Jean," grunted Scott with a serious look, "Would it really be any better for me to be in a bed?"

Now was definitely not the time to argue and Jean was in not mood. This was big and they all had to play a part in protecting their home. And besides, it was probably better that Scott remained where she could protect him rather than a sitting duck confined in an infirmary.

"Fine! I'll yell at you about this later," said an exasperated Jean, "Now come on! I think the others may need our help."


Back up in the foyer, the clash of metal between Slayer and Wolverine was quickly coming to ahead. Wolverine was almost in full berserker mode, but Slayer remained calm, collected, and utterly focused. And in the end, focus seemed to win out over rage.

"Errrrrr! Who sent you?!" demanded Logan as he tried a double slash, only to be swatted away by a couple of super quick sword maneuvers.

"Believe me Logan...You wouldn't believe me if I told you," grunted Slayer.

Then, before the Wolverine could launch his next attack, the mutant warrior made his move and attacked with a mysterious maneuver that allowed him to move at speeds that made him look like a mere blur. Logan's acute senses tried to keep up with it, but his efforts proved futile as Slayer broke his blocking move and delivered a hard punch to the face along with a double jump kick that once again sent him flying.

"Well, that was fun," muttered Slayer as he put his katanas away and turned back towards the hall.

"It's not over yet!" yelled Kurt as he appeared in front of the young warrior's path in a puff of smoke, "You're not going ANYWHERE!"

"I beg to differ," said Slayer as his eye began to glow again, "But I'm in a hurry, so I'll make this quick!"

Not wanting to evoke another fight like the one he had with Logan, Slayer made the first move this time, lunging forth in a blur of superhuman speed and hitting the young blue skinned man with a triple punch combo capped off with an uppercut. And like Logan, Kurt was effectively taken out of the fight by the seemingly inhuman level of strength shown within the mysterious intruder. But that didn't stop others from trying.

"NO!" yelled Warren, who was through watching his friends get their butts kicked as he took to the air and flew towards the intruder in the style of a flying ram, "I'm not going to let you..."

"News flash rich boy...You started this fight. I'm just ending it."

Then, as Warren was nearing his target, Slayer performed another seemingly superhuman maneuver as he did a sudden back flip into the air, kicking Warren right in the face in the process and sending him tumbling to the ground in a twisted heap.

"Ugh...My jaw," he groaned as he lay beaten and sore on the floor.

"It'll heal. Now if you'll excuse me..."

But Slayer's luck just didn't seem to get any better as the racket finally seemed to rouse Dazzler from the other room. And much to her disliking, she arrived just in time to see her boyfriend get a receive kick to the face by some armor clad stranger who looked like something out of an Akira Kurosawa movie.

"Hey asshole! You're gonna seriously pay for that shit!" she yelled, the air around her sparkling in a maze of bright colors.

"Oh man...Do we really have to do this?" groaned Slayer, who was seriously pressing his time limit here.

"You asked for it! And if you wanna step up, you're gonna get knocked down!"

The venomous thunder of Drowning Pool's hard rock lyrics were converted into a maze of intense light bursts that were all being focused on one target...Slayer. However, the seemingly unstoppable warrior was still not fazed as his hands began to glow again and he retaliated in typical warrior fashion.

"You have good tastes, Alison...But sorry to say that it's still not enough."

Even though he knew that it was probably better to conserve magic, he was just in too great a hurry to care. So with one swift barrier spell, he created a miniature glowing dome around his body...One that didn't just block, but also reflected Dazzler's bursts right back at her. And because of these properties, it also effectively blinded her in the process, destroying any hope of dodging the barrage.

"Ahhhh shit!" she yelled as she struck with the sting of her own bursts.

"Sorry, kid. But I've got a job to do. And I'm not about to let ANYTHING stand in my way," said Slayer in a determined tone.

Just then, the elevator door to the lower levels opened down the halls and both Scott and Jean came rushing out into the foyer, quickly gasping at what they saw.

"What the...Who are you?!" demanded Scott, his hands now on his visor, ready to blow away this intruder.

Upon hearing his voice, the mark on Slayer's eye glowed bright red and a surprised, yet intrigued expression fell upon his face. It looked as though he wasn't going to have to pursue his target after all.

"Scott Summers...Just the man I was looking for," he said, actually grinning at the sudden presence of the two powerful mutants, "Thanks for saving me the trip down to the lower levels. Now we can finally be on our way."

"Nobody's going anywhere pal!" yelled Jean, her body now glowing with the fire of the Phoenix Force, "Take one step closer and I'll make you regret it!"

The mark on Slayer's eye just kept glowing as he shifted his sights towards Jean Grey. Once again, a grin formed on his face as he saw the second piece of his enigmatic problem standing right there before him, looking ready to demolecularize him on the spot. But thankfully, he had prepared for something like this and wasn't at all worried.

"Marvel Girl...Or Phoenix, as you stand," commented Jack as he respectfully bowed to both youths, which only served to further confuse them, "It's an honor to stand in your presence. But I'm afraid that I don't have time to explain myself."

"Explain yourself? What's to explain? Who are you?" said Jean, trying to use her telepathy to get a few projections, but Jack's mind was a solid as a rock.

"Someone who's out to stop a terrible force from causing undue destruction," answered the mutant warrior cryptically, "And please bear that in mind while I do this..."

Suddenly, Jack's glowing hands once again sprang into action, this time shining a bright, fiery red. It was as if the area around his body was consumed by a plethora of strange fireworks and flames. And before either Scott or Jean could make sense of it, he unleashed a strange wave of mystical energy that struck Jean head on and caused her to let out a paralyzing screech.

"Errrrahhhhhhhhh!" she yelled, the fires of the Phoenix that were surrounding her looking adversely affected by the blast.

"JEAN!" yelled Scott in horror as he watched his girlfriend fall to the floor in an unconscious heap.

"It's okay, Scott. She'll be fine. Just gotta keep that Phoenix at bay for a bit," said the mutant warrior as he quickly adjusted his magic so as to deliver the final blow that would make his little mission complete, "Now look me in the eye...Look deeply into the eye that sees no lies. Look at it...Gaze at it...And sleep."


Suddenly, a feeling of intense dizziness and drowsiness fell over Scott Summers as his head began to spin and his eyes began to droop. A feeling of intense sleepiness came over him and all it took was a single glimpse into the mysterious all seeing eye of Jack "Slayer" Robinson. The X-leader tried to fight it, but eventually, he succumbed to the darkness.

"That's it, Scott. Rest up. You're going to need it," said Slayer as he caught the young teen before he collapsed.

With Scott's body now completely limp and Jean Grey knocked out, Jack had everything he needed. It hadn't gone as he had planned, but he still succeeded in the end. Now the easy part was over. From this point on, it was sure to get a bit more interesting.

"Sorry to leave so soon, guys. But rest assured...You haven't seen the last of me."

Then, just as he was about to make his leave, a sudden voice came from down the hall.

"STOP!" yelled the voice of Charles Xavier as he was phased from the second level to the first thanks to the efforts of Kitty Pryde, who was holding onto his chair from behind, "Who are you?! And where are you going with my student?!"

Turning back to face the Professor and his young associate, Slayer's expression remained relatively stoic, yet surprisingly unthreatening even though he had the limp form of Scott Summers hitched over his shoulder. It was sort of a given that breaking into the mansion uninvited would earn him a confrontation with the most powerful psychic in the world. But for Jack Robinson, such a threat was hardly comparable to what he was out to stop.

"You better start talking soon, buster!" threatened Kitty as she stood beside the Professor, "Otherwise you're going to find yourself in a nut house!"

Slayer almost laughed at such comments, but now was not the time to start laughing. Now was the time to start acting.

"Professor Charles Xavier..." he said, sounding almost amicable in his words, "I apologize for my abrupt intrusion, but I'm afraid I need your student. Something big has come up. And if I do not act fast than we could all be facing a very bleak future."

It wasn't exactly the response that the Professor had expected. In fact, it had been the opposite. This clearly wasn't some run of the mill kidnapping or attack. No, this was something very different.

"Something big? What are you talking about?" said Xavier, trying to use his powers to manipulate his mind, but the young warrior's shields were just too great even for him.

"Oh don't worry, Xavier. You'll all know soon enough."

Then, before another question could be asked, Jack Robinson's body was engulfed in a strange purple haze and in a puff of smoke...He was gone.

"Wait!" yelled Kitty, who tried to rush him, but was only met with a face full of smoke.

The air was now silent. The damage had been done. They had faced an intruder and lost. But this was no ordinary attacker. And as those who had been unlucky enough to fight this man came to, the mysterious nature of what they had just faced began to set in.

"Oh man...That sucked!" groaned Bobby as he sauntered back to his feet, deicing himself in the process.

"Speak for yourself, Iceman," said Warren as he helped Dazzler up while also rubbing his jaw, "I don't think I'll be able to eat solid foods for a week!"

"Is everybody okay?" said the Professor as he wheeled out into the center of the foyer as the rest of his students returned to their feet.

"Depends on your definition," grumbled Logan, still very angered over the ill fated fight with the mutant warrior, "Just who the hell was that prick?!"

"I wish I knew. But I don't."

"Well did you manage to read his mind?" said Ororo as she leaned against the wall for support.

"I'm afraid I couldn't, Ororo."

"Couldn't?" said Kurt as he returned to his feet despite his still ringing head, "But I thought..."

"His mind was heavily shielded, Kurt...So shielded that even I couldn't penetrate it. But that's not what bothers me. What bothers me is that he didn't look as though he was here to fight."

"Well he sure had a nice way of showing THAT," groaned Bobby.

"I'm serious, Icema!" said the Professor in a tone that left no room for argument, "There's more to this than meets the eye...That much I'm sure of."

"But...What about Cyclops?" said Warren as he let Dazzler lean on him for support.

Just then, a deep groan echoed from the seemingly unconscious form of Jean Grey, quickly drawing the attention of the whole team. Her body was still racked by the mysterious fires of the Phoenix, only this time they seemed...Different in a ways. It was as if they were more chaotic, more uncontrolled, and a lot weaker than before. She was obviously in a world of confusion...But she managed to summarize pretty much everything in a few simple words.

"He's gone!" she said, her voice brimming with a mixture of anger, confusion, and sorrow, "Scott's gone."


AN: Oh man, what a brawl! Like "Darkness and Light," the X-men tried and failed to subdue Slayer, but once again his intentions are a great enigma. What exactly was he looking to accomplish here? And why does it seem so deeply centered around Scott? These are both good questions, but rest assured they will be answered soon enough! So what do you think of my story so far? Are you enjoying it? Would you like to read more? Please tell me! Send me your reviews via email or post it on the fanfiction website! Either way is fine as long as you REVIEW! Thanks for reading everybody and I wish each and every one of you the best!

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