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7 Minutes In Drabbles

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Joe gets high, Pete gets pummeled, all night Partying, Andy is looking for his veggie omelet... and so. much. more.I wrote this a WHILE ago and posted it on some other site... but I'm reposting it...

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Drabbles: Put Itunes on shuffle and came out with these, all about the members of the one and only... Fall Out Boy baybay. Rate and Review! I don’t appreciate lurkers guys.

1.) Song: Because: The Beatles
The world can be a wonderful thing when you’re high. The simplest things, a breeze ruffling the branches outside your widow or the shape of your fingers can bring ecstacy! Joy! Those simple could hold your attention for hours, swirling colors and details presenting themselves endlessly for you to marvel at. Joe loved the way pot could make him laugh or cry while he sat motionless in his room, he loved the roller coaster of emotions that took over his body once the drug set in. He didn't care that his parents were crying in the next room, he didn't care about the failing grades or the delinquent friends. The feelings he experienced would keep him doing this. It was his life.

2.) Song: You Better Pray: The Red jumpsuit apparatus
“You think this is it?” Patrick was angry. “You think it’s over? You sleep with some low class piece of scum, and you think you can kick me out of MY house?” Patrick watched his girlfriend as she continued to pack his clothing into suitcases. “This isn’t over, you can’t do this to me, aren’t I good enough for you? I thought I loved you….”
“Patrick just leave! I don’t want you anymore we’re through, I’ve found someone new. “
“You can’t do this to me, you’d better watch your back, you’d better pray, this isn’t over Christine!” Patrick stomped out the front door. But the move wouldn’t be permanent, it WAS his house after all, that slut wouldn’t keep him away from it. And that piece of shit sleeping in his bed? He would pay for the pain he was putting Patrick through. "Not tonight though," Patrick mumbled thoughtfully, I have to plan this... "I'll spend the night with Pete, his screwed up little mind will help me plan my revenge on that slut." Patrick flipped his phone open.

3.)Song: Camisado: Panic at the Disco
The scent of dead skin pervaded the room, this wasn’t normal. Why would Pete do this to himself? Andy sat silently, as he usually did and watched as nurses rushed in and out of Pete’s hospital room jogging hastily with worried expressions and long needles. Andy shuddered. This was the reason that Andy didn’t drink, it did horrible things to good people. If Pete hadn’t been drunk, there was no way in hell he would have picked a fight with those two huge men. But he had been drunk, he hadn't listened to Patrick's warnings, and the two men had beaten him to a pulp. Now Andy was sitting here. Alone, with only Pete’s drugged body for compony, while Patrick and Joe gave the doctors information and the bruises on Pete face faded. This wasn’t normal, but Andy could deal.

4.)Song: (Coffee’s for closers)
Pete woke up with a headache, “ohhh” He blinked, trying to clear his fuzzy head and groaned when he noticed that the couch he lay sprawled on was not his own, and beer bottles decorated his body. can’t I ever make it home from a party just once? “I don’t believe I ever will make it home from a party, I don’t believe I’ll ever believe again, the state my heads in.” He groaned again as the ache in his temples grew worse and his vision clouded over, hangovers sucked. "Mmmmf" The warm cushy couch below him grunted as Pete lifted himself onto his elbow’s. “Geroff me!” Turns out it wasn’t a couch, just Patrick. “Ugh Pete, you're elbows are freaking boney! Get off, where are we?"
"Brendon's place I think, we did some wild partying last night, but ugh my head... I hate hangovers Patrick!"
" Ugh, Pete change will come, change has got to come, we can’t be doing all night party’s all the time anymore, I think my head would explode if we tried. Where’s the coffee at?”

5.) Song: Killer Queen: Queen
Joe watched the pretty brunette swirl across the clubs dance floor, she was beautiful, so graceful. And the way she danced….. Joe’s head felt ready to explode. He turned to, Pete “ Hey dude, look at her, ain’t she something?” Pete casually glanced at the brunette, and answered his friend “Ya she’s a killer alright, leave that one alone joey she’ll break your heart.

6.) Song: Guilty Pleasure: Cobra Starship
“Be a little quieter Patty cakes? Someone might hear.” Patrick looked at the girl he loved, “Sure sweetie, but what does it matter if people know I’m here? Don’t you love me?”
“Of course I do Patrick, You know I do. But just… shhh ok?” All of Patrick’s thoughts were washed away as his girlfriend started to swing her hips, rubbing them against his and gently pushing him towards the bedroom, and the bed. He knew she wasn’t being entirely truthful when she said she loved him, but the things she did just felt so good… “Fuck it.” And he let her have him.

7.) Song: Lying is the most fun a girl can have without taking her clothes off: Panic! At the Dissco
Bored and alone in his apartment, Pete let his thought’s drift back to his ex. As much as he hated himself for not letting her go, he enjoyed imagining how much worse she must be feeling right now. That piece of shit she had left him for, he was nothing, and Pete had everything. Wit, a better kiss, a hot touch, and the best fuck she would ever get. He was the only boy she could ever love, and she would come back to him. Pete smiled, he knew she would; she always did.

8.) Song: Say Anything (Else): Cartel
Andy let out a groan as his alarm clock started buzzing, why should I get up? He thought. It will just be a letdown, another boring day, staying silent, fading into the background, being forgotten and pushed aside by Patrick and Pete. He rolled over mumbling and didn't hear the door crack open, or the light footsteps.
“WAKKKKEEEE UP!!!! My little star! You know I love ya right?” Joe, being his ever perky self bounced onto Andy’s bed and began to pat his head, which was hidden under the sheets.
At least I have Joe. Andy thought, lifting his head from under the sheets and smiling sleepily at his best friend mumblled...
“Goooomorning sunshine. Do you have my vegan omelet ready? Or will I have to hit you?”
"HA! Me make you a vegan omelet? come on Andy, that will happen over my dead fuzzy jewish afro."
Andy hit him.

9.) Song: Teenagers: My Chemical Romance
“Listen Pete, you forced us into this, we didn’t want to do it.” Pete grunted as his father looked up from Dealing with delinquents. “Honey, you’re father and I just want to make sure you get somewhere in life, we don’t want you to be a violent, going nowhere teenager like the rest of them, that’s why we put up this security camera, do you understand? It’s not because we don’t love you.” Pete grunted, clenching his fist and picking a hole in his sheets, when were they going to LEAVE? “Okay well….. Dear I think Pete understands, let’s go.” His father used a remote to activate the video camera hanging from the ceiling in the corner of his bedroom and then, finally his parents left. “Patrick?” Pete called tentatively “Still here!” His best friend opened the closet door quietly and stepped back into the room. Together the two teenage boys flipped off the Camera, threw a dark hoodie over the lens, and climbed out the window.

10.) Song: Second Chance: Shine down
Why wouldn’t his parents listen to him? Why did they continue to think the wrong things, why couldn’t they accept the fact that he was gay? They never would, they never could realize, but this was his life and Jesus Patrick was going to live it the way he wanted to. It was true what they said, goodbye for him would be another chance, a better chance, at life, and this time he could be with Pete. He shifted the pack hanging off his shoulder, containing food, water, train tickets, money, everything he and Pete would need in New York. “Pete?” He whispered to the boy walking next to him, “I love you, you know that right? Thanks for coming with me.” Patrick smiled as the dark, sexy boy grinned and kissed his cheek, “Love you too Patrick.”

OKAY! All done. What do you think? Boring maybe…. Overdramatic ah well these are my first ever drabbles, not my first ever story though check out my other ones, they’re freaking awesome, I am telling you. Go read them. Now. Hippaia! Hippia!
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