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We All Wear Masks

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When you wear a mask of misery, just read this! This will help you! Please R/R!

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We All Wear Masks

I see a little girl walking past me,
Somehow I could see her memories of her hard life.
Living in a world where there was no love in her family,
Her lonely thoughts, echo what she believes in, the philosophy that love
isn't powerful
And that love doesn't exist in a harsh world like this.
She has accepted her fate and destiny, she wears a mask to
Hide her true identity.
We all wear masks,
We wear masks to fight and hide our emotions.
We wear masks to cover up the fact that we love each other.
Do not include this mask,
Of misery and loneliness, and destruction,
As your fate,
It will fill your heart with heartache, and leave scars on your heart
We all wear masks, to hide the inner person, the true person inside of you.
We wear masks, so people wouldn't read your thoughts or your mind; you
leave them not to understand yourself, to be misunderstood.
We all wear masks once in a while, even if you don't know that yourself.
We wear masks to only show our anger and sadness instead of our happiness
and love.
And what ever happened to that little girl,
She grew up all alone in the world,
Wearing a mask to hide her confusion about the world,
And she grew up having loneliness, anger, misery, and heartache, in
Her heart, having scars there forever and never once learned
How to be loved or how to be in love.
To not reach this, not to be hurt,
Learn to trust in yourself, be happy in what your truly are,
Learn to love your body; you only have one body, and one-of-the-kind body,
It is unique and only yours.
Be happy and think of happy thoughts
And learn to trust in your good friends.
Don't go to the cliques that make you do something uncomfortable,
And the last advice: Don't do something you don't feel uncomfortable to do!
Be yourself!
So lose that masks of yours, girl, and learn to be happy, full in love, and
stay young forever!
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