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Sora Can't Cook

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Who knew that it was possible to be so bad a cooking?

Category: Kingdom Hearts - Rating: G - Genres: Crossover,Humor - Characters: Axel,Kairi,Sora,Yuffie - Published: 2009-09-15 - Updated: 2009-09-15 - 289 words

Chat room of DOOM!

Sora can’t cook

OathkeeperWielder: I’m bored
PaopuPrincess: Me too
NinjaMadness: Me three
PaopuPrincess: Oh hi Yuffie
NinjaMadness: Hiya Kairi and Sora
OathkeeperWielder: What are you up to Yuffie?
NinjaMadness: Being bored
PaopuPrincess: Lol obviously
OathkeeperWielder: Apart from being bored…
NinjaMadness: Nothing. I wouldn’t be bored if I was doing something
PaopuPrincess: Hehe good one Yuffie!
OathkeeperWielder: sigh you can be really annoying sometimes
NinjaMadness: I know its fun
PaopuPrincess: How are you going with making your own dinner Sora?
OathkeeperWielder: Good I’m making pasta
NinjaMadness: A safe option there it’s almost impossible to mess up pasta
OathkeeperWielder: I know even I couldn’t manage… Hey wait I smell something… AHHHH the stove’s on fire!

OathkeeperWielder has left the conversation

PaopuPrincess: I knew he was a bad cook but not that bad!

BurntCookie has joined the conversation

NinjaMadness: Seriously messing up pasta… That’s bad!
BurntCookie: Who messed up pasta?
PaopuPrincess: Sora. He set the stove alight
BurntCookie: Hey don’t be mean I did that once
NinjaMadness: But you’re a pyro. You’re always setting things alight
PaopuPrincess: Lol I might head over to Sora’s and help him cook something.
BurntCookie: Can I come?
PaopuPrincess: NO you’ll probably burn the house down!
BurntCookie: I’m not that bad…
NinjaMadness: Are too
BurntCookie: Am not
NinjaMadness: Are too
BurntCookie: Am not
NinjaMadness: Are too
BurntCookie: Am not
PaopuPrincess: Ok I’m going now. Bye

PaopuPrincess has left the conversation

NinjaMadness: Are too
BurntCookie: Am not

15 minutes later

NinjaMadness: Are too
BurntCookie: Am not
NinjaMadness: Are too
BurntCookie: Grrrr I can’t be bothered arguing anymore. I’m going!

BurntCookie has left the conversation

NinjaMadness: Yay I won!
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