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Haven't you ever felt Invisible before? Please R/R! Published: 10-10-03

Category: Poetry - Rating: PG - Genres: Angst - Published: 2006-04-11 - Updated: 2006-04-11 - 108 words - Complete

You walk around the school,
With your head high full of pride,
But like lightening descending down from the
All around you people start not to notice you.
The things around you,
The thing around you use to love,
Becomes gone away from your heart,
Leaving everything in your heart empty.
You become invisible to everyone and society.
You even become invisible to yourself,
Because your heart becomes cold as ice,
And the pain burns like fire in your heart.
And whatever did happen to your pride,
You never knew what happen to it,
But all you do know is how to feel to be
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