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Last Resort

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I winked at Bob as his body slowly faded away into nothingness. Gone. I bit my lip and waited.

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Very, uberly, short. Sorry. Story I wrote in History. I was bored, yeah. Not really voilence-y. Plus would you count this as Alternate Universe? And I'm copying this from a book, onto this, in complete darkness so try to forgive me for mistakes! Oh and if you read either Escape From This Afterlife, Appitite For Destruction or The Mutilcoloured Diaries, they will all be updated soon!

P.S I forgot to add - this is a one shot. But if I got enough reviews, I may just continue it. If people want me too.

Michael's P.O.V
I rapidly blink as the vision leaves my head. Holy fuck. Shaking, I lift up my house phone.
"Where and when?" Bob's voice rang through the other end.
"Bank of America, 5th Avenue - two hours time. There's a bank robbery - get away with 650,000. Four injured, two dead." I hung up and grabbed my coat.
"Michael!" I scanned the crowd and found Bob running towards me. "Have you saw anything so far?" I asked, narrowing my eyes and analizing everyone surronding the bank.
"Nothing, I sure love you Mick, things like this get me damn excited. To bad I can't make a living out of it. Though are you sure you're right this time Mick? It could have been like last time" Bob pressed. But it wasn't, it wasn't a hoax in my mind. I felt it, I heard the blood curling screams as a young boy got shot, I saw the faces of the hostages, terrifed.
Screams and shouts errupted through out the crowd as gun shots were let off. Gripping Bob, I hurled him and I into the building - hearing people remark that we were crazy and out of our skulls. I winked at Bob as his body slowly faded away into nothingness. Gone. I bit my lip and waited.
"Give me the god damn money!" A muscluar man, dressed in black growled. The woman shrieked and stuttered. People spread across the floor, hugging their kin and loved ones close to their chests, waiting to be saved. A man stood up, only to be beat down again by another fierce looking man. A little boy cried as his mama tried to hush him, but still he kept on crying. It was the little boy in my vision, the one who got killed. His mother was the next one to be killed after him.
"Shut it up!" Another man clad in black shouted.
I waited, the boy cried, the crowd shook anxiously, the room was silent. I felt a firm hand clamp down on my shoulder, Bob - confirming the task was completed. I squeezed my eyes shut as the robber pointed the gun towards the little boy. I heard the gun click and the woman wailed, we all sat froozen with fear. This wasn't like the movies, the books, it was real. I heard sirens wail and I passed out.
Smelling coffee, I flicker open my eyes and saw a tall man towering over me. Bob. "Coffee?" He grinned. I took the coffee he was holding out from his hand and sipped the hot liquid. "It's all sorted. You, Mr Michael Way have saved us all again."
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