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A Love Poem

by lilyqueen777 1 review

had to write this in creative writing class...what is love for you...describe love...these questions are tough to answer but sometimes you gotta just feel what you write about. please r/r! Publish ...

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A Love Poem

A day blooms,

a day of exchanges.

You are everything to me,

but I am nothing.

you make the world go round,

you make the sun set in the horizon.

you are everything to me!

The sun sets

the horizon full of love,

for a moment in time.

For this, I should tell,

I am holding second thoughts about our love.

Am I everything to you?

I know that I am.

I should have never doubted our love.

Since love is so strong,

love keeps this world going round.

you are everything to me!

And I am everything to you!

We complete each other,

and I-

-I am everything to you!
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