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A poem about House. I guess it's a poem... if not, it's a short story. He gets a surprise at the hospital... I wonder what it is? I dunno, just read and find out. One-shot.

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Lonely, lonely

Sitting in the chair

House looks over the others:

Laughing, being arrogant, limping,

Swallowing Vicodin –

He clasps his cane and looks at Wilson,

And laughs and says “I’m going home.”

As he rides his motorcycle home --

But little does he know that Cuddy is following him home....

He arrives home and falls asleep, while she rings the doorbell.

House wakes up and grumbles “what?”

“We need you at the hospital,” she said.

House rolls his eyes and she leaves --

But he gets distracted; and Foremann must have called him about 5 times before giving up

And giving the phone to Wilson.

House finally picks up and groans. “What?”

“Come back to the hospital, there is a patient that needs you!” Wilson lies.

“Right...,” House hangs up and leaves.

Riding... riding. It seemed like it took forever for him...

He finally makes there and up the elevator --

Where he sees Wilson.


“Come with me!” He answered. House limps with Wilson and around a few corners...

“SURPRISE!!!!” Everyone said as he pops around the corner. It was his birthday!

“Wow... the peanut gallery threw me a birthday!” He just chuckled.


A/N: I made this when I was really bored. XD
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