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Mystery Man

by lilyqueen777 3 reviews

An uptake on a babysitter's point of view on the mystery man, the stalker! Please R/R!

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Mystery Man
By lilyqueen777

As usual I was babysitting my neighbor's kids Adam and Anna. But this time I had a strange feeling as someone was watching me through the cracks of the blinds and it made me shiver. Just the thought of a stranger looking inside and watching every movement I make made me so nervous that I felt like calling the police but what would I tell them that I think that someone is watching me and I don't know who it is they would laugh at me. Oh no, until I know for sure that someone is watching me and who send me this stupid note saying stuff like..I know where you are I am not going to tell anybody. While thinking about it I dozed off and fell asleep. While the alarm went off, I thought it was from the commercial from the TV. But then, I smelled smoke. I quickly rushed to save Adam and Anna from upstairs.
"Where are we going?" asked Anna.
"But why?" Adam asked, while holding onto his cute small brown bear with a cute black nose.
"Don't ask questions." I said in an angry tone of voice.
We were going downstairs when I think I saw someone rushing out in the back door. Instead, I went to the front door and went next door to the Smith's to call 911. I told the police that I saw someone in the backyard. When the firefighters came the fire was on the first floor, it took the firemen 20 minutes to put out. I told the police what had happened and how I think the fire happened. I resigned my babysitting job but now I make cash by delivering newspapers. Often I think about the mystery man and wonder when he is going to strike in this town again.
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